Pinkie is profoundly known as the happiest, most fun-filled, excited, and friendly pony in Equestria. But her motto, “Life Is A Party”, shall expose her true character in the end. As a filly, her parents were poor rock farmers. She saw that her fate in this stage of her life was absolutely harsh and unworthy. She rock farmed for several years of her life extremely depressed. Then one night as she wished upon a star as it streaked by and suddenly she heard a voice calling her. She looked around and didn’t see who or what is was. Princess Luna appeared from the moon gazed and down at the little pink filly.

Pinkie looked up and said, “Who are you?”

Luna responded in her usual Canterlot tone. “I am sister of Celestia, banished here by my rejection to friendship. I want you, Pinkie Pie, to accept some friends upon my thousandth year return.”

"Pinkie, do you feel lonely? Are you out of place? Face it: you will never have friends. So make friends with whomever you please. Then turn your back on them, and may their bloodshed be scattered all over Equestria.”

“Do as I say, and we will eventually rule together.”

Pinkie was hypnotized by the evil curse that was placed upon her. Luna cackled wickedly and then faded back into the moon where she disappeared. Pinkie jiggled her little head, and walked back inside. At dawn, Pinkie woke, her mind still saddened by the thoughts of rock farming and peculiar curiosity of what happened to her the night before. With her head dropped toward the ground, she began pushing the tiny rocks into the pile at the center of the farm. She moped on and on. Suddenly as the sun peeked into the sky a massive double rainbow streaked across from one mountain to another.

Pinkie felt the sense that last night must’ve happened and that she must do as Luna had said. She knew what had to be done. But she didn’t know how. The little pink filly pondered this for several minutes, and then it struck her just as the fascinating rainbow did. She will have to hide it until the time has come. Later that day, she arranged a party in her parents’ house and the motto: Life Is A Party hanged around the living room on a colorful banner pinned to the opposite ends of the wall. A wooden table lies in the center and 4 plates were placed amid the cake titled with Pinkie’s motto. Thrilled she bounced outside and called her parents.

15 years later…

While all of the ponies were asleep, Pinkie was not. She scurried around her house gathering whatever torture weapons she could find.

She wickedly murmured to herself, “They were never my friends, they enjoyed the time of fun while it lasted; but now. they will all pay.”

She clutched a hacksaw, a double-headed axe, 4 piercing darts, a two foot long, narrow PVC tube (with one side covered by a thin layer of cement with a one inch hole in the middle to prevent the dart from falling back and going down her throat when she blows into it), bow and arrows, leather straps, 5 grey cloths, a 5 oz. bottle of chlorophyll, powdered arsenic in a can, a bag of ricin, a gas mask, and a various assortment of knives that she found around her house.

These items were thrown into a rusty wheelbarrow. Pinkie almost forgot to go down the cellar. The cellar door which was located out back from the house, had grass covered all over it to hide it from anypony’s curiosity, therefore it was also tightly locked. As soon as she lit the room by grabbing the chain that turned on the single light bulb that hanged from the ceiling; a pony could see that there was a long counter with dozens of files on it containing personal information of every pony that she met. On the wall, hanged all of the pictures of everyone in Equestria by alphabetical order. There were several victims whose profiles shall remain classified. Pinkie Pie looked around, shuffling for the files that were labeled: Twilight, Spike, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Celestia. Once she found them, she carefully examined what she wrote about them. After that she placed the files down, went over to the grey wall, and marked the faces that correspond to the names of each of the files she read over. She hurried back into the house and pushed the wheelbarrow out the front door.

Pinkie knew that Twilight must be her first victim before the others. Since Twilight represented Friendship; without her, not only will the Elements of Harmony shatter forever, but all friendships in Equestria will do as well. Pinkie arrived at Twilight’s “Tree House” and hid behind a bush with her murder weapons to the side. The air chilled as Pinkie watched what Twilight was doing. Twilight wasn’t asleep, but instead she used her magic to write some facts down with her quill pen as she studied the night sky. Pinkie shuffled through the pile. She grabbed the bow and set the arrow in place. From the distance and position of where she was, she had a clear shot through the window that Twilight had left open.

She pulled the arrow back as far as it would go and then released it. It sliced the air as it flew through the window. The arrow penetrated Twilight’s head with the arrow’s point sticking out the other end. At the moment, Twilight collapsed onto her desk and the ink bottle fell with all the ink dripping out. The parchment paper that she wrote on was completely soaked in blood. Spike woke up and hurried downstairs stopping to a grinding halt as he reached the bottom step. As much as he wanted to mourn over the death of his caretaker, he held back his tears for half an hour, then grabbed the soaked parchment paper (not caring that it had blood on it) and ink quill, and began to write to Celestia about this tragic incident. Pinkie knew that her plan will be foiled, so she held another arrow, set it in place and stretched it until it maxed out its tension. Then, she let go. The arrow pierced Spike’s eyes traveling through his head. His eyes closed as the ink quill and paper fell towards the ground. Pinkie cried out an evil laughter, “Now all friendships will be gone, FOREVER!”

