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Picture of the rake sitting at the end of Jacob's bed.

I woke up at 3:AM. I immediately noticed my nose was stuffed and I had a sore throat. I just remembered I got sick only a few days ago, around 3 to 4 days. I always hate getting sick, but I’m not going to talk about how sick I got that morning. I’m going to speak about my creepy encounter with this mysterious creature they call “The Rake”. I don’t like the name “The Rake”; it doesn’t describe this mysterious creepy ass creature well enough. I’m just calling it “The creature”. This creature always appears at the end of my bed every early morning and it just stares at me with its black menacing eyes and whispers creepy things to me. It’s hard to describe this creature without feeling scared. I hear something whisper my name in a weak and creepy voice, then say “Wake up….” I see the creature at the end of my bed. For some odd reason it comes every night at 3:am, sits at the end of my bed and just stares at me, whispering creepy things to me. Before I knew its name, I wondered if it was a spirit.

The creature was at the end of my bed again, staring at me. The creature started to get bloodshot eyes. It reminded me of the story on the internet “Sonic Exe”. The creature slowly climbed onto my bed. It crawled on top of me. It got closer and closer to my face. This creature wasn’t a part of my imagination, it was real, a real terrifying creature, but what did it want with me? I tried getting up but all that did was piss off the creature. The creature growled when I tried to escape, I just lay down, still praying to god this creature doesn’t rip me apart slowly and joyfully eat my flesh

The creature got right up close to my ear and it weakly whispered into my ear “Jacob….” Jacob is my name; how could it possibly know my name? I was scared shitless. I was praying this wouldn’t be my final day alive. I always had a fear of death. This creature continued whispering my name in its weak whisper.

What does it want with me? There are so many possibilities what it wants with me. Maybe it’s just a lonely depressed creature who wants a friend or it might just want to scare me every morning or maybe it just wants blood to feast off of. I didn’t want to find out because the truth might be death, but if it wanted to kill me why didn’t it just kill me then? It’s a huge terrifying mystery.

The creature then backed up away from me. It whispered “See you tomorrow….”, stood up from my bed and just faded away into the darkness. I now could move and scream my head off. I couldn’t take the terrifying creature anymore. I decided to call the cops tomorrow. The cops investigated, but couldn’t find the mysterious creature that came every night. They even started to think I was delusional or I just had a nightmare, but I know what I saw was real. I just needed proof to show the police I was not crazy. I believe the creature came from the forest. I lived in the country, so my house was very close to the forest, which is said to be haunted by the rake and other terrifying creatures like Slenderman. I used to think The Rake legend was just retarded nonsense but after the creature started visiting me every night at 3:am I believed in it. Everyone thinks I’m insane and need to get some help but I know what I saw was real. I’m currently in a mental hospital locked up. I know the creature watches me still as I go to sleep. I’m currently writing in this journal about my experience with this creature they call “The Rake”. It’s probably craving the taste of my blood right now, waiting for when it can kill me.