Red Wolf

I Am The Infinite One.

Hello, dear mortal. I am known as The Infinite One, and I am sorry that I have interrupted your day like this, but I need your help specifically.

From the look on your face, I can tell you are not sure what to think of me, appearing in this form while you clearly weren't planning on having a Celestial being appear at this time. I cannot say that I blame you for this reaction...Perhaps an explanation is in order for you to fully understand...

I am not called the Infinite One for no reason, dear mortal. I have been given that title because of my eternal function to maintain and watch over what are known as, Alternate Universes. That means that it is my duty to make sure that reality does not co-enside with other, alternate realities such as the Dragon's Universe, and the Dinosaur's Reborn Universe (although, I don't expect you to know what those are as of now). You see, if I were to fail in my responsibilities, than time and space itselt would eventually collapse under the stress, and precious boundaries such as life and death would no longer exist.

Now, recently I was attending to my duties in a universe that consists of small, multi-colored creatures with strange marks on their rear-ends, and I encountered a shocking revelation. A creature of the neighboring universe, under the alias "Shockwave," has discovered a way to break through the barriers I had previously set up to prevent universe crossovers. He seemed to be looking for something, and I decided to follow him, wondering what he could possiby want that would drive him to break sacred laws...

I was a fool for doing so, for he did find what he had been looking for: a specific creature that was named Dr. Hooves. I watched in horror from a distance as the one known as Shockwave abducted the poor creature and retreated to his own universe.

I was about to follow after them when I was discovered by another multi-colored creature with strange marks on its rear named, Celestia. Apparently, this creature was the current ruler of that universe, Equestria. She was beyond worried that one of her subjects had gone missing. However, she seemed ever more worried that I had appeared at all.

I then had to tell her my purpose for being in her lands, and I also made a personal promise to her that I would not rest until I had found Dr. Hooves and returned him to Equestia where he belonged. She seemed somewhat reassured at the conclusion of my tale, and then surprised me by saying that she wanted one of her fellow Equestrians to accompany me on my rescue mission.

It was then that I was properly introduced to the short-yet-promising Princess Twilight Sparkle, who Celestia assured me would not be a burden on my quest. She then told me that this Twilight Sparkle was known for solving these types of problems, whatever that meant, and would provide a valuable asset on my journey.

Now, under normal circumstances, I would have refused the young Princess's help for the simple reason that more damage than necessary could have been dealt because of the continuous crossingover, but I realized that having help for once might be a good thing, and Celestia would not have accepted "no" for an answer anyway.

So it was then that little Miss Sparkle and myself entered through one of my portals to Equestria's neighboring Universe, landing on a war-torn and desolate world known as Cybertron.

Upon our arrival, I used my power to switch our forms from Equestrians to Cybertronians, much to Miss Sparkle's dismay and surprise. After calming her down and using my powers to pinpoint Shockwave's position, we "rolled out", as it's called. We both quickly learned that Cybertronians have the uncanny ability to become either grounded or flying vehicles, making the journey much easier.

After teaching Miss Sparkle how to fly as a jet, using this strange technology, we both came to Shockwave's personal lab, which was overrun with creatures I learned were called, Insectecons. We were thankfully able to get through them quickly and quietly, and soon came upon Shockwave and Dr. Hooves.

To our horror, we found that Shockwave had already slain the Doctor, and was preparing to use his machine again, which allowed him to break through the alternate universe barrier. I demanded in the name of time and space itself that he submit to his punishment for breaking laws of physics and time fragments, but he simply scoffed and snapped his robotic fingers. Miss Sparkle and I were then seized by swarms of bigger, stronger Insectecons, and Shockwave explained his master plan to us finally.

He said that after discovering the existence of other universes, he quickly realized that if he were able to infiltrate them and learn of their technological advances, he could combine it with the Cybertronian technology he already possessed, thereby gainning the means to control every Universe in existence. There were only a few problems that stood in Shockwave's way. By problems he meant individuals and creatures that could also travel from multi-verse to multi-verse, such as Dr. Hooves . . . and myself.

Shockwave then went on to say that by using Dr. Hooves as bait, he had not only gotten myself to fall right into his hands, but a creature that could eventually learn and cause problems for him: Miss Sparkle. I realized at that point what he was going to do, and tried to break free and get to miss Sparkle. However, with every Insecticon I destroyed, ten more took its place, and I watched in horror as Shockwave fed the Cybertronian Twilight Sparkle to the Insecticons.

As soon as they had finished her completely, they began to turn on me. I tried with all of my might and power to get away, but they were relentless in their attacks. By the time I was able to create a portal out of that Universe to this one, I had nearly fallen under their assault. Now, I am brought to why I am sitting here in your presence, dear mortal...

I need your help.

In my desperation, I was drawn to this universe and world because of one reason: your kind. In particular, you, dear mortal.

Your kind is not like other species, for you are the creators. In other words, you are one of the creatures that actually thinks up and creates the alternate universes that I am charged with watching over. When you imagine it, it becomes so. You won't know or remember, but your kind were the ones who originally assigned my task of watching and protecting in the first place. You were the ones who had created many, many worlds, lands, and universes that needed careful caring for, and thus gave me a purpose in life. It is for that reason that I have returned to you.

I need one of your kind to assist me in taking down Shockwave...for I now know that I cannot do it alone. You are the only one who can come with me to Cybertron and beyond, and help me defeat this menace that has risen. Only you will know the many other worlds and universe better than I do, for you were responsible for their creations.

Our journey may take us not only back to Cybertron, but to other worlds as well. However, that will only happen if you are willing in heart and mind to accompany me. I must warn you that the journey will be treacherous, and we will experience things that will challenge the boundaries of your very imagination, but I know that you will be able to overcome them...but only if you will come with me...will you?

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