Pinkie rolled the wheelbarrow into Twilight’s house and locked the door to conceal the evidence. She fetched for the spiked leather straps, cloths, bottle of Chlorophyll, hack saw, and a knife that had a 45 degree edge to its blade. In addition to this, she managed to find some balloons that Twilight had kept in case of an event of a party. Pinkie carried it all outside where she tied it up to the largest cloth that she found. (It was more the size of a blanket than a cloth.) She attached the cloth or blanket to five balloons, uplifting the items to Cloudsdale where Rainbow Dash resides. With eight balloons tied to her legs, two on each leg, she floated herself up to Cloudsdale. The balloons were still tied to her legs when she arrived; because she was an Earth pony, she would’ve fallen straight through the clouds. The cloth of lethal weapons popped up into the clouds, next to her. She picked up the cloth and headed for Dash’s house. Dash peacefully slept in her bed above the fluffy-clouded floor. Pinkie peeks over Dash’s shoulder, while cautiously strapping the straps from the wings to the arms and around the upper waste. Once done, she threaded the straps to the buckle and tightly pulled.

To her surprise, Dash heavily slept as she did this. When she wet the cloth with Chlorophyll from the bottle and tried to force it on Dash’s lips; Dash opened her eyes and started to panic by coughing it up. Pinkie immediately dipped more of it from the bottle and forced it onto Dash’s lips again. Pinkie chimed, “There, there, go to sleep, go to sleep.” Rainbow Dash closed her eyes feeling her pulse slowing down. Pinkie proceeded by holding the knife and jabbing it in just below the jawbone. She then slit the throat across leaving a long trail of the oozy, red liquid to stain the skin. The neck was too thick for the knife she had, so she clenched the hack saw in her hoof and swung Dash’s head right off from her body and the head fell on the clouds changing the color of them from puffy white to dark, bloody red. Pinkie gathered her murderous objects and chuckled, “Dash if you really represented loyalty, then you would’ve noticed that I wasn’t loyal to you at all.” Pinkie with the oversized cloth in her hoofs and jumped off the clouds, fell to the ground and propped up unscathed.

Pinkie threw the cloth back into the wheelbarrow and grabbed the gas mask and the 30 micrograms of Ricin that was in the zipped bag. She covered her face with the mask, locked the door of Twilight’s house and hurried on her way to Sweet Apple Acres. Like Twilight, Applejack stayed up every night not to study, but have cider and pie to help her fall asleep. Pinkie silently hid behind the barn. Pinkie listened for a sound. She moved closer to the kitchen of barn and stooped down from plain sight. Applejack had begun preparing her midnight treat. Pinkie wasted no time swooping in, opening the bag, and dumping the lethal toxin into the drink that sat on the round, wooden table.

Applejack suddenly looked back, but nothing appeared in front of her eyes. She thought, “It must be the wind.” After she prepared it, she brought it over to the table, and sat down. She started to sip it thinking that she added too much sugar to the drink. Moments later, she felt very dizzy and nauseous. Her body began to shiver and her beat quicken as she rushed for the restroom. Finally, about 10 minutes or so, she passed out and her eyelids faintly closed as her head fell into the bowl. Pinkie scolded, “Your honesty is not enough when it comes to trusting your instincts.” Pinkie ripped off the mask as she said this and ran to Twilight’s house to prepare for the next murder.

Pinkie had little time to commit the next two murders before she had to meet Luna at the castle. She stashed up the pipe, the darts that she pre-caked with arsenic, and the double-headed axe, and left. Even though Rarity was supposed be in bed like her younger sister Sweetie Belle (which slept in the room across from her), she spends hours every night fixing her closet (which was already straighter than a single line can be). Sweetie Belle tucked under her blanket slept soundly while her sister tried not to make any noise. Pinkie swooped into the house and scurried to the closet where she hid. Downstairs, Rarity was setting up for the next day.

As Pinkie swooped by; like Applejack, Rarity thought that it was just the wind, not aware that it Pinkie planned to kill her. She finished assorting her shop minutes later and headed back upstairs. Rarity completed organizing her closet and was deciding what to wear in the next occasion. Pinkie buried herself at that moment, under a pile of pink clothing that lay on the floor of the closet and waited for Rarity to decide. Pinkie carefully shoved the dart into the tube and waited for Rarity to pick up her clothes and decide. The other darts and the murderous axe where outside of the house under a bush. This meant Pinkie had only one precise blow in order to bring her down.

Rarity spent at least fifty minutes deciding as Pinkie sealed her lips tightly around the tube and was ready to blow. She aimed at Rarity who stood there playing a game of “eeny, meeny, minny, moe” with her clothing. Pinkie took a deep breath in and blew the dart out as hard as she could. At that second, Rarity felt a painful poke in her neck. Before she could cry for help or pull the dart out, the pigment of her face turned from white to bright red and she found herself choking. She couldn’t breathe and her pulse raced faster and faster.

