"Giant, steel gates cover the entrance of the lab."

That is what my friend told me. The lab had been operational for years, apparently owned by an evil genius. My friend gave me the task of breaking into the lab and stealing data.

"Simple as that," he said.

We got into our car and drove off to our destination. When we got there, he dropped me off and gave me technological equipment that he had crafted by himself. He gave me a tracking device, a homemade USB drive and a hacking device.

The plan to "borrow" the data was:

First, climb over the steel gates and hide in the bushes. Second, set your tracking device to the right frequency and sneak into the vents. Once in the vents, find a computer room and copy the data over to the USB stick. Finally, find your way back and wait for a car to pull up. When the car pulls up, climb inside, and once inside, you would have completed your mission.

I climbed over the gates and hid in the bushes. When I had a quick look, I noticed two turrets aiming at the gates. Once I was there, I used my hacking device to break the turrets. After that, I set my tracking device to the right frequency and sneaked into the vents.

While crawling through the vents, I noticed what appeared to be the computer room, so I broke into the room. After breaking into the room, I noticed an empty operating table with straps attached to it. When I noticed the operating table, I heard a deep, perverted voice that whispered, "Here's our patient. Restrain him so I can operate on him."

After the voice said that, scientists grabbed me, forcibly made me lie down on my back and strapped me down. During the whole ordeal, they injected me with sedatives so I could not see what was happening to my body.

After a few hours, I woke up and noticed something. I don't know how to describe this, but I had this strong feeling of hatred, and my body felt somewhat mechanical. My suspicions were confirmed when one of the scientists unstrapped me, making me able to see my hands.

As I saw my mechanical hands, my feeling of hatred started to grow stronger and stronger when I had visions of a blue blur dashing through plains. When the visions became clearer and clearer, I realised my mission:

I needed to kill this blue blur.

Then a chubby man with average height came into view and conversed with me. At the end of the conversation, that was when he named me Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic
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