Clouds rumbled in the sky and the rain began to sweat. In a shopping district in town a young man in a hood waited at a bar. In front of his unnatural pale face was a bottle of whiskey; it was his 8th shot. As he gulped some of the red liquid slipped out his sliced opened smile. He gave off a happy sigh.

“Well you seem happy today Jeff.” said the barman cleaning his glasses.

“I final got a chance to replace that old knife of mine and get a new one. You see Larry I made contact with a specialist client on the Internet that sells specially made combat knives.” Jeff explained.

“Really? What one you plan on getting?” asked the bar man.

Jeff reached for the back of his trousers to pull out a print off from his pocket. He laid the image on the table. The bar man’s eyes widened, he was impressed.

“It’s the dragon’s edge!” he said excitingly as if he was an innocent child again.

“Wow you plan to get one of those?” the bar man said.

“Yeah; it will be useful for kill… er… working at the kitchen with… Mr. Mix.” Jeff explained with a quick lie.

“So when do you plan to meet your friend?” he asked.

“He should be here now.” he replied before getting back to his drink.


An hour has passed and there was no sign of the client. Jeff grew impatient and check outside the window. A few second after straining his eyes in to the distance; he saw a black van. At first he thought it was the client but he soon had a better look at the side of the van. On it was big white text labelled “ILJ”. Underneath was an extended version of the abbreviation “The International League of Justice”. Jeff kept his cool and continued to drink his whisky. He was a little light headed now but was still able to focus if he tried hard enough.

In his blurred vision were three suited men. One was extremely muscly with short buzz cut blond hair. The second was a man with a long dark brown hair and a thick 5 o’clock shadow; nowhere as big as the previous guy but still threatening in lean build. The third man in the middle had slick black hair and sunglasses; you would think he was a greaser going to the prom till you realised the direction of which he had his hair gelled.

As Jeff dreaded the man with the sunglasses took a seat next to Jeff. Jeff acted natural in the hopes it might trick him.

“Waiter your job is done.” said the man as he threw a paper aeroplane check to Larry.

“Best of luck kiddo, you’re going to need it!” said the fake barman as he legged it out the building.

“That traitor,” Jeff thought to himself, “and to think I was going to try my new knife to send him!”

The suited man turned to Jeff.

“Hello… Jeff.” the man smiled.

Jeff snapped and lunged his knife at him. The largest man laid his giant fist in front of Jeff’s knife. Within collision the knife shattered.

“Impossible!” Jeff thought while he saw his old beloved knife in a thousand pieces.

The large man pinned Jeff down, while the other man aimed his cross bow at him. The man with the sunglasses got out a syringe and took a few steps towards him.

“Who are you?” Jeff whispered.

“Justice… now, go to sleep.” the man chuckled as the syringe injected a blue liquid in to Jeff’s body. He soon falls limp on the floor, like a ragdoll. The last thing Jeff could remember before dosing off was the man’s laughter.


Dreary from the fluid, Jeff opened his eyes. He found himself in a glass container in a dark vast room. He had no idea how long he was out but he knew by the architecture he probably wasn’t anywhere near the bar. In the shadows emerged the suited man from earlier. Behind him in the shadows were more figures that were hard to see due to the terrible lighting.

“Where am I!” asked Jeff.

“Why, you’re in the ILJ HQ.” Jeff explained.

“Nice place you got here; it only needs a coat of red blood and you will have yourself a nice hideout for your suit club.” Jeff cosmetically mocked their possible demise.

“You petty murderer the suits is not what we are about. We are The International League of Justice, the most deadly anti-injustice agency in all the UN. We go after warlords, Terrorists, heck even a few supernatural entities like you!” the suited man countered.

“Yikes! I pissed of the UN. Maybe if they go to sleep they could calm down.”

“Not going to happen bud! This glass is going to keep you here, till the jail vans get here!”

“Fool no prison can hold me!”

“This is no ordinary prison, it is the SCP. You will be right at home with the other murderers that get sent to their grizzly deaths as D-class.”

“Killing the killer? Isn’t that counter intuitive.”

“Not if you plan to kill again.”

“Ok, so tell me. Why do you wish to talk to me if you’re going to send me to my death anyway?”

“Well the thing is Jeff; the thing is I like to know my opponent before I beat them. Like a game of chess.”

“Ok then; only if I know you first.”


The two sat down on two opposing chairs with the glass in the middle, separating them from physical contact.

“Now tell me your name, since you already rudely stalked me enough to know mine.” Jeff asked.

“Well if you must know, it’s Cedric.” Cedric replied to Jeff’s trivial question. Jeff was just warming up however.

“Cedric? I killed plenty of men named Cedric. I can assure you your death won’t be special.” Jeff mocked.

“Your confidence will follow with disappointment if you believe you are going to kill me.”

“Next question, do I look beautiful?” Jeff asked.


“Reminds me how mother thought of me after my new look.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s ok, I killed her. At least unlike her you will be the only victim honest enough to tell it to my face!”

“Jeff, if you’re trying to turn my answers in to psychological threats, it’s not working.”

“There one more thing I must ask!” Jeff quickly butted.

“Ok, what sprang in to your mind?”

“What’s behind those glasses… are you blind?”

Cedric froze. Ironically Jeff cleverly played him in to his trap of emotional despair. What lied behind Cedric’s eyes were something that would wield haunting memories for years.

“It’s not very nice to pick on a guy’s disabilities to get an emotional response but if you insist.” Cedric, putting on a kind front as he took off his sunglasses.

