In any town or city, go to any mental institution you can find. Once there, ask the person at the front desk to see someone who calls themselves "The Holder of Sight."

If the clerk's face turns a ghostly white and a look of sheer terror comes across their face, you've done well. If not, then run. Run as far away as you can, and then keep running, do not stop for anything. Sleep where your body drops. You will know in the morning whether you have escaped or not.

If the look of sheer terror does appear, the clerk will guide you to a room that seems as if it should not exist. It isn't that it's too small or too big, but it seems to defy all natural laws. In that room you will find two chairs and a table. Sit in the chair on the left of the table, but never sit in the chair to the right, for a fate worse than Hell could even begin to imagine will befall you.

After sitting in the chair for what seems like an eternity, a man will appear before you, he has eyepatches over his eyes. He will respond to only one question and one question only; "What happens when they see the truth?"

After that question, he will describe in horrifying detail, every single lie, every single wrongdoing that has ever been done. If you can manage to keep your sanity throughout the tale, he will take off his eyepatches, but do not look at his face, for what lies under those eyepatches will drive anything insane. If you do not look at his face, he will vanish and there will be a pair of glasses.

Those glasses are Object 538 of 538. It is up to you whether or not they should see the truth.

Credited to Balthierace

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