I've always loved old video games. They bring back memories from my childhood back in the 80's and 90's. One of my favorite video games was Pac-Man. I couldn't get enough of that game. I would be playing it almost everyday. Whenever Namco released a new Pac-Man Game, I'd always beg my mother or father to take me to the game store to buy it. Of course I got frustrated when I kept trying to beat the levels, but I would still love the game anyway.

Around my college years, I stopped playing Pac-Man games, and started focusing more on work and other things. Recently, I had done some research on Pac-Man at online encyclopedias. And one day, I ran into an article that was all about a Pac-Man game for the Sega Genesis which was never released because of the level of inappropriateness. I know there has to be a copy out there, I thought to myself. I went on and typed in the search box "Unreleased Pac Man Game". Surprisingly, there was only one result. The name of the product for sale said "Pac-Man: Geen Ontsnappen". I wondered why the name was in Dutch.

I assumed that maybe the seller was Belgian or Dutch. And if so, how did he even obtain the copy? I clicked on it anyway. Thinking that the price would be high, my predictions were incorrect. It was $13.13 for it. I got excited as I wouldn't have to spend $100 on a video game. But then the excitement dropped as there was something intimidating in the description. There was only one sentence that read, "The Great consequences from your action of purchasing this product will be paid."

I thought about this for a few minutes and asked myself questions. After thinking about it, I thought it was only a coincidence and that no part of a fan fiction story came to real life. I know this because my younger sister in college likes to read these things called Creepypastas. But that's not what I'm here to talk about. Proceeding on, I purchased the item and it said that it will be an estimated time of ten days. But six days later, the package arrived at my front door. My excitement came back and I opened up the package to find a folded paper and the cartridge, wrapped in bubble wrap.

I put the cartridge on top of my Genesis which was under the TV, and opened up the paper. On the paper written in pencil read, "PLAY AT WILL". There were also a few spots of what looked like blood on the paper. I was sure it was a prank. So in no worry, I took the paper to the computer room and put it in the shredder. I went back to my living room and put the cartridge inside the Genesis. I switched the input and turned the console on. The signature Pac-Man writing added with Geen Ontsnappen came up on the screen with two options of Game Settings and Start. I was surprised to see Game Settings in a Pac-Man game. I ignored it and decided to try it out later. I hit start and instructions came up in front of a black background, in which it looked pixelated.


I started to get confused. This didn't sound like a Pac-Man game, and why was there a time limit? I still continued on and the game started. It started in a bedroom, which looked just like a hotel. I was able to open the door and walked through a long hallway. I started to hear groaning sounds, which I assumed was from the TV.

I went into run mode as the monster was probably getting closer. As I was still running, the hallway continued going. I wondered if it would ever end. But it never did for about two minutes, and I never heard any groaning sounds. All the sudden, a huge Pac-Man with dotted black eyes came out of nowhere chasing me. I ran to the other direction, but then there was a wall that immediately appeared so I could not go anywhere. I looked around for a door but found nothing. The creature cornered me and gobbled me up violently applied with crunching and gushing sounds as well as a guy screaming in absolute pain. The screen went black for a few seconds, and a line of red text came up saying, "All you had to do was heed my warning. Now fate is near. Enjoy your short lived life."

Then, a realistic looking Pac-Man with parts of his skin torn off appeared on the screen applied by a loud high pitched scream. The TV turned off by itself and fell off the stand on the floor. I immediately called the Police and had them inspect the scene. They asked me about the cartridge and I told them to destroy it because it was possessed. That night, I stayed up worried of nightmares of the game. But, I eventually fell asleep around 10:46. I had no nightmares, but I woke up at 3:33 to a loud stomp just now. I have my gun ready and at my side. I'm hiding in my closet.  The door is slowly opening. Wait, it's him. It's that realistic Pac-Man from the video game. I don't even know how he can just slide across the floor like that. Uh-oh. I think he sees me. He's made a hissing sound he's charging at M- 

The a Pac a Man a

This is a colored sketch drawn by detectives and has roughly the described features.


The origins of the creature which killed Cribosky have been discovered. Sources claim that it originates from an unreleased Pac Man video game. If someone plays it, the creature kills them in the early hours of the next morning. The copy of the video game has been securely stored and remains untouched. It is the only known copy. Namco has heard about the incident and declines making any unreleased Pac-Man video game. A part of the video game name was in Dutch and was easily able to be translated. It read…

…No Escape…

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