There is this thing in my house,but thank god it's not evil or demonic.


People who live on my block have been telling me that the house I live in is haunted, but not by a evil spirit or demon or anything.My house is haunted by the ghost of a cat.

My neighbors say that the cat died getting hit by a car.The others say that its owner abused him so badly that the owner was really planning to kill it.

The real answer is that the others and the neighbors were both right.The owner beat the cat to the ground with a belt and got his car to run him over.

Then, of course, the cat died.

Midnight the Cat

My family and I just got home from New York. When we got home, I took my shoes off and got on the computer to read some Creepypastas.

Suddenly, while I was reading It felt like I was being watched. I ignored it and got back to reading. A few minutes later, that feeling came back again. So I decided to go in my room and go to sleep just in case my mind was playing tricks on me.

So I went to my room, laid in my bed and fell asleep. But I immediatly woke up again. That damn feeling came back again. So I decided to turn around and look.

What I saw was just unbelievable.I saw a shadow. A ghost. A ghost of a cat. I thought ghosts were unable to be seen, like, I thought they were suppose to be invisible. But I guess some can be seen.

The ghost cat just sat and stared at me right in the eye.His fur was black,and his right eye had a scar and the other does not. He barely did anything until like 2 minutes passed, then he started to walk away.

I decided to follow him. He just went in the living room and started doing normal stuff cats do except he is a ghost, but it wasn't long until he started to go crazy. He started to meow, not just ordinary cat sounds, but different ones like a lion's roar and some weird cheetah sounds.

I backed away and got startled because that day. That very day when this cat's ghost was watching me and making unusual cat sounds, that never happened to me. I dislike being in paranormal mysteries and supernatural things.That was the most scariest day ever.

By the way, later on I decided to not tell my family about this cat because I knew they will never believe me. Just to tell you, I'm the only one in my family that believes in ghosts. So how he got the name "Midnight"?Because every time on midnight, and this was disturbing when I first saw it, the hallways get pitch black and His eyes will turn red.

His red eyes will be the only thing you will see in that hallway.He gave me nightmares when I saw his red eyes. Yes. The way he got the name is that he is a devilish cat. A spirit that gives me nightmares. The devil's cat. A cat from hell.

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