Pokemon charon returns by goldenkitsune queen-d38ralk

Do you remember who I am? Come's me! I've been running through the back of your mind, moving through your memories and dreams and creating all of the cruelty you've seen and all the hurt you've been through ever since we first met! Do you remember me now? Still no? Hmmph. Well, I guess I can't blame you. Even though I've been here...we haven't exactly ever completely met before... I guess I'll tell you who I am... 

Do you remember those games that your friend gave to you? You know, the 2nd-hand versions of Red, Blue and Yellow? You loved them...don't you remember? Ah. I see you do. That's good. That's when I first came to you, you know. I move from host to host with those specific copies usually...but I grew fond of I decided to stay put...even when you gave and sold those copies away. Don't you feel special? You became my favorite little toy. Just like they were your favorite toy. Unlike you though...I didn't throw you out and replace you with something better...more new.

In the black and white of those games where I lived, I could hide. You never even knew that I was there. Even when I came out of the game to follow you in your world, I was still black and white myself and hid perfectly in plain view. Didn't you notice that ever since you started playing those games that your life became so much...worse? That was me. I made your friends think you were simply not telling them the truth...and so they grew angry with you. They left you, didn't they? That was my doing...and I'm quite proud of it. Though that was just the beginning.

However, you got rid of my homes. That was when it became dangerous for me. You see... I can't live for too long outside of my home...sure I can follow you around...but I get weaker and weaker... hmm? oh, yes...I am telling you my doesn't matter won't be able to warn anyone about me... So many have tried and none have succeeded...why do you think your so called "friend" gave you those games? They were trying to get rid of me. They never cared about you you know...they just slowly became your friend so that you would accept the home...without any problem. So that you wouldn't suspect know...they probably thought you got rid of me with the sad.

Now...where was I before you interrupted me? Oh, I remember now. So, I became worried. What would I do? It was then that I took desperate measures. I made a new home out of your new games. Out of Silver, Gold, and Crystal, as well when you got that game. It worked out well for me. However, there were...problems. Those games, my new homes, were in complete color and so I, too, became in color. I couldn't use the blackness as I once had to hide. I continued to follow you, but now you noticed me. You saw me now and then. However, you'd turn away for a moment and when you'd like back... I wasn't there anymore.

Do you remember now...? Do you remember what I look like? Of course you don' silly human! If you hadn't already hurt me so much, I might have been in pain over that. You thought I was simply your imagination and so ignored me. At first, you thought multiple times that all of your hardships were simply bad luck. I was furious at first you see. I had done all that...why should some phenomenon you believed in get all the glory for my hard work? I decided to try and make myself...known to you

That's right. That's when your games began to glitch, wasn't it? You noticed me then... You'd be innocently playing one of your games when it would suddenly go completely black. You thought it froze and turned it off before I could give you my message. I was furious. For weeks, I tried and I tried. Every time your game went would shut it off. I couldn't find a way for you to see my message. I couldn't get it out quickly enough...but then I thought of an idea and put my plan into action.

Charon s arms animated by goldenkitsune queen-d3d0hti

You see...I know you. I know you...very well. I know how much you love that...strange Pokemon that you call a Furret. So...I gave you a gift. As you wandered in your suddenly found a shiny Furret. You remember, don't you? That was me. You were so excited. You'd never found a shiny before...neither had any of your friends. You'd be the first. You quickly caught it with ease and named it. You even had a spare slot in your party at the time. You immediately gazed at it to make sure that you weren't just dreaming.

That was when I made my move. I blacked out the screen again...except for that shiny Furret that you so loved. You were stunned; you didn't want to lose it and you began to get worried. You couldn't bring yourself to turn the game off now...could you? That's why I was finally able to get enough time to give you my message. The shiny Furret soon slowly faded into the darkness, with my words replacing it soon after. 

My words were written in a dripping, bloody red color that soon seemed to almost pool at the bottom of your screen. "I'm here... I've always been here...." Those words soon faded before being replaced by more. "Did you like my gift?" a "yes" or "no" box appeared, and I smirked as you very slowly, you must have been terrified, chose "yes." You knew I was talking about the shiny Furret after all. Those words faded, to once again be replaced. "I needed to find a way for you to wait...for you to let me speak to you.... I knew you'd not want to shut your game off if you'd just caught your precious shiny Furret...."

I could sense you were beginning to relax a bit, and I could only smirk more to myself. Were you really that relieved that you didn't seem to be losing your precious new pet? What would happen when another game came along? Would you just abandon it like you did before? What about all of those poor Pokemon from your previous games? You didn't even give them a chance to say goodbye before you just threw them away. How could you? I decided to leave you be...for now. You knew I was there...that's all that I cared for at the moment. I brought your game back; I let you keep that shiny Furret. I watched from the shadows as you showed all of your friends. You never once mentioned me though...why was that? It was a gift from me after all...and you didn't seem to even care.