Cedric slowly removed the black piece of plastic to reveal something possible more terrifying than Jeff’s lidless eyes. What was shown appeared to be two lights of Cyan. It shone on Jeff’s surprised face.

“What the hell are those?”

“These are synthetic eyes; The Holmes Unit 1. I use them to do advanced detective work, like scan prints and DNA.”

“They look freaky. Did you choose to remove your old eyes?”

“Unfortunately not.”

“Go on?” Jeff smiled as he knew he might be getting in to a sore spot with the man.

“It was a while back, on an old case. We were up against a serial killer that plucked people’s eyes out with a spoon. He was known as the “Eye Taker”. He writes journal entries over his victims on why he does what he does. He would constantly go on that the world is a terrible place to look at and that people should be free from the sight of it. I was a detective for a police station at the time, and I was on the verge of getting a promotion as inspector.

Unfortunately for me the police chief didn’t take my advice on where his hide out really was and so I had to go on my own. He took the jump on me and tied me up. When the cops finally arrived, their most talented detective was eyeless and the “Eye Taker” was gone. For five months I was lost in a world of no vision, no light and no future. I would never be able to tell if I was asleep or awake as my lids would always be folded back in to my skull. Eye transplants were really hard to come by and a man of my status just wasn’t that vital enough. While in bed I can hear the TV, tell stories about how many others like me lost the light.

When I was about to take my own life; I was greeted by a man named Alex Spencer. He seemed to be important but al at the same time, no common foke have ever heard of him. He told me that he was looking for a test subject with their eyes already out their socket with nothing else to loose. I just couldn’t let that opportunity pass, I had to see again! A week had past and I was in his research facility, or at least he said it was. He told me the procedure in full detail. I forgot what he said but at the time it sounded like a trip to hell and back, metaphorically of cause. While my hand shivered I scribbled on the paper and he began to work.

First he peeled away my forehead, and then opened up my skull. I was given drugs to avoid the pain but I felt my head structure slipping and slinging like a rubber toy with Lego trapped inside. As you could tell I was very uncomfortable. He soon whispered to me that this was the difficult part. All of a sudden, I heard a tiny saw buzzing next to me like a wasp. I bit my lip tight as it dig right into my brain. He was taking away the part of my rain that used my eyes before they were taken from me. Not even the drugs could stop me from screaming. The pain was absolute but the thought of that man still at large kept me going, knowing only I was smart enough to outwit him.

The Buzzing stopped. I took a sigh in relief as all my main brain functions were still in tack. Just then I felt rubber finger hold the gap in my brain open as Alex slid a metal box in to my head like a jigsaw. He was treating me like I was some sort of computer, sliding his new graphics card in. Just then I felt the biggest pain I ever felt in my life. From the box were wires spiking out and locking itself in to my brain. It was like my entire body was on fire; it burned through my entire nervous system. However in the pain was a light. I had no idea what it was. Was I dead? Was my nightmare over? When the light came closer it became a cyan colour. Right in front of me was computerised text dubbed “Holmes Unit 1”. It seemed Alex got my sight to work even if it was just a screen.

It was the final stage. He plugged in these eyes. They seemed so unnatural and so outlandish. It was as if Alex was from another era. The screen shone up as he got the eyes to work. I smiled with joy as my vision was back, even if the only colour I saw was Cyan. There was a problem however; they were still outside of my skull. Alex took quick care of that with a simple reattachment of skull tissue and flesh stich and before I knew it, I was a new man.

At first I felt I could save the world again from scum like the “Eye Taker”. Then I soon got the word that the killer was finally captured. The police department couldn’t have me anywhere near that monster and the trial where I could get the closest was years and years away.

He won, he actually won! The moment I could see again, he will be facing a life sentence without real justice from me. I continued my job and waited for the trial only for him to escape a year after my surgery. The cops claimed he moved town and was hiding in a different country. In the end I lost all hope.

Maybe he was right maybe the world is a terrible place and maybe I should have stayed blind. Till one morning my friend in the UN came to me. He told me he wanted an idea how to suck up more of the world’s money for the sake of the UN. Many of my suggestions were terrible till a moment of genius came on to me. I soon became the founder of the ILJ and I was on the hunt for the bastard ever since” Cedric told to Jeff as an epically long sob story.

Jeff clapped sarcastically as he began to understand why he was there.

“Now Jeff, can I ask you a question?” Cedric asked.

“I already know the question and the answer is no! I am not you’re the “Eye Taker” nor do I know him. What I can tell you is that you’re are trapped in a pitiful existence of trying to acquire your own brand of personal justice, just so you can boost your ego and mentally get revenge on the same guy over and over again. You are an absolute useless hack with cool eye ware and nothing more! Once I dig a knife in to you, you will know that your will always be powerless to monsters like me! You can’t wield justice in a world as unfair as I see it. The only escape for you is to go to sleep.” Jeff explained as he shrieked and chuckled to the detective like a mad man.

The detective didn’t even change his expression to what he just heard. At first Jeff thought those eyes must have affected his emotional system. He soon got up and opened the door. Jeff’s plan worked, he pissed the man enough to get him to open the cage. Little did Cedric know Jeff had a spare knife hidden on his person. Jeff ran at him, pulling out his knife. Cedric’s eyes glowed red and instantly snatched the killer wrists before slamming him to the ground.

