My shadows are everything to me. They help me see, they help me hunt, they help me move, and they help me kill. I have always been this way, but I never thought about it in the way I do now. I never realized why they were there, but I would see them from time to time. They weren't scary, but they did creep me out sometimes. My parents always thought it was just my active imagination, but I knew better. I could tell they were there, and that they would help. They never listened to me. Maybe we would've spared them if they had listened.

I would be haunted by angels with their stomachs slashed, guts hanging out, blood pouring from their opened wounds. Their eyes were always stitched over, but they were never closed. My shadows always made them go away. I could see them as they worked. The angel would always scream right before she left, and that grating sound always made me hold my ears in pain. It was this that started my "mental decline" as my doctor would put it. She never understood, she never listened. She couldn't see them, even if they were right by her. She only visited me once.

My parents were concerned enough to put me in a godforsaken psych ward. They said it was for my safety, but I knew they were terrified of me. They were terrified of the things I would say, the things I would do, and my reasoning. The thing that pushed them too far, though, would probably be when I crossed out my eyes. My shadows said I wouldn't need them, that they would help me, that they were me. It was then that I understood, they were me, and I was them. They lived in me, and I could control them. Even though my eyes were gone, I could still see through my shadows. They helped me see in the dark hallway of the psych ward I was in. They helped me find the exit.

We did not need a key, as shadows never do, they took me, and I took them. They walked with me as I worked my way onto the sidewalk.

"Your parents are terrified; let's show them that they were right," the collection of voices said to me. They were other voices, and my own at the same time, my own thoughts, and theirs. We began to think of the hell that we would show them. I smiled and chuckled a bit as I walked down the empty, dark street. I am much happier without my eyes. The eyes play tricks, but you can't trick a shadow. A shadow's eyes are never tricked.

It took a while, but we eventually got to the front of our old house. The door was no problem as we expected, and my parents were too stupid to get an alarm. I made my way to my room to get my favorite knife, a red folding karambit, and walked to my parents room, blade pointing down ready to stab and stab. The darkness was no issue, as the darkness comforted me. The darkness cradled me like a true mother would her child. I decided to just open their door, as I wanted them to know who it was, and that they truly made a mistake sending me to that hellhole filled with the angels.

My mom woke up, and she quickly screamed at the sight of me. I could tell she was seeing my shadow friends around me. My dad woke up because my banshee of a mother wouldn't stop screaming. They tried to escape, but we held them down to their beds.

My shadows slowly got closer to my parents and enveloped their heads. It was twisting their minds, showing them the things they most feared and the things they wanted to forget. Me. I let this go on for a very long time. They needed to suffer for leaving me with the shadows and the angels that would come after me. They let their daughter alone with the angels, now they'll suffer with my shadows.

"This is for leaving me to the dead angels," I said quickly. I walked over to their paralyzed bodies, and cut out their eyes. They caused me to do this, everything is their fault, we said to everyone else. It's their fault. The angels can have them. I then proceeded to cut out their tongues, as we can't have them telling the angels, can we? They don't need them anyways where they are going.

I then proceeded to cut a small phrase into their chests, "The angels can have them, as the shadows don't want them."

We are the shadows. We help to see in the dark, and we will help you too. Accept us, and don't forget. You don't need your eyes when the shadows will help you see in the dark. We are you, and you are us, we watch, protect, and guide you. All you need to do, is give up your eyes.

Credited to LunaRising

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