Many people would know about the children's show Thomas the Tank Engine. I am a big fan of the show and I watch it every time a new episode airs. But recently I discovered something that made me think twice about Thomas the Tank Engine.

The year was 2006 and I was cleaning out my attic when I found a box. When I opened the box I found many VHS's of many old children shows. Then I found a VHS with no case or label and I felt curious on what was on the tape. So I went down stairs and put it in my old VHS player and started it. It began with the Britt Allcroft logo except the audio was loud and the background was red. Then a episode of Thomas the Tank Engine began. It started with the narrator saying "Thomas was feeling miserable because he wasn't being used anymore." and then the Fat Controller said that Thomas was to make a delivery to the other side of Sodor. Thomas began to drive along a empty track until a bridge came. The episode was going fine until Thomas ran over a rock and derailed and fell off the bridge. It then cut to Thomas with blank eyes with text at the top saying "We all eventually die." All it was just the picture with a red tint. It then cut to black with a very loud jump scare.

When the video ended, I felt scared and I tossed the VHS into a trash can, which hopefully got destroyed.

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