I waited in silence. You'd gotten new friends since I had gotten rid of your last ones after all...and I made sure to let you have some happiness...just so that your pain would be all that much sweeter. I loved to see you feel so...tortured...after all. It was just so pleasing to me. I never was one to like to see anyone happy.

Soon it seemed my point had been proven right. You completely forgot about that poor little shiny Furret that you had in your Silver game... the one you'd been so proud of...that you'd gotten to level 100...that you could beat all of your friends with. You abandoned it upon getting the next series. I smirked to myself. I knew it would happen. This time you didn't sell the games didn't give them away yes...but you still abandoned it. I myself, moved to your newest game. This...Ruby, Sapphire and then later Emerald, as you humans decided to call it.

I continued to slowly poison your friends' minds...make them wonder if you were really being honest with them. I made them doubt. It was very easy to do. I decided that it was time to prove to you how...easily...that I could cut all ties you had...I made that final push to them and they grew to hate you. Everyone was beginning to hate you. That was all me you know... It was then that you...tripped. You broke your couldn't get up. When your so-called friends came along, you pleaded for them to help you. They just glared at you and left you to die.

Everyone that passed you by...they all ignored you. They ignored your pain and your suffering. Don't you remember? Eventually I pulled back, allowing someone to come and aid you...but not until after I felt you had suffered enough...for the day at least. You never did understand why no one would come close to you...did you?

You were brought to the hospital. You were treated for your wounds...but the ones on your heart could never be mended so easily. You turned to your Pokemon in Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. They began to heal your heart....while your shiny Furret only fumed and boiled more in its own hatred of you. I decided to contact you again. I decided to play the gentle spirit. I blacked out of your screen and the words came again. This time however, they seemed sweet and delicate in their writing. The words were no longer bloody like I preferred but a gentle blue color, hearts dotting the "i"s. It sickened me, but I played along.

"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" I played as your friend, and it made you smile. If you had only looked closer, you might have feared me... I'm glad that your people are so...unobservant. I was always right behind the words. My eyes bloodthirsty and my lips salivating. Yet you began to trust me. You began to feel as if you'd gotten a permanent friend. However, even after all I pretended to do to be your friend...once Pearl, Diamond and Platinum came out...even I was abandoned. Of course...I, again, moved to your new games. I wasn't going to let you leave me.

Every game I entered, I became more detailed, more colored in... more noticeable.. and yet not once did you ever seem to see me for what I really, truly was. Foolish. I couldn't believe how easy it was to gain your trust each and every time. You thought I was a different person... a different creature... and every time I only hurt you more and more.

You became a recluse. You didn't do anything but play your games now... and this pleased me at least a bit. Sure.. I couldn't get the pleasure of tearing you away from your friends anymore...but I could still tear you apart slowly...piece by piece...through your heart...and I could still cause you all the pain in the world to your body. I was pleased by this.... And yet you never saw this side of me.

I would regularly talk to you now.. through text boxes instead of blacking the screen out...and you would respond. It was...really idiotic you were...and still are. Even now you listen to this story mind. I'll continue. Pay that no mind...

When the Firered and Leafgreen game came didn't even touch them. I guess you were afraid that it would bring back all the bad memories from when you had the originals. I was fine with that. I really didn't want to have to relive the memories of my old home myself. I would have become too... homesick. However, along came Heartgold and Soulsilver. You had to have those ones apparently. The pokewalkers and the fact that the Pokemon followed behind you called out to you, even if it was similar to Yellow in that retrospect.

It worked out for me. I began talking to you through your Pokemon...I changed shape for once. Thankfully you never once managed to pick out my...true form among them. I would have never been able to keep up the act...I never would have been able to talk to you without letting...something...slip. Hm? You say that you're feeling.. funny? How so? You feel in pain? Just ignore it. It's your imagination. Silly human. Your imagination will get the better of you one of these days. Now... where was I...?  You really must stop interrupting me you know... Ah yes, now I remember.

As you played your games... you became closer to me. Your parents brought you food, but you never left your room anymore. It was hurting them to see...even I could tell...but something seemed to have taken your mind. You were too into your games to notice any of the pain they felt...and a lot of times you barely seemed to notice your own pain. You then begged your parents and, who were they to deny you?

Soon you had Black and White... you loved it. The story, the Pokemon, they were just amazing to you.. and I had to agree that they were. However, my desires were the strongest they've ever been when I became merged with this one. I could feel all the power of every single Pokemon that you put into the game. When you caught them, when you filled your pokedex up...I felt myself and my desire grow... What? My desire for what? Oh, nothing. Pay it no mind. You'll find out at the end of my story, so just sit back and listen.

I began to urge you on to complete your pokedex. You thought it was just because I 'was the game' so you listened. You wanted to be considered my friend after all. All too soon, the pokedex was filled. My powers and desire had grown considerably. I knew then that it was time.

