The sun was high in the sky, pouring heat onto the lively green forests. The birds were tweeting in delight and the other wild life were playing happily with each other. I sat alone on my perch, watching them. This was my fondest memory.

My perch was on a small cliff, giving a wide view of the forest. It was hardly an isolated point, I was in clear view of the other Pokémon. Many came to me and offered food, asking if I'd like to join them in their play. I declined each time. I didn't hate the others, I was merely content with watching.

Watching the Pokémon, watching the plants and trees flow gently in the breeze, watching the sun set and rise. Seeing the humans that travelled through the forest. Those that came and took Pokémon with them, those that left them battered and bruised. I enjoyed manipulating such trainers. My abilities were suited for playing tricks, causing confusion and discomfort. I would stalk those that injured the Pokémon here. A snapping twig here, a rustling set of bushes there, a shadow just out of view. Many would flee before they even set eyes on me.

The humans began to tell tales of me. A 'ghost' in the forest. People began to avoid the forest wherever they could. Those Pokémon seeking human companionship moved closer to the edges of the forest, choosing to play in the fields around it. Over many years, the forest around my perch became lifeless. Pokémon were rarely seen. The tweeting had stopped. I started to become lonely, yearning for the energy and liveliness that once surrounded me, but un-wanting to leave my perch.

Why did I feel such a strong connection to that place? Why did it seem as if I was bound to the land around it. Venturing too far from my perch left me feeling empty of desire to move further. It was as if an overpowering force was pulling me back.

Occasionally, adventurous humans came close to my perch, in search of Pokémon, or perhaps the legendary 'ghost of the forest'. With no reason to antagonise them, I left them be and they quickly left, unsatisfied. This was until one day. As I sat near my perch, watching the empty scene in front of me, there was a voice from behind. Followed by another voice. I didn't understand the human language, but their faces had a look of shock on them. I was curious and moved closer to them, just out of eye sight.

They were in front of my perch. One, a boy, was kneeling down and reading the text that was carved into the stone. The other, a girl, was looking around nervously. Perhaps she felt my presence. I grew more curious of these two humans. Especially the girl. When I looked at her, it was as if I was remembering something I'd forgotten a long time ago. I wanted to know what they were doing at my perch. How they found it. The girl was the first to see me and jumped back in alarm. The boy took a red device from his pocket and pointed it at me. The device spoke and the two of them looked at each other.

The boy was frightened, though the girl walked closer to me. She was talking to me, as she spoke I...remembered, I think, a few of the words. '... you ... here?' '... you want ... come ... us?' '... you understand me?' The boy spoke, tugging at the girl's sleeve slightly, beckoning her to leave. She shrugged him away and knelt down in front of me. Our eyes were level with each other. She spoke again, I could understand the words fully.

'Are you trapped here? Do you want to come with us? I bet you're lonely!' She offered a faint smile. Something about her made me remember things... A lady, graceful and brave. Journeys, battles, friendships. I moved back to my perch and stared intently at the words written on the stone.

'Here lies Blossom. A faithful, kind Pokemon and a good friend. I can never thank you for the things you've done for me. I'm sorry that I couldn't lead you better and for my stupid mistakes. Rest in Peace.'

I turned and looked at the girl, moving a little closer. She reached into her pocket and took out a red and white ball, planting it on the grass in front of me. I recognized it, a Pokéball. I was kept in one of these once. I took one more look at my pirch, at the empty scene, once full of life. Remembering my loneliness and desire to leave the forest. Wanting to see the memories more clearly and make new ones. I pressed myself against the Pokéball. As I entered, I could here the mechanical voice of the red device.

'Gastly has been registered in the Pokédex'

I have been with the girl, now a lady, for years. We have had many adventures together and I have remembered my past adventures too. We have been through happiness and sadness. Made new friends and said goodbye to old ones. We have seen many new places, often travelling by boat and have seen Pokemon I never knew existed.

I believed that I was content, being in the forest, at my grave. Now I know what a lapse of freedom I had been through and though I wonder if the forest has regained the liveliness it once had, I am happy being with my trainer and I will be with them as long as they want me.

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Credited to HappyCatRyan 
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