I loved My Little Pony as a little girl. But what I saw made me regret it.

It was Friday, May 13th, 2005. I was at my local Blockbuster Video store to buy some movies for me and my friends. As I was scanning through a bunch of DVDs and VHS of certain kid movies, I noticed an odd one. I picked it out from the shelf and looked at the cover. It looked innocent enough.

G3 rainbowdash art

Rainbow Dash (from the DVD cover)

All of the ponies were present: Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Cheerilee, Scootaloo, StarSong, Sweetie Belle and of course, Toola-Roola. There was no title on the cover, so I passed it off as artwork. I bought the DVD for $10 and I left the store. I then got in the car, pulled out my Samsung SGH-E700 from my pocket and rang up my friends to come over to my house, tonight to have a sleepover.

When I got back home, I opened up the DVD and found a blank disc with "My Little Pony" written crudely with permanent marker. It looked like a toddler wrote it. I reviewed the video first, before I let my friends watch it. Surprisingly, the video was just usual, cheery and happy like any My Little Pony movie would. I knew everything was okay.

Around 7:30pm, all my friends (5 who were girls and 2 who were guys), showed up at my house to watch the movie. I popped the disc into my DVD player, while I got the popcorn and drinks ready. When we were all settled, I hit Play. The intro played normally. But however, towards the end of the intro, some frames skipped. I checked the disc for scratches, but there were none.

I then popped the disc back in the DVD player and this time, the disc skipped the intro. Instead there was 1 minute of a black screen. Then, a text appeared on-screen. It read: 

My Little Pony - The Black Dawn


The screenshot of the title screen

We were all mystified by this. Then, the episode began. It started off with: Cheerilee, Scootaloo, StarSong, Sweetie Belle and Toola-Roola playing happily outside. Then, Pinkie Pie ran in the scene and told everyone that there was something wrong with Rainbow Dash. The 6 ponies went over to Rainbow Dash's home and there was something that was disturbing.

Rainbow Dash's house had a bloodied Illuminati on it. We were terrified by this. I thought kid shows don't show demonic stuff. The ponies entered the house and a blood-curdling scream was heard. They all started shaking and ran over to a door, where the noise was coming from. As Cheerilee opened the door, the screaming suddenly stopped.

What the ponies saw, shocked them all. There was black ritual stuff and stains of blood all over the room. This was a very strange video. Then, one of the ponies, Scootaloo went over to a closet, only to find Rainbow Dash hanging on a rope by the neck. Tears were streaming down my face, as I gazed upon that image.

All of a sudden, Rainbow Dash's house started to shake violently, causing everyone to flee. But, only to be encountered by ponies with black clothing and wearing pentagram necklaces. Everything went to static. We were all scared by this jarring video. I was boiling in anger on what sick freak made this.


Rainbow Dash...

After at least 30 seconds of static, it cut back to the ponies, who were now dead. There was also what appeared to be REALISTIC blood and guts, scattered on the floor. I felt the urge to throw up.

Then, a flash of a frame appeared on-screen. It was Rainbow Dash, staring at us with blood drooling from her eyes, wearing a pentagram necklace and cutie mark, missing with "you're next" curved in its place. The image also showed a black background with a red Illuminati, also in its place. This lasted for about 8 seconds, while corrupting sounds played through the scene.

Then, the video just stopped. I called the police and told what had happened. We eventually destroyed the disc and I never wanted to see it, again. I managed to take a few screenshots from the video, before we destroyed the disc. The events of the episode still haunt me to this day.

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