“You listen to me punk! The only real monster is me! Do you know what happens to criminals that push me to the edge far enough? I kill them slowly in the same method they did to their victims. If you keep this up, I will be sure you will be tang a nice long sleep. Understand!” Cedric looked in to Jess round eyes.

“I understand you’re a spoilt sport!” Jeff mocked before Cedric kicked him in the gut.

Cedric walked away and locked the glass again; disappearing in to the dark side of the room.


Jeff was dragged out the room down a dark dank tunnel. Jeff woke up to realise he had been drugged again. Next to him either side where military styled soldiers with a SCP insignia attached to their uniform. At the end of the tunnel was a light. If Jeff’s eyes could squint they would.

“You must be those SCP guys that emotional pussy was talking about.” Jeff asked.

“Shut Up!” yelled on of the men as he slammed his head against the wall.

He continued to be dragged as he soon saw the outside. Right in front of his a cliff side, with a small river down low. It was now revealed that Jeff has been staying at some kind of fortress on an isolated rock surrounded by valleys. The only way of was a bridge that exceeded out in to the forest. It became apparent Jeff was being pulled though the side passage not to endanger the people inside the fortress itself.

Jeff was dragged up the satires to the front gates which revealed a grey van labelled “SCP”. Jeff sighed and looked down in shame. It seemed it really was the end of the line for Jeff the Killer. He looked up to see the man from earlier accepting a brief case from a SCP official. He didn’t know what was inside but he took a wild guess. His blood boiled with rage as he realised Cedric was profiting from his death. He vowed he would kill him if he ever got out.

Cedric walked up to him. Jeff was in a fit of rage.

“Calm down Jeff. If you’re lucky you may become a test subject for SCP instead!” Cedric mocked as Jeff was hurled in to the back of the van. Jeff’s yelling was silenced by the door shutting on him. The two guards saluted before they got in the van. The official was greeted inside the fortress as if it was a casual visit. Jeff looked back as the van drove over the bridge, seeing his enemies getting away from him. Cedric looked back at him. Jeff (glad he could get his attention), travelled his neck, symbolising that he is on his hit list.

The van continued down the bridge till it came across a strange tree in the road.

“Whoa what is that?” asked the guard in the passenger seat.

“I think it’s a tree?” the driver replied.

Cedric got out his binoculars to see what was holding the van up. Cedric shuddered “That’s no tree!”

All of a sudden the van was attacked by tentacles, from what seemed to be a very tall man. Before the guards knew it they were dead and the van capsized. Everyone rushed behind the gate and closed it shut. Cedric concerned of the wellbeing of the guards, got on his radio device.

“Hello? Bob? Jim? Are you there?” Cedric asked desperately.

At first all he could hear was heavy static; but soon it settled down. He was then greeted by a harsh whisper.

“Go to sleep.”


Pacing back and forth, Cedric was thinking furiously. The only way out of his fortress was across the bridge; but it has been blocked off by a crazed killer and a Slender Man. The small army of men were nervous as they didn’t expect things to go so horribly wrong. In the background can be heard prayers and chattering teeth. The muscle-bound gentleman who helped capture Jeff came towards Cedric.

“Sir, why don’t I buy you time and take on the both of them?” he in a Russian accent asked.

“Pin Cushion, I know your muscles can deflect bullets and knives, but that slender man can kill you from the inside out. What we need is to hold them off till help arrives.” Cedric explained.

“Well do you have a plan on how to hold them off? They took down one of our finest military grade vans!” asked the suited official from SCP.

“Calm your britches! This chap is the finest detective in Britain; he can figure a way out.” Said the long haired fellow from earlier, calming the man down.

Why they were talking Cedric’s eyes were pulsating to show he was strategically thinking. He was loading a memory data base of the entire complex and how to best fortify it. It all came together to him like a jigsaw.

“I got it!” He cheered.

All the men turned to him as he started to draw on a large sheet of paper.


Meanwhile on the bridge, Jeff was climbing out the wreckage of the van. He was soon greeted by a blank face.

“It was about time you showed up!” Jeff complained.

“Be quiet, you’re lucky I even came at all to save your bleached ass.” the suited man spoke with no mouth to speak with.

“Well now you’re here, are you interested in harvesting a few souls?” Jeff asked.

“I dunno. Do you think these people are a little tired?” the Slender Man asked with a smile no one can see.

Jeff bro-fisted Slender Man before beginning their march to the fortress. The odd pair was a way away from the castle, giving their enemy time to prepare.


Moments later up on the top floor of the fortress; Cedric was making a few calls.

“So who are you calling?” asked the SCP man.

“A chopper and back up.” Cedric explained.

“Why didn’t you call my boys from the SCP? They are made for dealing with stuff like him.”

“We all due respect, your boys down at SCP won’t be needed. This back up took on demons from the depths of the hell dimension. He once took on the Anti-Christ himself… and won…”

“Him? You mean to tell me he is just one man?”

“Don’t worry I told him to bring up some of his CIA buddies with him. He will be here soon.”

“CIA? I thought those swine hated the UN for their globalist agenda.”

“You would think so, but me and the pentagon director, we go way back.”

“I sure hope this works.”


Behind the gate was a fool proof defense against the pale maniac. Jeff walked up to the gate, all nonchalant and rang the bell.

“Hay, detective dude. You want to invite me in for a talk? Sorry I killed those SCP guys, it was just business.” Jeff asked to Cedric.

“Why sure thing come on in." Cedric slowly began to chuckle.

