Mokey's Show is a crazy webseries made by Youtuber Sr. Pelo. He is making Mokey videos to this day, but there's one he deleted shortly after it was posted.

The video was called "Mokey's Show:Darkness" and the thumbnail was just Mokey scared and staring at something off screen in a void of darkness. The video started with Mokey running in a forest. He said "G-g-g-gooby? D-d-dolan? This is not funny."

"Help me!" a voice said, at what sounded like it was turned up to 900% volume.

"Who's t-t-t-t-there?"

"It's me, Gooby." Gooby was shown, his bones broken except for in his neck. His body was under a huge boulder.

"Where's Dolan, Gooby?"

"They got him, Mokey."

"Who got Dolan?"

"They were the people who escaped out of the prison and the mental hospital on the news, Mokey." After he said that, tall skinny figures that wore robes that reminded me of the robe that the grim reaper wears grabbed Mokey and Gooby. Gooby's legs were stuck under the boulder and they ripped off. Then it showed Mokey and Gooby being tossed into a black void, and a pair of huge red eyes appeared out of nowhere.

"Roar!" A pair of needle like teeth appeared.

Mokey then grabbed Gooby and ran through the void, jumping and ducking over and under claws. They made it to a door with a sign that said, "the code is 1234"

Mokey typed in the code and shut the door and took off the sign. He ran into a locker and put Gooby in the other one and told him to be quiet. The monster dashed across the hall, but he came back and opened the lockers. But Mokey and Gooby were gone.

"Hey ugly! Take this!" Mokey grabbed an axe and tossed it at the monster, and its legs came off, and its arms. They ran outside but the monster grabbed them with its mouth and ate them. Then it showed a message saying "you can not escape dark ness"

Then my phone crashed and when I rebooted it the background was the thumbnail, and I heard a laugh behind me. 


The ThumbNail

Mokey the MOUSE

What Mokey Looks Like

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