A long time ago there was a Pokémon trainer named Red. He lived in a small house with his mother in pallet town. When he turned 10 Red got his first Pokémon and started his long journey. He won the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh leagues. Red was believed to be the best even daring to defy the Pokémon gods and always coming out victorious.

One day red got a mysterious package. It was a key to an old Inn. Curious he decided to go there. When he got there it was late in the night and since it was raining he decided to spend the night there.
Darkrai Nightmare form by Esepibe

Darkrai-Nightmare form- by Esepibe (DeviantART)

In the middle of the night while he was going to the bathroom Red heard a loud noise coming from the management room and decided to go check it out. It was an old TV. When Red got closer to the TV it let out a lightning in the direction of the plug and then it went for the window. Red took a deep breath and whispered “Oh, it was just a Rotom”. Suddenly a pitch black hole opened up beneath him and he fell. For a moment his whole life flashed in front of his eyes and he could feel death holding him by the neck. There, he realized he was slowing down. He felt like there was a force coming from bellow and pulling him upwards, as if trying to crush him. When he came to a full stop he saw a shadowy figure, a figure that he had only seen in books. He took out his Pokédex just to be sure and pointed at it. It exploded right in his hands, that, like his whole body, were now pierced with glass, metal and electrical circuit shards. The shock made him fall to his knees.

He slowly got up as he stuttered "I need no Pokédex. I spent over 20 years studying Pokémons! I need no Pokédex to know you’re Darkrai!"

Red slipped his bloody hand in his pocket and got a shiny golden Pokéball, it was the Godball, a unique Pokéball awarded to the champion on the Pokémon World League, it was said that it could catch a Pokémon just by pointing it at him and could hold up a whole party in it. Now, don’t get me wrong, Red liked all of his Pokémons but for him there was one that he loved the most, one that he decided to keep always with him and that he alone deserved the whole Godball. Red threw it and in a white mist with a firework show a oversized Charizard with nearly 5 meters came out. Darkrai pointed a finger at Red’s Charizard and suddenly, he was gone. Red fell to his knees. The pain of seeing his Charizard disappear right in front of his eyes made him not even feel the pain as the shards from the Pokédex pierced his flesh then his knees touched the ground. Red looked at Darkrai with crying eyes and screamed “WHY?”. A huge roar and a maddening laugh echoed through the dark pit they were in. It was only a couple of seconds until Red recognized those screams, they were the same screams he had heard so many times in his nightmares, the screams he had always feared to hear, the screams of his Charizard in pain but still what paralyzed him was the laugh, a bone-shaking laugh you’d expect from a psychotic clown as he feasts in the blood of his victims. Red tried to stop crying but as he wiped his tears of his face he noticed that he was crying blood, not a clear red blood but black blood, almost as if it was sucking out Red’s happiness just by him looking at it.

That was when he realized. He was dreaming! Darkrai lift is arm and a shiny purple Aura Sphere started forming above his hand. Red screamed “Come at me you fucker!” but as soon as he finished his sentence the Aura Sphere grew to unbelievable proportions. Red’s pupils turned small with fear as the now incoming Aura Sphere got closer to him. Red closed his eyes, he knew he was dreaming but why couldn’t he control it? Red could feel the pain as every single inch of his skin fused to his flesh as the Aura Sphere melted it.

Red woke up. It had all been just a dream. He checked the clock. It was six hours and sixty six minutes. Suddenly the laugh and the screams of Charizard’s pain came back. As red slowly turned his head to the other side and what he saw made him he didn’t. There standing in the middle of the room was his mother holding a butcher’s knife. Red immediately screamed as he saw his mother’s dearly eyes sewed shut and her mouth ripped leaving her exposed saw hanging by a bit of flesh and skin. He tried to get up but he just would be pushed against the bed by an invisible force until he became immobilized. He was forced to watch and feel the pain of his dear mother who had raised him without a husband slicing his body to pieces and feeding on his entrails. When she went for his face he covered it with his hands and suddenly he felt nothing.

Red was scared to remove his hands from his face, that’s when he familiar warmth, Red opened his fingers just enough so he could see through them and what he saw made him laugh of relief, he was laying in bed, no one around him, his body was intact, and the clock marked 7:00AM, and the warmth he felt was the sun’s light piercing trough the drapes and involving him. Red went outside and checked his Pokéballs. Charizard was still there and licked his face him as a sign of enjoyment on seeing him. “Let’s fly home”, Red said. And so he hopped on his Charizard’s back and they flew together to Pallet Town. Red never told anyone about what really brought him home, using the excuse he had just missed them all, but what Red really wanted was to go and check on his mother who had always been safe and sound at home.

Red, on that night, laid his head on his childhood pillow and had the best sleep he had for years. The next morning he felt revigorated, ha had no nightmares, he was all comfortable, he wish he never had to get up. It wasn’t long until he realizes he has gripping on something, he immediately looked under the blankets to see what it was a tape. He rolled off the bed and plugged it in the VHS player under his TV.

The first 5 minutes were static but then a very dark screen came up, it wasn’t clear what it was until a spotlight pointed at the ground appeared in the middle of the screen. It was the middle of the forest in Route 1, Red knew this as it had been its childhood playground. What he saw next made him vomit all over the floor. It was footage of him, eyeless, sending out his Charizard, and telling him to lay down. Charizard praised Red so he followed the orders without questioning. Red got a huge axe from behind his back and sliced Charizard’s neck. His tail’s flame disappeared as blood tears from the pain of watching his master slice his neck open, fell from Charizard’s eyes. Like if it hadn't been enough the tape also contained footage of Red feeding Charizard's remains to his Pikachu who didn’t want to and refused for a few minutes but ended up doing it as he was following his master’s orders.

Red was paralyzed. What had he done? He killed the only thing that was dearest to him and fed it's remains to his. He cried hours without end until, shaking, he got up and tried to run away because he figured Charizard’s body would still be in the forest and Pokémon abuse was a very severe crime. He dressed up and left home running.

He knew that if there was only one way out of that nightmare and it was to put an end to his life. So he went to a place where his body couldn’t be found, Mt.Silver.

He looked down at the deep chasm behind of what it seemed to be an altar swallowed all his regrets of leaving his mother, his Pokémon, his friends, closed his eyes… 

…and jumped.

He stopped feeling everything, the pain, the fear, the relief, the wind blowing on his face, the gravity pulling him, he just felt comfortable.

He asked himself “Is this the end?”

But as he opened his eyes, he saw a ceiling, it had something written in the black blood, it was:


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