My thought on this guy's journal.

Hello. I am just a young man, pursuing a normal life. Wonder why? It's because of curses from every game I ever played. I never had a normal life. I probably never will. I found a journal on the side of the road the other day, and I'm here to share it with the world. Please enjoy.

Day 1

It's dead cold outside. My sister named Anna told me to get into the house, otherwise she would call me a freak. I disobey her thinking she's just another soul to be played with by the devil. I always kept a grin on my face no matter what. A creepy smile for everytime someone is to die. I was always ignorant. Always looking at the bright side and getting into trouble no matter where I go. I continue to spread this curse throughout my family, keeping it a hidden secret from the world. - Leon

Day 2 - Damaged slightly

Today is a big day for me. The anniversary of my friend's death. I kept that chilly smile on my face. The others thought I was hyped up on drugs or something. They obviously thought wrong. It was them who were going to die next. [The rest was torn out by the one who created the book]

Day 10

It's been a week since they have met their fate. Nobody even realized it. Not even the smallest germ around me. They couldn't run from me. Their families worried sick about the kids...I killed them off as well. The evidence will be hidden in this book for eternity nobody to find it. Not a soul gets through my house. Whatever remains of their bodies...It'll be burned in a matter of hours or so. They were too late to call the police right from the start. Besides. I would have killed them off too.

Day 14 - Badly damaged

.......................He....................Thought I was going ................Eas...............hank.................y.................[the rest is unreadable to this day]

Day 19 - Minor Damage

It is time. I must retire from writing and murdering for now. I must focus on only 1 target however. Mark. He suspects too much of the murderings. He even tried to have the police arrest me, but that turned out to be a fail, and he got arrested instead. I still needed to kill him though. Y'know...send him some cake with a special ingredient in it. You can't deny that the ingredient couldn't kill him. I know it will. It always killed the others.

Final Day - 21 - Badly Damaged

This is the final day I will write in this book. They know too much of the killings. I cannot hide a secret any longer from my "friends" I shall bury this book under the ground. Never to be seen again. [The rest was torn out by the creator.]

After reading

To this day, I still have no idea who owned the book or why he killed those innocent people, but one thing I know is that he can be kind of a bastard. We may never know where he is. Oh by the way, he left something else behind that was on Page 20. The pages not mentioned were torn out of the book and the badly damged one on 14 was covered in blood. The thing he left behind was a small DVD player. It can work somehow, but I don't think it will work. Hope you enjoyed reading. Look at the picture above to see what I think.

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