Jeff could hear a faint spinning noise getting louder and louder as the gates began to rise. He was then greeted by two armed mini gun henchmen firing countless rounds towards him. Jeff smirked and drawn his knife in to the line of fire. With quick succession he started to perform knife tricks deflecting most of the bullets. The shards of metal danced as sparks in the shadowy darkness of the gate house.

Cedric was both shocked and amazed.

“Split off your aim; he can’t deflect two places at once!” Cedric shouted.

The men followed their orders and adjusted their line of fire in two separate directions of Jeff’s body. Jeff reacted quickly and ran round in one direction causing one of the mini guns to be away from him. As Jeff ran round in a circle, he soon got close enough for the kill. He leaped and slit the throat of man on the left first before landing on to the other man. Their mini guns were far too heavy to react to him in time. While slitting the first man’s throat, stands of blood sprang up through the air, glistening in the sun light.

Just then Jeff was soon grabbed by the muscle bound brute that held him down the first time. The second mini-gun man found his chance and legged it out the gate.

“No you idiot! We still have a Slender Man waiting for us outside!” Cedric called out.

“What?” asked the ILJ henchman before he was greeted by a suited man, towering over him.

The faceless being leaned towards him face to face. The man gave a gulp before being struck down by a tentacle. Cedric sighed and pressed the close gate button.

Back in the fortress Jeff was being held down by the beast of a man.

“So tell me who are you supposed to be anyway?” Jeff asked with a slight pain in his voice.

“Why, I am the Pin Cushion of Belarus! I have a condition that makes me grown muscles three times the size of any man on steroids. My doctors tell me that my muscle density can withstand bullets and knives, making me the shield of this organisation”

“Well that’s handy to know.”


“Muscle weighs more than fat!” Jeff yelled as he tripped the man up.

As the man hit the ground Jeff rushed inside the main fortress. Pin tried to chase after him, only for the door to be locked in front of him. The Pin Cushion tried punching the door down, but it seemed Jeff reinforced it with various different house hold items in the first room.

“Crap he is inside!” Cedric yelled.

“Sorry boss.” the muscle beast shouted up.

“Find another way round, some of the other members will slow him down for you” Cedric ordered back.

The brute saluted before running round the brick floor.


Leaving a trail of corpses, Jeff has made it to the first floor. The room was dark and full of office cubicles. The light revealed heavy levels of dust floating in the air, Jeff’s flat noise began to feel the dust as well. Jeff took a few steps. The creaky floor boards made him uneasy, like it would bring some attention to someone watching him.

All of a sudden, a dart barely missed him and struck the support beam next to him. Jeff looked out to the distance to see a man hiding in the shadows.

“Who are you?” Jeff asked.

“I am Joe Wilson, professional beast hunter. I hunt wild animals back in the outback” Joe humbly explained in an Australian accent.

“Nice to hear your life story, now I’m going to end it!” Jeff mocked as he leaped across the room to strike the hunter down.

The hunter fired another dart, only for Jeff to knock it out the way mid-flight. The hunter blocked Jeff’s knife with the side of his rifle. Jeff had a proper good look at the man. He certainly wasn’t one of the men that captured Jeff. He had light brown hair and a safari hat. His entire attire was a beige colour uniform set, like most expedition travellers would wear in the jungle. They were both at a stalemate as Jeff and Joe were pushing each other’s weapons together. It was a game of strength. The Aussie was beginning to loose stamina as the knife was aiming so close to his head. He quickly hit Jeff with the butt of the gun. Jeff fell back on the floor.

The Australian towered over Jeff, his reach too far from his trust knife. Joe aimed the rifle towards his forehead before muttering, “So long, wanker!”

Jeff quickly kicked the man in the balls before rolling over for his knife.

“Ah, right in the didgeridoo!” Joe exclaimed in pain.

Jeff got out his knife again and positioned it over his throat. Which the hunter shivering the crazed killer whispered “So long, wanker!” in a poor attempt of an Australian accent.

The sound of a bash sound could be heard as Jeff was forced away from the Australian, barely missing his neck. Joe turned around to see the brute has returned, grabbing Jeff by the neck. Gasping for air Jeff commented “So close”.

“It was about time you got here Vazov!” Joe said revealing the man’s true second name.

“There Vould be no way I Vould let him kill my team!” Vazov replied, mispronouncing his Ws.

The giant man walled to the outward edge of the office block and smashed his fist through the wall, leaving Jeff suspended in the air. Jeff was frightened, as normal child he always was afraid of heights.

“End of the line, smiley man." Vazov added before dropping Jeff.

Within the brief period of falling Jeff was full of fear and despair. His ears numbed out by the flow of air, Jeff thought fast. He stabbed his knife in to the side of the wall. With a quick jolt he managed to get a proper grip of the side of the fortress. Jeff retracted the knife and placing it in his mouth like a pirate; he began climbing up the wall with his bare hands.


Cedric checked his security footage to see Jeff was scaling the fortress from the outside. Cedric was scared as he would soon make it to his floor. Soon a phone began to ring, Cedric rushed over to answer it.

“Clyde where are you? He is getting closer!” Cedric yelled.

“Calm down, the director of the Pentagon allowed me to send out a few men and a chopper. Get everyone on to the roof!” the CIA agent replied.

“Thank you.” Cedric thanked him.

Cedric reached over for the intercom.

“Everyone! Get to the roof of the building the rescue chopper would be here soon!” Cedric ordered out his staff.

Throughout the complex, the sound of shoes battered against the stone floor as several dozen men and women rushed up the stairs past Cedric’s office. Cedric smiled to know his staff would be getting away safe.

