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Does anybody remember the Lost and Found from school? Probably. Well, at my school, at the end of the year any items remaining would be available for free, such as coats or a watch. Occasionally you would find something more... valuable.

I believe it was around 2005-ish when my story started. I had done my annual check for cool items. The only thing of interest was a Game Boy. I remembered years before in 2nd or 3rd grade when everyone had one. I, of course, had never had one.

So, as you probably guessed, I picked it up, checking if it had a game inside before that, I wasn't THAT dumb. The only weird thing was, that it had what looked like bite marks. I didn't judge though. I really hadn't played any video games before, and wanted to see what it was all about.

When I got home that day, I turned it on, seeing the game "Pokémon Red". Pokémon Fire Red was fairly new at the time, so I decided it couldn't be bad. It was just Pokémon Red.

I mean, did you expect a haunted game?

I had played through it completely by the end of May. I was infatuated with the little creatures and battles. I had to get more games. By this point I had enough money saved up to buy a game from the local GameStop. At this time the brand was becoming independent from Barnes & Noble, so older games were on clearance. I asked the clerk, (should I call them that?) if they had any old Game Boy games. They had about 10 different games. I bought 3 of them.

Or was it 6? Anyways, before my first year of college, I had about 50 games. Each week my collection grew. By the end of September I had about 50% of the game boy library. Then I got a Game Boy Advance, and then a DS, and a Gamecube. I was a complete fan boy by the start of my 2nd year. I filled in those bite marks with some plaster, too.

I had tons of friends, though. Even though nobody saw them, they were there, cheering me on. They were with me all the time, even at work. Those overtime hours were rough, but I made it through.

One night, final year of college, it changed. My friends were all killed by somebody. All the murderers left was a note like this.

Patient #19885

Reason for Stay: Passed out from exhaustion, hadn't slept for a week

Notes: Patient frequently talked to people who weren't there.

Hadn't been to school in a month

Final Diagnosis:####

I had been robbed of my friends, school and work life. They sent me away to someplace for a couple years. Luckily my things were just like they were back home. I had my computer and my games. I got a job as a school janitor a year ago. I made some new friends too. The really good ones would take hours off of work just to cheer me on while I played games.

It's been nice, but I came here to report something.

Has anybody seen a Game Boy with bite marks anywhere?

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