Luna's Game is a game created by a user called chibi-luna6x3 on deviantart. It currently has 4 games in the
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series, however the titles are only "Luna".

The game has become quite popular, though not a lot. Some people refer to it also as Luna Game, after a series that came before it.

The "Luna's Game" series is a lot like the original Luna Game series and may have the same idea.


The first game in the series is only called "Luna."

Luna Game (Flash Version)

Luna Game (Flash Version)

Luna 1 Gameplay

You start off playing as luna on a sloppy brown and green platform with a solid purple background. You need to use the arrow keys to move Luna. After a while of playing, a creepy image of Twilight Sparkle pops out, creepy noises playing in the background instead of the music that was there at the beginning.

Luna 2

Luna 2 is the second game in the series, you start out the same as in Luna, but with some slight modifications.

Luna Game 2 (Flash Version)

Luna Game 2 (Flash Version)

Luna 2 Gameplay

You go forward, until the screen goes black. You then appear after a few seconds in a dark, creepy-looking place. It is black and green, a few people complain about falling and dying during this time. After you get to a point, you mysteriously die anyway, and that is it.

Luna 3

Luna 3 starts off as same as "Luna", too. 

Luna Game 3 (Flash Version)

Luna Game 3 (Flash Version)

Luna 3 Gameplay

After you get to a point, static goes on the screen, and you are transported to another creepy-looking place. When you can see, there is a zalgofied Pinkie Pie ahead of you and distorted speech of Pinkie Pie saying, "Come out..Pinkie Promise."

You then run into her, and you get a "game over" screen.

Luna 4

This is the last game in the series, you start out much like Luna once again, but 
Luna Game 4 (Flash Version)

Luna Game 4 (Flash Version)

Luna 4 Gameplay

when you get to a point, you jump off, and text starts slowly typing on the screen. After it finishes, a screamer pops up saying "I'm right behind you" in bloody red letters.

At last, a series of fast dark images pop up and then the game ends.

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