The sound of glass smashing came behind Cedric, followed by the sound of running feet. Cedric eyes glow red with malice as he drew his akimbo of Smith & Wesson pistols. Cedric turned round and dodged the first swipe of Jeff’s blade. Cedric returned fire with two blasts of his guns. Jeff cartwheeled away from the bullets before ending up at the other side of the room. They both took a breath looking each other in the eye.

“Impressive you have super concentration like me.” Jeff added.

“Oh believe me; my eyes are doing more than just concentrate.” Cedric added.

Jeff heard the sound of all the people running past them in the background.

“I take it you’re stopping me from getting to them, how noble.” Jeff complimented again.

“They don’t deserve to be at the end of your blade, I rather be it myself.”

“Shame Slender Man won’t let them leave.”

Cedric shivered in the sudden realisation Slender Man was very tall. Cedric ran to the door of his office to warn the other. Jeff whizzed past and sliced the door knob off.

“It’s just you and me now."

“I will see to it you pay for this!”

Jeff smiled lunged towards Cedric.


On the roof of the Fortress was the entire staff force. In the distance they saw the chopper travelling across the sky overhead. The chopper began to land as the people tried to rush on. The Chopper was way too small to take everyone on.

In a big booming voice from the mega phone, the pilot said “Everyone line up, I need to prioritize who gets in.”

Everyone lined up. They were fidgety as they had no idea when Jeff would get to them. Soon gun fire could be heard as the SCP official shot in the sky, protected by a few armed men.

“Me and my crew are going first. If anyone stops me, they will be executed!” the man ordered.

“Sir you can’t just.” said the pilot be for being rudely interrupted.

He was interrupted by a shot and a dead woman falling on the floor. Everyone screamed and got on the floor. The pilot raised his hands in fear.

“Now you get the idea, let’s get out of here.” the man said as they got on the chopper.

The people stood and watched as their one hope flew away in front of their eyes. The chopper set course away from the fortress. The official laughed like a villain and high fived his team of goons.

“Sorry to interrupt your victory dance but we have a problem.” the pilot chillingly told them.

“What?” The man asked.

He looked over head to see a swinging tentacle from the Slender Man. Before he could scream he was silenced by a fierce explosion. Everyone looked out to see their escape route destroyed. They were officially trapped. Everyone began screaming and running in circles. Their tears drenched their faces as they were soon to be put to sleep as well; it was only a matter of time.


Back inside Jeff and Cedric were battling it out. Good versus Evil, Justice versus sheer chaos. What Jeff didn't know is that Cedric was in his computers combat mode, made for over clocked vision and functionality to process reality in slow motion and to dodge attacks. Also what Jeff doesn’t know Cedric is literally over heating his brain the long he stays in combat mode.

Both exhausted the two were taking heavy breaths. They looked at each other with great malice as they were so equally matched. Jeff took a close look at Cedric’s face, to see a strand of blood leaking from his nose, like a malfunctioning robot.

“How long can you keep this up Cedric, protecting human civilization from people like me? You keep the population in a state of blissful ignorance it world ripe with danger.” Jeff preached.

“They have the right to be ignorant. After years of war and torment, the human race can sit back and watch the world from a safe distance knowing their work is done for the most part.” Cedric countered.

“You’re lying to yourself Cedric; you know the human race is bunch of arrogant ass holes that plan to take more than they deserve.”

“I know that Jeff. That is why I am a balancer of peace; not a single sided edge of mayhem and destruction. What’s behind me is a few good people who want to live their lives to the fullest and here’s you claiming they don’t deserve it. If anyone is an arrogant ass hole, it is you!”

Cedric began to feel severe pain as he began to cough up blood.

“My my Cedric, You seem to be a little exhausted. Why don’t you go to sleep?” Jeff asked.

“Never!” Cedric yelled as he charged in with his guns blazing.


Meanwhile in the cliff opposite the fortress, some CIA agents were setting a post to look at the situation from a far. One of the agents was wearing Black Ops gear with face mask and everything. The face mask was like a Japanese demon costume. Behind him was a female agent with a name badge of Cindy. She had blond hair and a hour shaped body. She was concerned for the agent's wellbeing.

“Clyde, are you sure you want to take on these two monsters on your own?” Cindy asked.

“You know I fought worse than them. Just be sure you drug the other agents like I told you too; I can’t have them see me in combat from the binoculars,” Clyde explained.

“Ok but promise you will make it back to me in one piece,”

“Will do sugar titties,” Clyde said before giving her a kiss.

Cindy turned to the other suited CIA men.

“Is it ready?” she asked.

“Yes mam!” they replied.

“It’s all up to you Cly…”

Clyde was gone. Bellow she saw he already fired the long ranged zip line launcher and was halfway across.

The towering Slender Monster waited on the bridge for more victims to make a run for it. What he didn’t expect was a slow whizzing sound coming towards him. He turned around to be greeted by an army boot to the face. In slow motion the agent’s foot travelled across the monsters faceless face leaving a red mark.

“Suck on that you bald freak!” Clyde shouted.


Clyde then crashed through the window of Cedric’s office to find Jeff towering over Cedric who has been wounded.

“Freeze!” Clyde Shouted.

Jeff looked towards the man to see he is wielding akimbo AA-12s.

“Nice toys. Cedric is this all you got to stop me…” before Jeff had a chance to finish his sentence he was kicked in the face by the agent. Jeff hit his head against the wall before being knocked out.

