It was a day in 2017 and I was on Alex Clark’s channel and saw a video with a weird title. it was named “fdggbdfgbergfbfgb dfbg” The gibberish named video had a thumbnail of Alex standing there. But the real video was just a black screen with a low pitched beep. I went to the end of the video and there was some text reading a website IRL.

I typed it in, it took me to a website with a download link. Text was by the download link it said “Alex Clark lost video.” I was a fan of Alex’s channel so I downloaded it and I open the file. The file was named “dneirftsebymsignillik”. I thought it was just also a gibberish title but it looked like it was something backwards. The video was one of the cartoons he makes, but the color was very dark at first I had a hard time seeing the video.

Then the video was the normal shade, I saw Alex standing there. Kinda like in the thumbnail but in cartoon style Alex did not have a expression on his face not one. Then something happened the screen said “please get a windows 95 software to continue 33422321.” It said something about a windows 95 I did not know why I had to get a windows 95, but I did have one. It was in my attic I didn’t feel like getting it because it was probably flooded with boxes. and yes I could choose if I wanted to. About an hour later I went in the attic and I saw the windows 95 computer I hooked it up and powered it on.

But I realised that this computer was to old to play a video like this well maybe it will be a short video. I went to the internet and typed in the URL in it took me to the same website and I clicked download, but a page popped up. It was a page to enter a password. It said “the password is in the vid”

I was sure it was talking about the first video. 33422321 was the right password I typed it in and it downloaded it did take a long time but when it did it took me to the file. The video was 2 minutes it started with Alex standing there then he ran outside when he saw his friends. He said “Hi” he walked to them but for some reason they hated him a lot. They said “get the fuck away from us asshole” Alex looked sad he tried to talk to then but then.

They started to beat him up and I know this is used a lot in these stories but in a realistic way. It left Alex with a bloody nose and cuts because there was some glass involved. Alex ran in his house he started crying to me I thought this was a joke in a way. Alex said in his room, “They hurt me, they will pay.” The screen went to black.

Then it said “Alex,Alex,Alex you did it”

Then it cut back.

Alex was bloody. He was grinning; he said “I’m happy like this.” Then he laughed and the screen went black once more. Then it showed Alex hanging. The screen said “Alex will rest.” I was shocked. "Who made this? Like, Alex would not make this. Some crazy person made this." I was surprised that the video worked on the computer maybe it was because the video was short.

I went on my other computer and went on Alex’s Youtube channel and the video was not there.

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