This is a story from my childhood, some back story is that I had Hallucinations and Lucid dreams when I was younger.

I was about four when I met him, I didn't have many friends when I was little, due to my crippling mental illness. I was diagnosed at an early age and was able to get help for it earlier in life. I had been playing in the sandbox in my back yard when he walked through my gate.

"Hello, there," he said to me. "I'm Allan, what's your name buddy?"


"That's a cool name! Wanna' be friends?"

Not having any friends, of course I said yes. He was a tall man, from what I recall 6'3, maybe 6'4. He had a large crescent moon tattoo on one side of his face from his chin to his forehead and his skin color was close to albino. He always wore a leather coat with red and yellow patches on it and strange patterned pants. I found him to be a delightful person and we got along quickly, I shared stories with him about going out to family dinners and the things I built with my legos, I even told him my horrible dreams. I trusted him.

He slowly started to become distant and spoke in quick sentences.

"Hey Allan?"

"Yes Jason, what is it?"

"Where do you live?"

"Somewhere dark."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm sorry, Jason. I'd rather not talk about it."

Looking back on my memories of how he looked I saw needle track marks, I always just thought they were birth marks or something though. My mom never saw him as he would only come when she wasn't around. The last time I saw Allan was when I was about 5, he told me that we couldn't be friends or see each-other anymore and that he was sorry. I asked why and he said he had some problems to deal with at home. That day, I saw a few more marks on his arm than usual and he had an off look in his eyes. He left through my gate and I never saw him again. My mother came outside and asked what I was doing, as I was out of my sandbox and staring at the gate, I told her that I had been saying good-bye to Allan, she asked who he was and I said my friend. My mother immediately ran inside and called the police. They send out a patrol for my house but he didn't come back. The one thing I remember is that when he had left he ruffled my hair, I had felt him touch me.

The next week I got a note in my pillow case with a smiley face that said, "I miss you."

Written by XXForeverSleeplessXx
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