“I’m glad you made it Clyde!” Cedric exclaimed as he got back up.

“There is no time Cedric, my team shall by you some time by distracting the Slender Man, take the staff and get the hell out of here!” Clyde explained.

“Thanks man, I owe you,”


Cedric rushed out the room with the rest of the fleeting staff. Clyde crouched down to look at Jeff.

“I know your still awake, idiot!” Clyde insulted.

Jeff gave a sigh before springing back up to action. The side of his head was bleeding from the bump but nothing to serious.

“I take it you must be Clyde. I must say you have a poor choice in friends” Jeff insulted both him and Cedric.

“You’re telling me, the guy is a goody two shoes psycho!”

“I know right!”

“Aye, you mind if I take off this mask, it cramps my style when I beat a guy to death”

“Oh yeah sure thing, I can wait,” Jeff added folding his arms.

Clyde took off his mask to reveal a surprisingly handsome Albino in his 20s. Jeff’s jaw dropped. He was the whitest motherf##ker he ever saw, besides himself of cause.

“Damn you need more sun man!”

“You can talk,”

They both laughed to tears for how white they were, being totally oblivious on the fact they should be killing each other.

“Oh by the way, Jeff,”


  • Bang*

Clyde shot a whole shotgun round on Jeff, sending him flying. Clyde looked at the blood covered body of Jeff a few dozen meters away. It was still and lifeless.

“Dumb kid." Clyde said.

Clyde walked away to see how the staff was doing. Through a recollection of what bully’s said to Jeff as a kid, Jeff rose back from the dead and ran to Clyde. Clyde heard his footsteps a mile away and ducked under Jeff’s swipe. Clyde spun around and charged his fist in to the murderer’s stomach. Jeff backed away to regain his footing. They both rushed each other, Guns vs Knife. The shots from Clyde guns were wide spread and deadly but Jeff was too flexible to be caught in his line of fire. Spinning all around the room these crazed fighters showed no signs of stopping with each blow closer to the others defeat.


Outside Cedric and the gang lead the staff out of the fortress. The tall man which stood before them was too busy resisting tank fire from the CIA tanks to concentrate on harvesting souls.

“Everyone run for your lives, we don’t have long till he turns his focus to us!” Cedric yelled as he people ran past him like a stampede. People were finally getting out but the monster was still a threat. Across the sky, tentacles reached and grabbed agents and staff alike in a vain attempt to get as many souls as possible. Cedric saw in sheer horror as some of people screamed at the top of their lungs before turning in to dust. Cedric walked back from the bridge to approach the monster.

“Cedric what are you doing!” asked Vazov.

“Justice!” Cedric battle cried as he ran up one of the monster's colossal tentacles.

Like an epic ninja film, Cedric rushed the monster with his whole body leaning forward. With the amount of souls Slender Man collected, he was about twice the height of the fortress itself.

“Aye, Slendy!” Cedric yelled to the faceless beast.

The Slender Man turned his head towards the tiny detective. After a brief pause he gave a static roar. Cedric returned the favour with several bullet shots. The bullets pierced the man’s head but to Cedric’s surprised he was still active. The Slender Man leaned towards the detective. Cedric for the first time ever knew absolute fear. His eyes began to static up and his visual processor began to glitch up. Cedric went limp and fell off the monster.

Falling through the air, Cedric’s mind was full of horrors and fears transmitted by the Slender Man. Dismemberment, genocide, the sight of hell itself. The detective when he was blind always wanted to see the world again but this one moment twisted his wish to an eternal nightmare. Nearing the ground would be his only way out to… go to sleep.

  • Swipe*

The long haired man with the crossbow, caught the falling saviour before he could become floor food, and ran off with his limp body, back to the forest with the others.

“Cedric, wake up!” he begged while carrying him.

Cedric began to squirm all scared and frightened.

“William where am I! Get me out of here!” Cedric begged.

The man gasped as he saw what was on Cedric’s synthetic eyes. It was a scratched out symbol of Slender Man.

“Mother of God!” William exclaimed as he feared the worse.


Clyde ran out of ammo and had no way to continue fire on the crazed lunatic.

“You ready to sleep yet?” Jeff asked.

“Nope!” Clyde said.

Clyde looked left to right. There was nowhere else to go. He took a deep soothing breath in acceptance of his fate. He raised his fists. The look on his face wasn't right. This wasn't a man preparing to die; this was a man who just got started.

“Come get me!”

“With pleasure.”

Jeff lunged his blade only for Clyde to knock it out his hand. Clyde hoisted Jeff by the collar and began to wail on his face repeatedly. Each punch left more and more blood on his face. Jeff desperately reached for his knife on Clyde’s belt he forgot to use. Jeff was getting closer and closer but his breaking point was beginning to get crossed. With his index and tallest finger loosely gripped around the handle he pulled it up and grabbed it. With one strike to Clyde’s chest, he fell to the ground gasping for air. Blood was leaking in to his lungs. Chocking on his own blood Clyde looked up at Jeff's right back at him.

“Go to Sleep!” Jeff whispered harshly.

Jeff took some deep breaths after his most exciting kill to date. He looked outside to see the chaos he had cause as people were still rushing out the fortress in a slim chance of outmanoeuvring the Slender Man.

“Well at least it all wasn’t a total failure” Jeff told himself.

“Ah ha ha ha ha ha!” said a voice laughed from behind.

