This is a summary of events that were present during gameplay. If you want to learn about how the author found the game, check out the prologue:

The Japanese translation is here:


First, let me list out things about this game's "title screen" that set me off ...

So the first things that should've popped up when the game started were the usual Afla & Toho prints. For some reason, those prints never generated. Instead, it skipped right to the title screen...

This was confusing to me, This made me pondered if this was the actual game. It must have been, considering as how it had never made it to the States. Oh, and did I forget to mention I hadn't researched the game, nor have I ever remembered having the game before I played it? Yeah, that's exactly how much I thought this game was the real deal... And it was because of this, that another "red flag" hit, right after. You know how the title screen track was a Super Nintendo rendition of the original Godzilla theme? Well, I didn't realize that, because the music in this version was different. It was a rendition of a somber melody, unlike any I've heard before, called "Molten Light" by Chad VanGaleen.

Molten Light

Molten Light

The original song, in all it's glory

I was pleasantly surprised, but also a little freaked out. Why would a tune like this be in a Godzilla game? What would it be doing in a game, let alone one in the 90s? I had no time to find out, as I hit the enter key. The last thing I found was that...godzilla didn't roar, like he always did. Instead, he just...disappeared... while the title screen became a blazing inferno... and the music stopped... and a message appeared...
Untitled drawing

The message I got...

At that point, I already had more questions than answers. What did the developers think they were doing with a godzilla game? Did they do it to stop pirating their games? If it wasn't the devolpers, who hacked this game?

The screen faded in to the game's character select screen, which only had 6 character slots, like it was supposed to. Except, all of the characters were static. Nothing but static, actually. " 'The hell, I questioned, as I scrolled through each of 6 character slots. None of the sprites showed up... except for Godzilla. He was different now, sporting his NES skin, for some reason. I decided to play as him, since I couldn't find the other characters, and hit the enter key. Once again, Godzilla didn't make a sound. The screen faded black, and then faded in to the map screen.

Suddenly, the static character slot appeared. And with a flash, a character portrait appeared. I was intrigued. Were the fights going to be the key to unlocking the kaiju? Well I was going to find out... The kaiju that appeared was, strangely enough, Megalon, or something that looked a bit similar to him. To be honest, I couldn't tell.

After that, the map dotted Osaka as the first stage. Osaka was a state in Japan, known for it's rather awesome lifestyle and food, if you did not know. Anyway, after the challenger announcement passed... something happened...

The stage, what can I say about the stage? It was nothing but a white backdrop. No sea, no sense of reality. Just a white backdrop... Not only that, but my enemy was huge. Like, really huge. Like Godzilla's sprite was only half its size, huge:

Screenshot (1)

The creature was also very human in body structure. Too human, if you ask me.

It's attacks were also cheaper than usual. He's always spontaneous, hovering all over the place, so fast that sometimes, I can't catch him. And his claws. Holy shit, those claws deal so much damage! I managed to make it out alive, still overcome with confusion. The monster was barely shot down by a heat blast, as it burst into a million pieces, spiraling into the heavens...

After the battle was over, all the same I started pondering again. Was I meant to see that?! Did the developers do that to the people who pirated the game?! Once more, I didn't know. God Damn it! I had just started the playing, and I already had questions unanswered. But, this was only the beginning. And the only way to go was up. After all, that was this game's rule. So, I braced myself for my next opponent...


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