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I was an intern at Trutv working on some of my favorite shows such as Adam Ruins Everything, The Carbonaro Effect, and my personal favorite Impractical Jokers.

It's a show about four friends who met in an all boys high school in Staten Island New York, and compete in a series of challenges and whoever loses gets punished.

The show stars, The Tenderloins, a comedy troupe with many views on social media and YouTube.

Sal is the Joker who is afraid of everything germs, cats, and more, Q is a former fireman and a bit of a comic book geek, Murr is a Ferret looking guy who the Jokers pick on a lot, and Joe is a family man who has a wife and two kids.

The show is a big hit and I don't blame it. The challenges are funny as hell, the punishments are hilarious, and the jokes are well done.

It was a dream come true for me to work on the show, but there was one punishment that I will never forget.

It all started last June when we were filming a punishment for Sal. Like I said he's scared of everything so we went with a creepy one for him.

Like always the punishment takes place at an old abandoned two story house. What Sal has to do is go room to room and find random objects, and when he goes to every single room, something is there waiting for him.

When he goes down the hallway, there will be two little twin girls saying the line "Come play with us" from The Shining. One room has the old woman who says "one more night and it's night night forever", and the master bedroom, in the closet has, Benjamin, you know the guy in the cat costume.

The Jokers told Sal what he had to do of course Sal didn't like the punishment, but he had to do it.

We had cameras on him so we can see his reaction, I was getting an unhealthy feeling about this house but I shrugged it off saying to myself that it was my first time filming at a creepy house.

Now the punishment started. We were all outside of the house watching Sal through the monitors, so we could see what was going on.

Sal went inside and headed to the hallways where the twins were, however the girls were not there. The Jokers saw this on one of the monitors and asked the show's producer, Pete McPartland, where they were. Pete said he didn't know.

Then we hear Sal say "oh my God". The Jokers thought the girls were just surprising Sal. Joe asked Sal what happened while laughing, but Sal said the strangest thing. He said that there was a shadow of a man walking.

Everyone was confused about that including me, Q told him that there was no one there. Sal said it was bullcrap.

Sal then continues the punishment. Sal was at the door where the old woman was at, so Murr told him to go in, Sal didn't want to go in but he had no choice, it was a punishment.

So he opened the door and - this surprised everyone - no one was there, just the rocking chair where the old woman was supposed to be.

Sal asked The Jokers if they were going easy on him on this punishment. Joe told Sal to go upstairs then he cut the mike off and asked Pete, "Where the hell is everyone?" Pete didn't know and sent some of the crew members to look for them, so now it was just The Jokers, Pete, and myself.

Sal was going upstairs and Q told him to go to the master bedroom. It was a long dark hallway. Sal was walking to the bedroom but then he stopped in complete shock. He saw a guy walking to the bedroom.

Everyone saw him and were immediately creeped out, Sal said he didn't find it funny and wanted out of the punishment. The Jokers told him to finish the punishment. Sal opened the door and saw a human figure lying down on the bed covered up.

Sal was creeped out and figured that the others were planning on jumpscaring him. Sal went near the bed and took the covers off, and what Sal and all of us saw made us shook with fear.

It was the old woman with an axe between her eyes.

Sal screamed and said "What the hell is this? I expected Benjamin to chase me out of the house not this!" The Jokers were in complete shock and scared, Murr was having a panic attack, Q told Pete to call 911, and Joe told Sal to get out of the house.

Sal was about to leave until he heard thump coming from the closet. Sal opened the closet door then Benjamin fell on him. Sal then pushed the body off himself and looked at his hands, and they were covered in blood.

Sal screamed and asked The Jokers if it was fake blood. Sal then looked up and saw a guy in the closet holding the twin girl's heads by there hairs. We saw the guy from the monitors and he was creepy looking.

He had long black pants, an old white shirt covered in blood, his face was so pale he looked like a ghost, he had no hair on his face except for a five o'clock shadow, and he was very very big.

He dropped the heads and said in a very creepy voice "Get out of my house!" The Jokers told Sal to run.

Sal then ran for his life and dropped all of the equipment that was on him. We then saw the guy grab the axe that was on the old woman and start to follow Sal.

We were all panicking. Murr even fainted. Q told us that we have to go in and help Sal. Joe argued saying that he has a family and not planning on dying today. Q argued back saying "Sal is our friend and we have to help him!" Joe carried Murr on his shoulders, Q grabbed a fire extinguisher as a weapon, and I didn't know what to do so I grabbed my lunch and we went inside.

And when we went inside we saw all of the crew members that Pete sent all dead on the floor. This is a guy who doesn't play games.

Sal was still running down the halls then he heard a thump that made him freeze in his tracks. He looked behind him and sees the guy at the other end of the hall with an axe. Sal said "I'm leaving OK!" The guy then started to slowly approach Sal.

Sal then ran again and fell down the stairs and bumping into Joe, Q, and I. Joe still had Murr on his shoulders and Pete was outside waiting for the cops. Sal was glad to see us.

Then we heard footsteps walking down the stairs. We were all panicking again. Sal then said "He's gonna kill us we're all going to die!" To slow him down I grabbed something that was in my lunch bag which was a blueberry muffin and threw it at him.

While he was getting the muffin crumbs off his face, we all ran for the door. We finally got outside safe and sound, and Pete was relieved that we were okay. Then the guy stood at the door and said, "Don't come back!" and slammed the door.

We then heard sirens. Help had arrived, the ambulance took the dead bodies away and I checked on Murr - lucky he was passed out - and the cops arrested the guy.

Moments later we were all at the police station. The officer told us about the guy. Apparently his name is "Jacob". I can't use the real name due to legal reasons.

It turns out that "Jacob" broke out of a mental asylum for murdering his own family in cold blood. He didn't talk much. All he kept saying was "Can I go home" The officer told us we can't film at the house for it's a crime scene and we could shoot the punishment somewhere else.

Q, Joe, and Murr, looked at Sal saying that he was done with his punishment, and it was not only a punishment for Sal it was a punishment for all of us, so the cops took the footage for evidence and locked it up tight, so no one will ever see it.

It's been a year since that incident and The Jokers have kept their mouths shut about it, so if you see them don't say anything to them.

But now that I think about it I should tell you something. I have seen some of the past episodes and I looked a little closer and who do I see in the background? It was "Jacob".

He was there watching The Jokers. When Q was sniffing baby diapers he was there, when Joe was Captain Fatbelly he was there again, and when Murr had to skydive he was also there. Every single episode I watched he was in every single one of them. If you don't believe me go back and rewatch the episodes and look closer, he is always there.

The end

Author's Note: this was my first and only creepypasta I figured I should write an Impractical Jokers one cause I don't think anyone else has done it before and the blueberry muffin thing is a shout out to my favorite creepypasta reader The Shadow Reader and I hope he sees this and gives me his opinion on is I hope you enjoy it and have a merry Christmas