Jeff turned round and gasped. There the pale man stood, still alive and breathing with a knife still in his chest.

“No, that’s impossible!” Jeff said in a shock.

Jeff was at a loss for words; no one ever woke up before, after being stabbed. The agent continued to laugh like a mad man; his voice getting deeper with each laugh.

“What are you?” Jeff asked.

Clyde stopped and looks at Jeff. At first he seemed really serious in his facial expression, but Jeff notices Clyde’s purple eyes were beginning to glow. Clyde began to fidget as hole burst from the back of his military uniform. From the holes came pale tentacles, all slivery and slimy. Jeff was about to hurl. It was looking at a scaled down version of Slender Man with a face and full head of flowing white hair.

“Who am I, you ask? Why, I am Asmodeus!” Clyde reveal with his entire voice distorted and demonic.

“The Demon Lord of Lust! You were vigilante from the news reports.” Jeff realised in shock.

“You did your homework, well done.”

“So I take it you have been using this man’s body.”

“On the contrary, I never sold my soul to the original Asmodeus. I let him take refuge in my body away from the demon king and in exchange he grants me his powers”

“Well that’s a new one; a demon desperate for a human’s service?”

“It’s all part of greater work going on. You may not know this but this world will come to an end.”

“I don’t really care for all that doom and gloom stuff. As long as I can get you to sleep, that’s all that matters.” Jeff finished as he raised his own knife up.

“So be it!” Clyde’s voice built up as he took a lunge with his tentacle.

Jeff swiftly moved to the side and decapitated the tentacle in one fell swoop. Clyde didn’t even flinch. Black blood began to squirt out as the tentacle pulled back. Another two came hurdling towards him. Like a game of human Tetris, Jeff slid in-between the two extensions of Clyde’s body. Now that Jeff was in between the middle of the two tentacles. It left a long opening to Clyde, who was now vulnerable. Jeff ran and kicked the knife still in Clyde’s chest through his body. More black blood squirted out as the blade exit the other side of his body. Clyde got angry and with a swift grab of the side of Jeff’s face, slammed him to the floor. Jeff bit his hand quickly to let him go. With a demon shout of pain Clyde relinquished his grip. Jeff ran to fetch the other knife to prepare a second attack. With both knifes in hand Jeff resembled some sort of assassin. Clyde positioned himself in to a battle stance, while putting his hand in his mouth, like a child who stubbed his finger.

“I’m impressed! Even as a Lust Demon you failed to kill me” Jeff mocked arrogantly.

“You are impressive; heck you even remind me of me, when I took down the Anti-Christ. But this ends now!” With that last phrase, Clyde combusted into an even more demonic version of himself.

His albino skin merged with demonic exoskeleton bone and armour, like some sort of insect. His hair grew longer with a dark grey set of horns. Both his fingers and tentacles began to end in sharp claws. Like a boss from an RPG he was in his final form. Even with all the mutations he still managed to resemble a handsome humanoid; they don’t call him a lust demon for nothing.

“Fuck me!” Jeff said non-literally.

“Prepare yourself, I’m going in dry!” Clyde shouted in a horrible pun.

Clyde materialised a demonic blade and began to swing away at Jeff. In an epic sword fight, the two titans battled it out for their very lives. Parrying and dodging Jeff finally began to lose stamina. With one swipe, Jeff received a cut round his chest. He tumbled to the floor leaking more blood.


Back outside the surviving staff and agents made it to a safe part of the woods. Cedric was inside the log cabin bed, tossing and turning.

“No, I couldn’t find him. He got away! Please don’t give up on me I will do it alone if I have to!” Cedric begged in his sleep.

Next to the bed, William watched.

“Lord Hellsing, how long has been like that?” asked Joe the hunter.

“About 1 hours.”

“Do you think, it was demon magic?”

“I don’t think so. Though my knowledge of the Slender Man is limited, I doubt he is a demon. What Cedric is experiencing is a Creepypasta moment. He is experiencing waking nightmares of which there is almost no escape”

William looked towards the Slender Man on the bridge.

William continued “If we want to cure him, we will need a sample of Slender Man’s blood. Once I mix it with holy water it should reverse the effects of his power.”

William walked out the cabin, armed with his family’s crossbow.

“Where are you going?” Joe asked.

“To fight a Slender Man. Stay and defend the others. Who knows there aren’t other monsters in these woods?” William explained.


Jeff was breathing heavily in a pool of his own blood. Clyde was shadowing him with an unholy glow.

“Why do you do this Jeff? Running around as a crazed serial killer, telling people to go to sleep. What does it all mean?” Clyde questioned Jeff.

“I dunno, one day I just… snapped.” Jeff laughed in exhaustion.

“I’m sorry to hear you are too insane to stop yourself. I will have to do it for you… Good bye… Jeff.”

Clyde raised a tentacle over Jeff’s face. For the first time ever Jeff was scared. He didn’t want to die; all he wanted was the world to have a slumber party. Then he heard it, the voice of his mother.

“Jeff, you are beautiful.” she said.

Jeff couldn’t tell if he was hallucinating due to blood loss but he felt like he must do on. Jeff bit his lip and place his hands and feet on the ground. With a quick struggle Jeff had enough strength for one last push. He leapt up and upped cut Clyde in the jaw sending him crashing up to the roof level. Jeff with a burst of new energy leapt up after him.

Clyde was hurt but managed to aerial recover. There stood Jeff with his old and new knife. Torn by war he rages on.

“Impossible!” Clyde shouted.

