I know none of you guys would believe me but this happened to me around a week ago. My name is Alex and I like watching anime. My favorite anime is lucky star. The four main characters are Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and my favorite of them all, Miyuki. Miyuki is a pink haired shy girl with glasses like harry potter’s. Anyways, Enough of that, Let me tell you about my experience with a lost lucky star episode I had found.

Cosplay lucky star miyuki zombie version by masyfox daoymva-pre

It was a Wednesday afternoon. I had just gotten home after a long day of school. Keep in mind that i’m 14. But anyways, I put away my backpack and decided to go on my laptop and watch some more vinesauce. It’s a youtube channel but this story isn’t about vinesauce. I decided to go ahead and check my email for any missing school work. I then noticed something odd. There was an email with no subject. “Some idiot just forgot to give the email a subject”, i thought to myself. I clicked it and there was a link to a download page. I clicked on it and it took me to a lucky star fandom website. There was a link to a video. It said Miyuki.wmv. I clicked it and the file started downloading. It took around 4 to 5 minutes to download. When it finished, I clicked the video. I put it on full screen so I could get a better view. I just wish I hadn’t. The intro played normally. Nothing out of the ordinary right? Wrong. The title of the episode was called Miyuki’s Corruption. It was in the same format as the other title cards in the show, with the usual chibi cat. It started off with Konata walking to school. She didn’t say anything. She got on the train. She was on there for 15 seconds and then she came off. She was expecting to see kagami and tsukasa there but she found miyuki. Her head hung down, like she was sad. “Hey Yuki-Chan you okay?, Konata asked. Miyuki looked up. “Oh it’s nothing.”, she mumbled. A black shadow formed around her. It wasn’t really creepy or anything. It looked weird though. Konata was also confused. A question mark appeared. “What’s that behind you?”, Konata decided to ask. Btw, they were wearing their summer uniform. But anyways, the black shadow went into Miyuki’s body, causing her to shake a bit. It went on for a few seconds before she faced Konata. This time it felt really uneasy for me. She had a creepy smile. Her fingernails were claws. Her eyes were two red and orange pupils. This generally scared me. I hate the living hell out of horror stuff. Everytime I see some scary, I would go up to my room and stay there. I stayed this time. She had her left claw pointed at Konata. She ran for her fucking life. “Miyuki! This isn’t like you at all!! What has even happened to you?! I always thought you were a nice girl!.” Konata screamed. Miyuki: this is my true form. And you thought I was your friend. Ha! As if!” She ran a bit faster than Konata and scratched her right arm pretty badly. Tiny bits of anime blood started to leak from the wound. Finally, Konata got to school and locked the door and barracaded it. Tsukasa and Kagami stood there, confused on what was going on. “Ok, miss gamer girl. What the hell is going on?” Kagami asked in an angry manner. “Guys Miyuki’s not what you think she is!”, Konata desperately said. “Is this another prank of your kona-Chan?”, asked tsukasa politely. Then, Miyuki broke open the door. Tsukasa has no time to react as she was sliced into pieces by Miyuki. Konata and kagami both ran for their lives. They ran and ran until they found a classroom door. They got into the classroom and Baracaded the door with as many desks and chairs as they possibly could. Then they found a fire extinguisher on the wall near them. Kagami grabbed it and broke the window. They both went to the window. It was a steep fall. They both held hands and jumped together, both screaming. They had some minor cuts and scatches from falling into the thorny bushes. They both ran from the school and called the police. The police then later arrested Miyuki for third degree murderer. Tsukasa was barely alive when they took her to the hospital. Luckily, she survived but had to stay there for a few months for the cuts to heal. As for Konata and kagami, they started dating. Then the screamed faded to black, in red text it said this. I’ll be back and when I get out of jail, I’ll kill everyone in Japan. Then the episode ends there with the usual credits. At this point, I had no idea if I should be scared, confused or just plain out queasy. I decided to look up some Information on the episode. I only got one result. It was from a lucky star blog post. It was on Roblox and since I played Roblox I signed into my account and decided to check the post. Here’s what it said. “Ok, so I found this dvd on offerup for around 4 bucks. I bought it and I saw some really disturbing content. I’m not gonna describe it though cause I’ll get banned. But for all that’s good for you, don’t watch the episode.” It was from a guy named dillpickle27. Well I have nothing else to say except be careful on what your doing on the internet or else you will get some strange and bizarre results.

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