Note: I wrote this myself.
Little witch academia unknown episode

Little witch academia unknown episode

Part 1.

So, this is a story that happened 1 month ago. I was browsing Netflix for an anime called Little Witch Academia so the results were normal. Until I saw the episode list for the TV series. It said 26 but there were only 25. I clicked on it. it was titled “Akko’s secret”. There was no description except for this: “Warning: this episode contains psychological horror and highly detailed battle sequences plus a hard to discuss topic and some profanity.” I was shocked! How would this be on Netflix of all places! So, I was wondering what kind of episode this would be. I was nervous so I watched the episode with my older cousin Jared. The episode began with Akko crying while Lotte sang a sad sounding song the screen faded to red afterwards it then cut to text in Hebrew which translated to “She is in pain help her.” Diana appeared. The screen cut to an image of Lotte with her glasses broken, then a scene where Akko is shown badly injured. It then cut to Lotte having a fist fight with Sucy. She cried. Akko got bullied and beat up so badly she began crying! It then cut to more Hebrew which translated to “this is not enough Akko is suffering now!” the episode ended with Akko dead while a faint “what the fuck.” was heard Jared said “what was that?” I said “I don’t know.”

Part 2.

That episode Scared me. I tried telling Netflix about it but... they did not respond. The episode made me have nightmares! I then went on the internet to talk about the episode. There was a forum that talked about the episode. One user said, “The episode was intended to end the show, but they scrapped it due to an intern committing suicide after watching the episode.” Others said that the episode was made as an inside joke and others argued. I was unsure about this. Then, the next day a barcode appeared in my email. I won’t show it to you. It was interesting to say the least. I was bored and I did not know what happened, but I thought, “Why would a person kill themselves because of that episode?” I am still unsure about it.

Part 3.

I am still not sure about this crazy experience! I’m going to my childhood home in Hartford Connecticut to forget about it.

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