“Nothing is impossible when you are as beautiful as me!” Jeff shouted back.

“You already lost Jeff this last stand of your will be in vain!” Clyde argued.

“That’s where you’re wrong!”

Just then Slender Man crashed on top of the fortress, shrunk down to his regular slender size. William leaped to the roof soon after. He saw Jeff and Asmodeus stand next to each other in confusion.

“Asmodeus, I have found you… Where is Clyde?” William asked.

Jeff was about to answer him but Clyde quickly butt in to save his double life.

“I tossed him down the stairs, he should be fine. You on the other hand, I shall stop your family’s bloody legacy soon, once I have dealt with Jeff. You are free to help me out, we both know you want Jeff dead too.” Asmodeus told William.

“Well I can’t argue with that demon, but be ready for me to strike you down soon after” William promised.

“Well Jeff it looks like its 2v1.” Clyde mocked Jeff.

Jeff turned to Slender Man and Whistled. Slender Man got up and battle stanced behind Jeff.

“2V2” William told Clyde.

Clyde sighed. The four charged into each other and started to throw countless blows against each other. The sound of steel could be heard, swiping threw the air. Their reaction time was all spot on, they were at the top of their game. All of a sudden giant tentacles from both Clyde and Slender Man clashed with full force. The Slender Man gave a teeth shattering screech. Clyde’s tentacles ended with sharp talons, causing Slender Man to bleed from the tentacles. Slender Man pulled back to recover.

As Slender Man strafed back, William saw the thick red Slender Blood.

“So long Asmodeus.” William said as he fetched a vial full of the blood.

The vial began to glow as it mixed with the holy water.

“Wait your leaving?” Asmodeus asked.

“I only needed his blood. Oh by the way, good luck with Jeff and Slendy… you’ll need it” William winked as he took a leap of faith off the roof.

Clyde tried to stop him but was too preoccupied blocking Jeff’s knife swings. With a quick dodge, Jeff upper cut Clyde with is foot. Clyde fell to the floor. The floor blocked off the circulation to his tentacles. Clyde tried to get up but Jeff placed his foot on top of Clyde’s demonic chest.

Leaning forward to Clyde’s face, Jeff asked “Getting tired?”

Clyde made subtle angry noises. He tried to reach for his sword. His arm was greeted by a blade stabbing down to his wrists. He gave a blood curdling scream. His arm bled like a jelly filled doughnut being cut in half.

Slender Man was looming over them

“Go to sleep.” Jeff whispered.

Clyde passed out.


“What do you do, Mister?” asked a young childish voice.

“I keep the world in check. Using vast government might to take all the bad people away” said a voice which sounded like Clyde.

“There’s this man that lives at the hill fortress over there. He scares my village. Could you make him go away?”

“I promise, as long as you keep smiling and stay strong.”

“Ok sir. You show him what for!”


Clyde woke up nano seconds before being stabbed. With absolute concentration and rage, Clyde moved his arm right through the knife getting unstuck. With quick succession, Clyde holds the other knife back with his teeth, stopping Jeff from finishing. He grabs Jeff by the head and flips him to the floor with him above. Clyde started clawing Jeff in full fury. Slender Man tries to intervene, only to be impaled by multiple spike tentacles. Jeff bit Clyde by the hand and rolled out the way.

“Quick Slender Man, use the move!” Jeff shouted.

Slender Man shift shaped in to a Slender Blade. Jeff gracefully took a massive leap. Hurdling towards the sky Jeff got ready to finish this fight.

Clyde jumped after him. Jeff lost momentum and began to travel down again. With full momentum, both Clyde and Jeff was going to crash in to each other.

Cindy the CIA assistant to Clyde saw her beloved travel to his death, as he traveled through the air.

“Clyde!” she shouted.

At the top of his lungs Clyde Yelled “For Justice!”

Jeff gave his own final battle cry “Go… To… Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!”

Both blades clashed, causing a burst of pure energy. Everyone in the area saw the light colorize the sky.


William rushed in to the cabin to see Cedric recover. Something was wrong however. Cedric was looking out the window to see the light beginning to fade.

“Sir?” asked William.

“It was Asmodeus, he was here!” Cedric realised.

“Should I go back after him sir?”

“No, he deserves a rest. If he turns out to be dead, I will search for the body myself”


On the mountain Cindy stared in the distance. The agents she drugged woke up.

“Cindy, I’m sorry but I kind of dosed off” one of the agents explained.

Cindy didn’t speak, she was too heart broken.

“Clyde died didn’t he?” asked another one of the agents.

“No he’s too good! He’s too good!” Cindy began to sob over the death of her demonic love.

“Yes I am. Yes I am” a voice chuckled.

Cindy felt a hand grab her shoulder. She turned round to be greeted by a handsome pale face. She quickly held him tightly. Clyde was reverted back to a human to hide his true form from the agents.

“Don’t ever do that again!” she begged with tears coming out her eyes.

“Did you kill Jeff sir?” asked an agent.

“No, but I think he won’t be coming back for some time” Clyde explained.


Meanwhile miles away, a pickup driver was traveling across a straight road. He caught sight of a hooded figure and a suited man. They both had their thumbs out. The man lost track of the days and assumed it was Halloween. He stopped by to speak to the two gentlemen.

“Aye are you lost” he asked.

“We need to get to the nearest town you can find, if that’s ok with you”

The hooded man looked up to the driver to see his heart stopping scary face.

The man gasped, only to be held at knife point.

“Go to sleep!”

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