Hey guys! Please keep in mind that this is my first attempt and writing a decent pasta, and as much, I will gladly accept constructive criticism. Thank you!

I was hiding, when Trapo Espiritu came into my room. He had picked me as one of his unlucky victims, stalking them for the day, then haunting them at night, but I was one of the lucky ones. With 48 hours’ notice, I was able to mentally prepare, but not enough, that is. Like the others, I saw shadows in my peripheral sight, I made it home to find a note reading ‘ojos cerrados’ taped to my door, I burned it in my fireplace, and woke abruptly at 12 sharp. Now, the thought of him following me seemed to kindle my passion to survive. I heard a slight scratching noise originating from beyond my room, somewhere far away for now, but crawling into my room at the speed of light. After what seemed like eternity, I heard my dishes begin to crack and shatter along with my photo frames. I pinched my eyelids to stay shut until this was all over. Suddenly, it began to call out to me, whispering, so soft and gentle, I felt rejoiced by the warmth in that voice; so much so I almost opened my eyes. I cringed and fell back into the soft embrace of my mattress, for I had almost fallen for the trap it laid out.

3 AM: He’s in my room. He wants something from me, but I can’t tell what. I need help, and I need it now! To think that I was looking forward to this, it makes me feel so… so… irrational. I feel like I’m ranting right now, but can I help it? I’m lost in thought, lost in all aspects. So tell me, what should I do? I guess for now I’ll have to wait him out, but with Trapo, you never know…

4AM: He knows where I am. Oh, God, I didn’t want it to end like this! If only I could open my eyes, see his existence and never forget it, but it won’t leave me alone. SOMEONE END THIS MADNESS

5 AM: I opened my eyes. I saw him, standing in a shadowed corner of my room, he was smiling as the stitching in his eyelids unraveled, revealing two piercing gray eyes. I had to run. He seemed to become agitated and began to chase me. Of course, I had to  run. And now here I stand, in the street, waiting for him to find me. We’ll fight to the death, and I’ll win. I’ll make sure of that.

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