Ever since Cadiance has left home to live in the woods, she always gets weird feelings like someone is always there. But when she looks around to see if anyone is, no one is there.

She lives with her tiger in a old hallow tree. Cadiance ran away from her home because her family were acting like animals. Literally. Her dad woke everyone up with the squeal of a pig, her mom pecked at her food like a parrot, her brothers ate and drank like dogs. Cadiance started acting like a bunny. She broke away before she could. Something is wrong with her house, but she's not the kind of person to save anyone. 

One night Cadiance woke up to her tiger, Soco, growling at something in the shadows. 

"Soco!" she whispers, "Come here" but he stays. Something is wrong. Soco always listens to her.

"Hello Cadiance," the voice in the shadows says.

"Who are you?" she asks, coming out of the tree, hiding by Soco on her knees.

"Hello Cadiance," repeats the voice.

"Who are you?!" she asks again.

"Hello Cadiance. Follow me."

"No! Who are you?!" Soco starts moving toward the voice, growling louder.

"Soco stop!"

But Soco breaks into a run and disappears into the dark.

Cadiance sprints after him, getting cuts on her whole body.

"Soco?" she says when she stops. "Soco?!"

A faint growl falls to her ears.


She finds him and falls to his side, brushing his fur.

"Hello Cadiance," the voice says.

"No! Go away!" Cadiance screams.

"Cadiance. I miss you."

"No! I don't know who you are!" Cadiance can't see a thing this deep in the forest.

"Cadiance, you don't remember? We all miss you," says the voice.

Ignoring the voice "Soco? Are you okay? Please wake up!"

"Oh no? You don't miss us? We miss you. We love you," the voice states.

"I don't love you! I don't know you! Leave us alone!!"

"Oh Cadiance, fine then..." the voice steps out of the shadows. It's a parrot.

"What the?" Cadiance says.

Then a pig follows behind followed by two dogs.

"Are you talking?" she says, confused.

"We miss you. We love you. Come back," they all chant together.

"No, what the hell? Why are animals talking to me? I'm dreaming! Soco wake me up!!"


"No no no no! Go away! Never!" Cadiance screams, holding her ears.

"Bunny bunny in our hearts, it's time to change, we'll never part," they say then nothing.

"Hello?" Cadiance says.

  • Silence*

They're gone. But what did they do? Cadiance looks at Soco. She can see him more clearly because the sun suddenly came out. He looks calm, like sleep, but he got suddenly bigger. Well, no, everything got bigger.

"Soco? Wake up," she says.

"Cadie?" Soco replies.

"What the hell?!!" she screeches, surprised that he replied.

"Cadie? Whats wrong?" He stands up getting 10 times taller than he was before.

"You're talking!!"

"Cadie! Where are you?" he looks around frantically then looks down and jumps away. "Cadie?!"

"Wh-What?" She's freaking out.

"You're a bunny," Soco says.

"What?" she looks at her fluffy white paws. "What?!!!!"

Soco goes back over, picking Cadie up with his teeth. 

"Let's go back and figure everything out." Soco says calmly.

When they get back, Cadie tells Soco about the night before. He comes to the conclusion that the animals were her old family and they had become animals. He says they changed Cadie into a bunny to complete the strange ritual they were doing. And now she can understand what all the animals are saying. He tells her not to go to the house. If that's what they were trying to get her to do, then it's probably something bad.

"I wont. I-I promise," Cadie says.

"Okay, now what are we gonna do? You're a bunny. This changes a lot of stuff," Soco says.

"We'll keep doing what we can." Cadie looks down at her paws again. Not believing what she is looking at. Drops of tears fall on her paws and before she knows it, she's in Soco's arms.

"It's okay Cadie. We'll figure something out." he tells her.


"Let's go get some breakfast," he says. "Some berries?" 


To Be Continued

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