There was once a boy named Jim, he had many friends and had lots of fun too. They would mostly play outside, rarely playing at each other's houses. But winter had come to the town, and it was way too cold for Jim and his friends to play outside. Jim had no choice but to stay inside and go on his old computer he almost never used. He discovered something he had never seen before, creepypastas. He read one about a boy who gets turned into a psycho, a dangerous town full of spirits and creepy, high-pitched music, a weird hacked Sonic game jam-packed with blood, and more. But Jim didn't get scared. He loved reading through all this, and even the footage didn't scare him even a bit.

But by the time he had read BEN Drowned, it was almost Christmas and the weather was better. He went outside to finally see his friends again. Jim told them about the creepypastas, but they were too scared to read them. He thought they were pussies, and bought some early Christmas presents for his sister, mom and dad. He brought the presents to his room and hid them under his bed. But when he went to the kitchen to get a snack, he saw a small present with his name on it. Jim wondered if he should really open it, but couldn't help the curiosity. It was only a paper that said "Squidward's Suicide." Jim heard about this, but never got the chance to read it. He started up his computer and searched for the pasta.

The pasta wasn't all that good, but that freaky Squidward image...
Suicidal Squidward Tentacles
That was the first time Jim ever had a nightmare about a Creepypasta. The Squidward image was chasing him until Jim ran into a dead end. He would then open his giant mouth. This nightmare repeated over and over again. Until eventually...

The Squidward monster started talking to him. "Hi Jim, like creepypastas?"

"Oh heck yeah! But you're a little too freaky to me. Why are you in my dreams anyway?" Jim said to the dead Squidward.

"I know how much you like creepypastas, and you can actually become one of the pasta creatures!"

"Oh my god! How do I do that?" Jim was starting to get excited, he wanted to be a creepypasta character of his own!

"Simple, do what I did and you'll be fine!"

Jim then woke up and hanged himself inside the shower. He noticed he was in a strange, red place. He'd got tricked...

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