Garfield... You know, that orange comic strip cat who loves eating lasagna and hates the day of the week Monday? Well, little do you know that there was a secret never seen before episode of the show "Garfield and Friends" (That Garfield TV show that first aired it's plot in 1988 and being discontinued in 1994)

How did I know about this episode? Well, let me tell you...

I was on my computer, bored when I decided to go to Google. I searched for some Garfield Show episodes but when I hunt the search button, there wasn't any good videos at all. I of course, groan in anger at this because noone wants to watch a crappy quality video, right? I searched and searched the pages until I came across a link saying: "Paws Inc. Archive Website" I was of course curious by this, so I clicked on it.

The link brought to a page with several links to various Garfield And Friends and Garfield Show episodes. I scrolled down to see the rest, but something caught my eye. It was a link that said: "Garfield and Friends Forgotten Episode" More curiosity arose in my brain, so I clicked on the link to download the episode. The download finished quickly because it was a video file and video files usually aren't much MB. I clicked on the file and my Media Player window popped up and the episode started.

The usual intro played like normal, but the quality was like it was recorded off of a VHS tape. I was slightly annoyed by this, but at least it wasn't horrible like most of the websites I visited. Once the intro ended, the title card popped on the screen saying: "Nermal Had It Coming" along with a picture of Nermal looking nervous or afraid. I was a little confused by this, but shrugged it off thinking it was some sort of Halloween special or something like that.

Boy was I wrong...

The episode started with a view of the front door. After a few seconds of silence, there was knocking at said door. Jon then came on screen and opened the door to reveal Nermal. Jon then said: "Hi, Nermal! Come on in!" Nermal then stepped in the house and Jon closed the door and left. Nermal was walking until he encountered Odie. Nermal just gave Odie a quick stare and went off without a single word to him. I thought that was kinda weird, but I shrugged it off because Nermal acts like that sometimes.

Nermal walked around the house until he saw the stairs leading down to some basement. Nermal had never seen these stairs before, but curiosity got the better of him and he went down the stairs. What was down the stairs was a basement with boxes and old dog and cat toys scattered all over the floor. Nermal thought nothing as this as a storage room and continued on. Nermal walked until he saw a door. The door was gray with a sign on it that read: "Private Room" Nermal was once again, curious but then thought: "Maybe I shouldn't go in there..." Nermal a few seconds later then opened the door and it was dark in there. Nermal looked for a light switch and finally found one on the wall. He turned it on and Nermal's face turned to a face of a mix of fear and disgust.

The scene then cut to what was inside the room and... Oh god... What was inside the room was various drawings of Nermal being tortured by Garfield in ways that I can't even explain... Nermal then decided the ultimate decision... To run... Nermal tried to run out of the basement as fast as he could, but he was stopped by a orange hand/paw. he then nervously looked at what was stopping him and there he was...

Garfield... But he didn't look the way he was supposed to. His orange fur was darker and he had big eyes and a huge unnerving smile on his face. Nermal tried to get out of Garfield's grip but Garfield wouldn't burge. Garfield then said: "You have been a nuisance to me and well... Everybody else..." Garfield said, but his voice didn't said like Lorenzo Music... Instead, he sounded like a stranger who would kidnap you... Kind of creepy...

Nermal then said in his usual voice: "W-what? W-what did I do?"

Garfield then did something that is considered animal abuse. He slapped Nermal in the face. I was shocked at this because Garfield would never do that! Nermal then had a hand mark on his face as he started to sob.

"W-why Garfield?"

He said as Garfield had that creepy smile. Garfield then said: "You've been a bad kitten... You boasted about being the world's cutest kitten... You bullied me and Odie, and now... It's time for payback..."

Nermal then said: "W-what are you gonna do to me!?"

Garfield then slapped Nermal again as he said: "QUIET!"

Nermal then began to sob more and even cry a bit. Garfield then went to a secret room that contained a wall of torture device, weapons, ETC. It even showed some stuff that weren't even appropriate for a kid's show! I felt sick, but I had to finish this episode...

Garfield then got out a knife. Not a butter knife, but a actual knife that could stab something or someone. Garfield then laughed evily as we went to Nermal. Garfield then said: "You had this coming, Nermal..."

Nermal then said in tears: "N-n-no..."

The scene then cut away from the scene, but the shadows of Nermal and Garfield could still be seen. Garfield then pierced the knife into Nermal as Nermal screamed in pain. The episode the faded to black and then to the credits. I then went to my trash can and vomited. I was honestly glad that was finally over... I went back to my computer, only to find that not only has the file somehow deleted itself from my computer, but also the Paws Inc. Archive site was also gone... I sighed in relive. It's all over now, but I also have a lot of questions flowing through my mind. "Who sick freak made this episode?" "Who's idea even was this?" "Was this some kind of a joke?" Then again, I highly doubt those questions will ever get answered...

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