She lay on the floor for several minutes, and then passed out. Pinkie stepped out of the closet and dashed down the stairs not leaving a trace of evidence behind her. She didn’t say anything, as she did this because Sweetie Belle woke up at that second and found her sister dead. She screamed for her life. Pinkie stashed the double-headed axe and rushed over to Fluttershy’s Cottage, immediately.

Pinkie quietly approached the cottage and opened up the chicken coop that was outside the house. The chickens looked up at her, but instead of squawking and alerting Fluttershy, they scampered into the coop in fear of what Pinkie was holding. Pinkie vigorously shook the coop until all of the chickens fell out. She swung the axe behind her head and brought it down smashing the coop into a thousand pieces. The chickens were huddled up together in fright of Pinkie. There came a loud squawk from the direction of the Everfree Forest. The cockatrice that Fluttershy had friended bolted towards Pinkie. She turned around immediately scaring the cockatrice. The cockatrice tried not to look at her. Her fear of Pinkie was so menacing with that axe, that the cockatrice couldn’t pull itself together enough to petrify the pony into stone. She huddled in the corner of the fence with the other chickens.

With a mighty swing, Pinkie chopped all of the chickens; their blood spewed everywhere, including on her. Pinkie creaked open the door staring at Fluttershy’s pets that cowered in fear of her. They too, huddled together without a noise or a sound. Pinkie approached them, her eyes bulging out with red veins popping as she approached them. She raised the axe and slashed all of them leaving a blood-room behind as she went upstairs. Fluttershy slept as heavily as Rainbow Dash did earlier that night before her life ended. She did not hear a noise, a sound, or a word that night as she was tucked under her blanket holding her pet bunny Angel in her arms.

The door creaked silently as Pinkie entered the room, careful not to disturb Angel or Fluttershy as they slept. Pinkie dragged the axe to the side of Fluttershy’s bed. She whispered, “You were kind enough to let me in, now say GOODBYE!” With that she took the ax, raised it, and sliced right through the middle of Fluttershy’s head, killing her instantly. Blood cascaded everywhere; Angel woke up and jumped for the door. But before he could reach it to escape, Pinkie shut the door and creating a prison without bars or windows. She continued by grabbing the axe that gashed Fluttershy’s skull and dragged it straight from her head, down the middle of the pancreas slicing her vertically in half.

All her organs can be seen and the room was splattered in blood. Angel could not bear to see the horrid sight in front of him. Pinkie lifted the axe from the pancreas and killed poor Angel who stood by the wooden door. Pinkie insidiously laughed to the almost completed plan. All she needed to do now was end Celestia. She places the murder weapon on the bed, tiptoes downstairs, slammed the cottage door behind her and locked it; galloping her way towards the final place: Canterlot Castle.

Luna in a happy, evil sense saw the pink pony galloping towards her. Luna thought, “It will all go according to plan.” Luna (Nightmare Moon) was surprised that Pinkie has made it without being caught or killed.

As Pinkie arrived, Nightmare Moon spoke to her. “Are they dead, those who represented the Elements of Harmony?”

Pinkie replied in a dark tone, “All of their blood is scattered and everypony shall discover that this is the end; the end of Equestria’s golden age!”

Nightmare Moon nodded with the evil lust in her eyes. She pushed in front of Pinkie a half-ton bounder.

Then she commanded in her Canterlot tone, “I have placed all the guards to rest. They will not wake up, or even know anything until this is over. The sun will not rise tomorrow or ever again. And may darkness shadow this land forever in vain.” She paused for some time. Then she continued, “You, Pinkie are to end it for the sun, for me over Celestia. I will restrict my sister the best that I could with my magic. You are to smash this rock into her skull ending her reign and we should have control over all of Equestria, like I did before the banishment to the moon. Do as I have cursed you.”

With that, Pinkie agreed and they started up the stairs of the castle carrying the rock. All the guards were asleep where they stood, not knowing what was about to happen, and when morning comes; they shall wake under the order of Nightmare Moon. Celestia slept tightly in her bed. Nightmare Moon and Pinkie marched on. Celestia’s room was located at the top left the castle. They reached the top and stepped into the room. The doors were wide open and no guards were present in the room. Pinkie walked to Celestia’s bedside with the boulder next to her. Nightmare Moon was behind her preparing magic, ready to strike if needed. Nightmare Moon stared at Pinkie. She knew what she had to do. Pinkie held the rock up high and slammed it right into Celestia’s skull; ending her at that very second.

Nightmare Moon had a monstrous smile and proclaimed, “I have cursed you well. Every pony will soon know. FOR THE FALL OF EQUESTRIA HAS BEGUN!”

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