Log #1 *Date Lost*

Have you ever listened to Insomniac radio?

It's not really a radio station, but it's more like an internal jukebox. You can tune in if you don't go to sleep for more than eight hours.

My personal Insomniac Radio is always set to something like Bob-Omb Battlefield, or some silly Minecraft song. The only catch to the eternal radio is that the easiest way to change the song is to fall asleep.

If you concentrate, though, you can change the song to static. This static can be changed to another song, but only if you haven't realized you've tuned in fully. If you turn it to static and you try and think of the song you want to play, it just turns it into a mixture of the last two songs that were on (from my experiences).

I've also found that all the songs that would play were relaxing ones, like a personal lullaby. It's obviously a trick. A trick by your brain to make you fall asleep.

I refuse to fall for it though, but I've gotten a question recently.

Am I tuning in to the radio?

Or is it tuning in to me?

Log #2 June 20th, 1:10 AM

Hello there, I don't know who's reading this but they may have a few questions. The first flaw from my first entry was the requirements for "tuning in". I said staying up for 8 hours, which is how it's been working for the last few months, but I forgot to mention how it tends to work better the longer you stay up. The next thing I would like to address, is the last part of my previous entry, they wouldn't do that normally, but something wierd must of happened to me.

I haven't had anything to report. I'd really like to see if whoever reads this has had any experiences similar. No time to sleep now, I have some tunes to listen to, and research to be done.

(Open to any edits or additions) (Hello r/NoSleep, I haven't finished this story as of writing this, so if you come from r/NoSleep, please say "I stay awake for way more than eight hours, and never experience this, Baka" on my reddit post, just to annoy/confuse my future self. PS: TopicHats=TotallyJohnSmith=OP)

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