Love and Pain are two very different but very powerful emotions. It was cloudy outside, with rain sure to come; to her it was the most perfect weather. It reminded her of the day she left her old parents and got new, much nicer ones. They'd even changed her name, Miri, such a pretty name she thought, 'A pretty name for a pretty little sister' Emil had said.

She wondered if Tomas would come over today, he'd been her boyfriend for many months, he'd make the room light up even if the power went out. Miri heard Tess calling her, the adopted mother that took care of her. Miri liked her, but she knew she made Tess uneasy, who couldn't be. Closing her blinds, Miri ran downstairs, her light steps noiseless. "Miri there you are, Dinner is ready" Tess said, she smiled warmly at the other kids as they came down.

"Do I have to sit next to her?"

Miri sighed and cast her green-and-bright brown (Almost reddish in color) gaze at her adopted sister. "She creeps me out" Britannia complained, sitting next to Emil. "Britannia!" Kelvin scolded as he came from his office. "Don't talk to your sister that way" he added. "She's not my sister!" Britannia protested, glaring at her spoon.

Knock. Knock.

"I'll get it" Tess said and ran to the door "Oh hello Tomas, we're about to eat dinner" Miri heard from the front door. "Mind if I join?" Tom asked "Of course!" Tess replied, "Oh where is Dophey" she mumbled. They hadn't changed his name like they'd changed hers; he said he liked his name. "Dinner's ready!" she called upstairs, a little boy, no more than 7 came bounding down. "OK Tess" He said, sitting in his chair.

Tomas sat down next to Miri, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. Something felt off, but Miri ignored it and began to eat her chicken. After dinner, Miri helped Tess wash the dishes and walked outside, sitting on the steps and enjoying the cool wind. Tomas say next to her, he didn't have his smile or that little bounce to his step.

"Tom is something wrong?" Miri asked, laying a hand on his shoulder. He flinched away from her touch. Something was really wrong. "Tom, Talk to me" Miri said, looking him in the face. "It's over Miri, it's not working out" Tomas had to repeat himself because Miri couldn't believe what she was hearing. Almost unconsciously she started fiddling with her promise ring "after collage, we'll get married, and this signifies my promise to you, that I'll always be yours" he'd said. Now it seemed like a piece of silver and diamond. "I'm sorry Miri, I'm leaving" He said before getting up and leaving.

You could have heard a pin drop.

Miri knew he'd been in love with her, it was true, and he really had so what happened? She got up from the steps and followed him, using her hunter walk to not alert him to her presence. Outside of his house a little further along the wooded road, there was a car, not his. A stunning girl stepped out at Tomas's appearance, her long brown hair was put into a messy bun and her short skirt didn't leave much to the imagination. Miri quickly hid and watched as Tomas gave her a passionate kiss, whispered something in her ear and walked inside. Her nails dug into her palm, she didn't notice until it started to really hurt. Miri walked back to her house, feeling angry, hurt and betrayed, like when her parents gave her and Dophey away.

When she got home she went straight upstairs and fell asleep, trying to forget Tomas ever existed. Her nightmare went something like this. There was a little girl, it looked a little like her, but slightly different, how Miri wanted to look rather than how she did look. The girl was crying, when Miri asked her what was wrong the girl replied "It hurts, it hurts really bad, I'm sorry, I'm going to do something bad" she cried. Miri felt a chill go down her spine; she hugged the girl, who kept saying 'I'm sorry' over and over again.

Then the voice got deeper, something warm and sticky touched her back. When she tried to pull back she was held in place by something the consistency of a rubber band. She realized it was human skin; she was trapped, kept hearing voices mumbling the same things the girl had over and over. Miri snapped awake, feeling cold.

She got up and got a glass of water with shaking fingers, trying to slow her heart down. She needed a distraction so she grabbed her bow and quiver and slipped outside into the damp night. She ran into the woods well away from any people and held an arrow in the rest, in case she saw an animal. When a small turkey walked her way, it was shot and killed before it could squawk. The sight of blood on her arrow gave her… pleasure to know she'd kill it.

The feeling scared her to death.

She'd felt pride when her dad commented on how they wouldn't have to pay for any meat when they brought down a deer or turkey together. It never gave her pleasure; it scared her and made her want more at the same time. After killing a few more turkeys, she decided it wasn't enough, she needed something big, and smart enough to put of a struggle. Miri's mind settled on one target; Tomas. Smirking, she picked up her arrows, forgetting about the turkey and ran towards Tomas's house at a full sprint. When she got to the door, she rested a bit and slipped her dagger out of a pocket in her quiver, putting it in her pocket where she could easily reach it.

"Knock, Knock Tommy" she said in a sing-song voice, her bow ready to fire.

Tomas opened the door and dodged her Arrow out of pure luck. Her accuracy was bar none, she'd wanted him to live, wanted him to suffer. He tried to run, but he was bigger than she was and she tackled him to the ground, smashing his coffee table. Miri pinned him on the bricks next to the fireplace, the tips of his hair curled from the heat. "You hurt me Tomas, why did you hurt me?" Miri asked, loading her bow and aiming for his forehead. Tomas looked terrified "Miri, come on sweetheart…" "DON'T CALL ME SWEETHEART" Miri screamed, and let go of the string. He could only gasp for a half-second before the arrow had lodged its-self in his skull, killing him instantly. Miri shoved what she could in the fireplace, watching it burn.

When the girl came, she killed her too, and took pleasure in pulling her arrow out of the girl's neck, letting a fountain of blood spill onto the wooden floor. Walking outside, skipping in that careless way only an insane killer could, Miri danced into the night, bow armed, heading for her own house.

By Hetalialuvver on deviant art