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Hi, My name is Zachary. If you are reading this, then I am probably locked up in my room with a flashlight at three in the morning, terrified. You're probably wondering, "Why the hell are you this terrified?" Well, the truth is: I had just seen a long-lost PBS logo. It may sound a bit dumb and quite funny, but this logo actually freaked me the f**k out. I'm not even joking with you. It was horrible.

Well, let's just start the story by saying I was on YouTube, watching some PBS logos from the '70's with my brother, Neil. Neil liked the PBS 1971 logo, because he thought that the head in the form of a P (commonly known as "P-Head".) Was really cool, along with the oddly geometric B and S. I searched up some PBS logos from 1971. That's when I came across a video called, "The Lost PBS logo". I made a huge mistake by clicking the video. I would never do that again.

It began with the ending credits of some show from 1970. The last of the credits lasted for 12 seconds before fading out into black. It cut to the PBS 1971 logo. It was in poor quality, and the sound was replaced with ominous whistling in the static. It faded to black once again, but this time, it lasted for 22 and a half seconds, then it cut to a disturbing picture of P-Head. It had red eyes with blood coming out of them. The announcer said, "This is not PBS." Then, it showed a black and white P-Head with blood. There was text above him that said, "YOU'RE NEXT".

When I put down my Laptop, Neil was gone, I search for him. Eventually I found Neil in his room with a fever. His head was really hot. The video was automatically deleted right after I watched it, so I couldn't load the video back up, no matter how hard that I tried.

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