I spoke to you again, this time blacking out the screen unlike what I usually did, my body and form slightly more visible from behind the words but you still didn't seem to get it. I spoke to you, the words seeming almost mockingly sweet. "Congratulations. You've finally caught them all... Haven't you noticed though...some of the Pokemon seem...different..." I then brought the screen back to normal to hide my smirk.

You seemed confused and went to see the Pokemon, wondering what I'd meant. I was right of course. One of the Pokemon that seemed off was in fact a shiny Furret. You'd been excited once again to find that one. However, when you caught it, it was at level 25. When you checked it this time, it was level 100. You hadn't trained it at all. You looked at its moves...and I blacked the screen out again after you'd read them.

"Interesting.. isn't it? This Furret seems angry with you for some seems...hurt...and those moves...aren't they familiar...?" I gave you a "yes" or "no" box. You slowly chose "yes." I spoke again. "I know what's wrong with this Furret...and I'll give you a hint. Why don't you check your old Silver game?" You blinked at this and immediately went to do so, turning on the old cartridge for the first time in years. When you looked however...your Shiny Furret was gone. You turned back to your Black game that you had in.

I spoke again. "Oh dear me.. could it be.. is this the same Furret? The one you...abandoned...all those years ago? Could that be why it's so upset? Interesting..." I could feel you seeming to get a cold sweat. Were you finally beginning to realize what was going on? Well...too late. "You know...all these Pokemon that are so upset...aren't they your teams from all of those games you loved and abandoned those years ago...? Curious..."

I almost chuckled then as I spoke. "There's still one more Pokemon...but this one's different then the you...dare try and capture it?" I gave you a yes or no box. You seemed to hesitate. You wondered if perhaps this was just an intricate part of the game... I could sense that's what you were hoping it was as you chose "yes" I spoke. "I warn you...this one really is different. There is no chance to try again like the others. If you fail...if you don't capture this one...there will be...terrible consequences... This is your last chance to back out. Are you sure?"

You seemed to hesitate, but with more determination then ever... you clicked yes. I smirked and the screen flashed, playing the battle music. However, the music seemed off. I felt you get excited as you watched in anticipation of what creature would come out. It appeared then, roaring almost demonically. It almost looked like a Charizard, but it was on all fours, it's wings were sharper, like they looked as if they could slice right through you and it's skin was pure black. It's eyes were a bloody, crimson-red and it had it's jaws open as it roared at you. Saliva and blood dripped from it's fangs and it's claws seemed to dig into the earth.

Your team wasn't the one that you had in your party. No, it was all the Pokemon that you had betrayed, that hated you with all their hearts.. that had been hurt so badly because of what you had done. As each one came out, all of them against the Charizard-like creature on it's own. However, whenever you told them to attack, they simply shook their heads. The creature seemed to let out a bark of laughter. "It won't work.. they won't obey the one that has betrayed them.... do you think you can gain their trust back... in time... ?" You stared in shock, not sure what the creature meant.

I had gone surprisingly quiet, but you didn't seem to notice. You tried everything you could think of before the creature let out another loud roar that was heard through the speakers. All of your Pokemon jumped before they seemed to bow down. The creature smirked then. "Arise...loyal creatures of the dark...your loyalty to me pleases me. I will take your revenge now..." The creature spoke. The Pokemon seemed to purr before they bowed and their HP went down to zero. However, they didn't make the cries like normal. Instead they moved over to stand behind the Charizard-like creature. They had surrendered and abandoned you.

The creature looked them over almost in pride before it turned to you. "Now... I have won. I am coming to take my prize.... Don't try and escape. I'll always be able to find you after all..." It said before suddenly the game completely shut off as if the battery had died.

Now... what's the matter..? You seem...worried...? Oh? You say that you feel as if something's inside of you...? As if something isn't right...? Silly silly human... as I have said... it's too late. You lost against me... your Pokemon betrayed you.. they gave you to me... you are my prize... I'm.. quite surprised that you didn't realize before that I was here... right behind you. I'm surprised that as you listened to my voice, to my story, that you didn't feel your clothes slipping off of your body as I tore it off with my claws.

Didn't you feel my claws entered your body...? As I made sure that your entire body wouldn't be destroyed...? Were you so entranced by my story...that you didn't feel as I forced myself inside...? You feel so're mine one will help you. You abandoned everyone. Don't bother screaming...don't you remember? You left your parents' home weeks ago. You live alone now... in a secluded neighborhood.... Just give up belong to me now... and soon.. very will have my child... I don't care what you say... whether you be male or DNA has merged with yours... you will have my child...just relax...and enjoy yourself... You're lucky...after all. Every other toy I've had I've destroyed...I decided you were better than them. You didn't deserve to be destroyed.

Shh...just relax... You're my mate now after all...and I am very possessive...don't fight it; if you'll only force my'll only force me to kill that I've chosen a mate and my mate into their body... I no longer have to live in that game...the world is's all thanks to you you know... Go ahead and sleep now...who knows...maybe this is all...

Just a dream...

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