Dressed in darkness (suit and tie), Archie "Carter" Matthews, a tall man who was only 28 years old at the time had recently gotten a job to work at a preschool. He was a strange- yet charming guy. He enjoyed his job and the children that he adored loved him. They gave him the nickname: "Slendy" as a joke due to his tall appearance. He stayed there for a long time until 1895 where he was unfortunately fired for a horrible tragedy as he seemed to lure a little girl by the name of Kate to the forest nearby the school.

Archie uttered "I wanted to show her something beautiful. I didn’t mean to do it." before getting sacked. Kate went missing in that very forest as her parents went searching for her. But still no sign of her. The cause of her disappearance is unknown.



Archie would walk home saddened that he lost the job he admired. He regretted the incident. However he explained to his roommate Eric that he accidentally chucked the girl off a mountain in the forest on their long walk. Tears went down his cheeks as he uttered

"I must go.."

Archie walked to the forest near the school, he tried hiding just in case anyone spotted him. He then traveled in the forest saddened. The true reason he visited it was to cheer him up. Unfortunately it didn’t. He sat on an abandoned couch that was left there. He just sat there..Crying. 5 minutes later he heard noises of what seemed to be chanting.

The chanting what seemed to be foreigners. He then hid behind a tree, while looking at the old artwork he made for children at the preschool. He was a great artist and he decided to hang it on the tree as a nice sign for the good old days he had. But he then continued to hide. The chanting revealed to be a group of cultists as it seemed wearing a black robe and a white mask. An expressionless mask with black eyes and a mouth. Archie began to panic, but tried suppressing himself.

He ran as fast as he could as the cultists walked past. Unfortunately they spotted him as he ran and sprinted at him. They began to jump him and knocked him out cold with their bare hands. They then kidnapped him and took him to what seemed to be an abandoned church. Old and rusty with smashed windows.

Enter the Slenderman

The cultists tossed him in and carried him to the centre of what seemed to be a basement. There Archie was lying face first on what seemed to be a symbol. It was a circle with an X censoring it. That is when Archie woke up to sounds of what seemed to be a ritual chant. A few cult held him still as he started kicking and screaming.

Some of the cultists checked his pockets and saw a piece of paper. An artwork of Archie and six children. They were all girls. The cultist ripped it up and Archie was furious. He yelled


That’s when Archie naturally fainted. Such ritual worked. Archie slowly became pale as a ghost. Slowly...He didn’t look the same as he did. In fact he looked like an entirely different person. The cultists then grabbed what seemed to be tools from a bag. They took them out and the items were revealed to be crosses. They placed the crosses next to him left and right. And a book of some sort on his stomach. They began to chant a ritual. Before that they were tasked to remove Archie’s eyes, nose, mouth and ears. So they did. And the leader hid the holes of where the eyes etc. Should’ve been. And then the chanting began. They spoke in what seemed to be an ancient language. Archie was dead. But this curse reincarnated him. When the ritual was over, nothing seemed to happen until they left the area. The real reason they performed the ritual was so they could create a symbol of their cult, and a master to be their way of spreading the message of what they do.

They ventured in the forest but, something seemed different. There were pieces of paper with drawings that showcased a tall figure that looked like Archie. Except without a face. It showed the figure and on the left and right of the drawing showed text that said







The cultists were creeped out. They then realised the ritual worked. They resurrected Archie into a demon that looked like his dead corpse. They went back into the basement where they did the rituals and saw Archie standing still with what seemed to be tentacles of some sort moving like flowing water.

One of the cultists yelled:

"Please, spare us my master! We gave you the life you deserved!"

In the area, the lights cut out and screams were heard as Archie- now known as Slenderman slew the cultists one by one. Slendy then escaped and embraced the angry behaviour that he had before he died, while possessing the sadness that he had. He now preys on innocent children and tries to befriend them. Adults however he would purposely stalk and kill because in his vision, he thinks they are one of the cultists that murdered him. Unfortunately for children, Slenderman would make the same mistake as he did in his past life. He accidentally kills children which is something he wasn’t intended to do. But he just kept killing them, or kidnapping them. He tried his hardest to save them But he always makes the same mistake. However he thankfully managed to resurrect the little girl that he once loved before killing her. Now she is all grown up but wearing a mask and hoodie. He calls her one of his "Proxies".

The Slenderman entity has been around for centuries but never had a physical form. However Archie is now its host, And still is.

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