Herobrine. He was a pal in the never-ending world of Minecraft. My first encounter was in 1.4, I saw him making a sand pyramid in the water, I looked at him. He needed one more block to finish his tower. I placed the block. Then, the eyeless Steve placed a sign that said

"Thanks." I broke the sign and said "Sure, just helping out. We gotta help each other once in a while. Makes life worth it." Took two signs but it showed what I thought. He disappeared after that. Didn't see him for a while. One day, I was mining and I came across a diamond! Eagerly, I began to mine. Soon, the final blow was hit and the diamond fell into a pit of lava. I almost cried. I had never seen a diamond before, it would have been so cool to have had a diamond shovel. So I left my mine with sadness, going to my red bed. I awoke the next morning to find a sign next to my bed.

"Sorry about that." I was confused, did Herobrine control the blocks? Or did he do something else? I broke the sign and placed another, even though he wasn't near-by.

"What do you mean?" And I set off for my mine. Eventually, I found a stockade of diamonds. I was over joyed. Especially when I saw a sign.

"For you. - Herobrine."

I mined the precious jewels and set off for my house. I made armor and swords. Picks and Axes. I began to make giant skyscrapers and amazing towns. Then I learned of the multiplayer, I played many different places. A map I played was a bit, weird. People would destroy your homes outta spite and their own sick amusement. I would come home from a long day in the mine with a friend to find my house ransacked and griefed. I would start to rebuild my home and you-know-who would show up. He would help me along and scare the shit out of other players. I slowly began to be called Herobrine-Girl. I was banned from servers for being 'A problem to other players.' No one wanted to play with me, except Herobrine. It was very strange.


His appearances got more frequent and longer. He would stand and watch me build things. Or reside in my homes that I made, complimenting on my work with the new red stone. It wasn't a problem to have him around, it actually made my work feel my worth it. After a while I got bored of my little town, so I set off to make a new one. I went through biome after biome, looking for a pine tree biome. I found one and set to work. Herobrine was there to help here and there, but his visits began to slowly became shorter. Then, eventually I only found finished buildings and an occasional sign with an explanation for the finished homes. One minecraft night, I went back to my small kingdom. It had a small castle, a town and a field for working. I looked for a bed in the castle. Found none. I went to my town in search for rest. None. In my fun I had forgotten about beds. Even though it was night, I wondered off in search of wool. Sooner or later I saw a herd of sheep. I was very excited, for I had found my way of passing the long nights. I began to hack at the sheep, getting one piece per sheep. I was so engrossed in the sheep, I didn't notice the very rare cave spider coming out of one of the caves behind me.  I turned around to its hideous face, for I had heard the familiar hiss. It attacked, knocking me down to one heart. I was about to lose all my items and wool, and be transferred back to my other town. Then, as the story goes, Herobrine appeared. He killed the spider and gave me a few pieces of meat. I watched the sprite eat the chunks of cow up and the little hearts reappear.

"Thanks... I was done for." I put on one of the many signs I had carried around.

"Of course." The sign next to it said. He looked at me for a moment and disappeared into the tiny render distance fog. After that, I started to look things up. Seeing if anyone else had seen my friend on their games.

"Herobrine is the scariest thing I have ever seen! He makes towers in the sand and burns down trees!"

"He'll jump outta no where and kill me!"

"He destroyed my house because I followed him!"

I was afraid. Herobrine had been my friend for so long. Why me? Just me that got help on buildings and monuments? Or whenever I was close to death, why did he swoop in and save me like a knight in shining armor? That was exactly what I asked him when I went back to my game. He came from the mist and placed a sign:

"You started it." He broke the sign after I read it and waited. I remembered almost a month ago when I helped him finish his tower instead of running off or going to chase him into the fog. So then, as if he read my mind he placed two signs.

"We gotta help each other once in a while. Makes life worth it." Then, he walked into the fog. Things were normal after that. I played more and made more. Strange enough he showed up everyday at the same time with a different message:

"Nice job."

"Wish Notch could see that."

"Wow, I could never make something like that." Silly things that sounded like he was waiting for something.


One night (Real life) I opened a tab on Google and searched my friend's name. Things popped up, but I went to Minecraft planet. I found Notch's email. I sent him a personal email with a screen cap of Herobrine and a sign that said:

"Wish Notch could see that."

Notch replied with:

"He will be gone soon." And I never heard from him again. I tried to contact him further, but he never answered. Denied facts to others of speaking with me. I was infuriated. After, being the freak I was, I vented to Herobrine. He never got to hear me. I entered my map, and saw a stretch of signs. 

"Dear, (Going to call myself Leaf.) Leaf, You have one month (Minecraft) to make this. You will need 9 gold blocks, 1 netherrack, 4 redstone torches, flint and steel and a mossy cobblestone. Make the gold blocks in a square, so one hole is left over. Put the mossy cobble stone in the middle. Then the netherrack on top. Then put the four torches in a cross like shape on the gold. Then light the netherrack. Do this in the first home you made. -Herobrine"

I couldn't understand this. But I wrote down the commands and drew a sketch. I had the supplies, I had made trips to the nether before. I could do what he wanted me too, but I read about these monuments. They made Herobrine appear and destroy you. Why did he want me to make that? So I set off for my original home. My map guiding me through all the places I made. Finally, after ten Minecraft days I made it to the mansion on the border of the map. I went inside, the interior as I left it. Except there was a hole. 1by1 down into the ground, right in the center of the first floor. So I approached it with my supplies ready. Then I saw a light below, the hole had a bright light coming from it. So I jumped. Logical, it was a deep hole with a light, Why not?  I landed in a pool of water, in a long 1by2 hallway. I got out of the water and walked down the hall. It was lined with redstone torches, gold and diamond floor. I continued for what felt like hours. Finally I reached a cave, perfectly carved into a square. In the center was a sign:


So I made the idol. Then I hesitated. I was holding the flint and steel, I slowly walked closer to the netherrack. Then, I lit it.


Thunder sounds crashed through my headphones. I threw them off and yelled into my mic.

"What the hell?!" The sounds stopped and he was standing there. On top of the monument. He gave me the same look he always did, the blank eyes with the creepy smile. Then, instead of a sign, a chat box said

"Even God can't help you now." And he attacked. Everything that I read lead up to this, Herobrine had attacked me. I wielded my sword and avoided his clumsy blows. He was going soft on me. A computer program that wasn't supposed to exist was going easy on me. Throwing blow after blow, finally he fell over. But stood back up. The chat box showed hundreds of 0's and 1's then he ran, through a wall. I screen capped it and went to a translator for computer code.

"Leaf, in the next update my creator Notch will remove me from the game. You have showed me kindness and friendship I would have never discovered without you. You showed me that being alone and mysterious is a sad path to walk. Thank you for lighting my path. Thank you for being there. We have to help each other once in a while. Makes our lives worth it. ~ Herobrine."

Majin112 (talk)


I opened Minecraft. Ready to start my search for my friend. It had been a few months, my game wouldn't open and I didn't dare get a new one. Afraid I would lose my friend. So I tried my best to open it. Surprisingly, it started. I saw the page that showed the updates. The first one struck me, tearing my heart for Minecraft apart. It read:

-Removed Herobrine.

Majin112 (talk)