July 30, 20XX

I'm stuck on this mountain, hearing reports of a pitch black Pokemon "eating" people. I am Professor Joshua, a leader of 4 scientists on this mountain. We will continue research until we prove that this so called "man-eating Pokemon" Is proven a hoax!

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July 31, 20XX

We are making a lot of progress, however we have a man down. We won't be able to make as much progress as planned, but we can sure as hell try! Leon found a dead body in the snow a few minutes ago, and he reported back to us just to tell us about the body. When we got to the supposed "body" it was "gone." I end this entry off by saying one last thing. Leon is still a complete idiot.

-End of Page 2-

August 1, 20XX

The weather is not helping us, Frank has been gone for 2 hours to do some reasearch, but he hasn't reported since. I might call the rescue team eventually to search for him. We found something creepy in the snow, and it looks like I was actually wrong for once. Leon can be a bit useful, even though he is an idiot. We found a man just outside our door, lying in the snow. He still has a pulse, but he is shivering like mad! I have to help this man at any cost.

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August 2, 20XX

Frank finally came back, but not without a cost. Frank was extremely cold, and was badly injured. He claimed to have "taken a drop down the mountain." We already have another male resting in here, so I had to construct somewhat of a house on this mountain. Just for frank, mind you. Little to no Pokemon rest this high up the mountain. Only a few Snover and Abomasnow rest here, as far as I can tell. I end this entry off by saying this. Be careful, Frank. the weather might turn very harsh the next day, we just don't know it yet.

-End of Page 4-

August 3, 20XX

The man finally came to his senses at 12:54 PM. Apparently, he went by the name of Bill. The actual bill that made the PC storage system was on this mountain! What was he even doing in the first place? Bill claimed to have been "Taking a walk" Until he saw what appeared to be a pitch black Pokemon, eating a Snover whole. Bill couldn't recall anything else, but what is important is that we find out what is going on, and fast. I end this entry with a tip. Do not climb a mountain without a good reason, Bill!

-End of Page 5-

August 4, 20XX

The weather turned severe at high noon. None of us could hardly see, but we could hear screeches of pain, and the cries of Pokemon. The weather calmed down when my Sigilyph used Tailwind at 2:47 PM. This mountain might be cursed! We saw only 1 Snover today, and it looked like it had seen a ghost. It appeared to be warning us about something by pointing at the snow. I end this entry with this. We don't know what it is, but we will solve this mystery soon enough!

-End of Page 6-

August 5, 20XX

Oh my Arceus! We actually found something big! In the snow, we found some sort of door! The only downside, is that we can't even open it, but we hear Froslass is in there. When I think of this mountain, I think of Froslass usually! We need to somehow open that door either way. Frank has also gone missing again, and Bill is back on his feet. It is getting late, so I have to go to sleep. Ciao for now.

-End of Page 7-

August 6, 20XX

Frank was found dead, along with his Abomasnow. Frank's Metagross had pitch black eyes, indicating that it was dead. His staraptor barely survived somehow, and we had to take care of the staraptor. Rest in peace, Frank. We will always remember you as the nerd of the group. My Klinklang tried to use Gear Grind on that crazy door, but it failed. I am so curious about what lies behind that door! Ciao for now.

-End of Page 8-

August 7, 20XX

Another piece of the puzzle has shown up. There appears to be a keyhole within that door, we just have to locate that key. I already got Leon on the case, and with no antidotes for Staraptor's Poisoning, I had to use one of the 6 Lum berries just to cure it. Leon's Crobat was heard fighting something outside, so I went to check it out. It appeared to be some sort of Zombified Abomasnow, swinging at Crobat using Wood Hammer. I sent out my Klinklang, and it managed to pull off a Gear Grind on Abomasnow. Leon was slightly injured, but he claimed to be in good condition. Ciao for now.

-End of Page 9-

August 8, 20XX

This might be the last page I will write in this journal. Leon recently passed away, and I have to take care of all these Pokemon. Klinklang narrowly escaped from Zombified Metagross, and almost got taken out by some pitch black Pokemon. I called in Professor Zero to assist me once again. Zero claimed to have found some sort of purple key that could open the door. Finally, we could open that door. My Sigilyph was holding off Zombified Snover with little to no trouble at all, but he can't hold them off much longer. I called my Pokemon back to return, and made a break for it with Zero. We managed to reach the door with little to no difficulty at all. Zero pulled out the purple key and opened the door as quick as he could before the Zombies could locate us. The door opened before us, and we dashed inside.

-End of Page 10-

The Darkness (August 9, 20XX)

We couldn't see within that cave. My Chandelure managed to use flash to brighten things up a bit. Zero's Ampharos also used flash, just so he could see a bit more. An odd figure was revealed before us, and all at once...Torches within the room lit themselves, giving us light without the use of flash. An odd creature stood before us. I recognized that shape. That was the Legendary Pokemon entitled; Kyurem. Zero's Ampharos used Focus Blast on Kyurem, and nearly took Kyurem down. Without haste, I threw a Dusk Ball at the Kyurem. The Dusk Ball made a clicking sound, indicating that I caught Kyurem. Froslass was nowhere to be seen, but why did I hear her cry? None of that matters anymore. We left the chamber, and never turned back.

-End of Final Page-


This is the first installment of the series known as Pokemon Lab Entries. I hope you guys enjoyed this story, but if you didn't That's fine with me.

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