In any state, in any country, find an animal shelter. Enter it and ask to see the one who calls himself "The Holder of Hunger." Should everyone look at you at once, run far and fast my dear, for the hounds of hell shall be on your heels in minutes.

But should only the desk worker look at you you are safe... for now.

The desk worker will ask you to follow him/her down a corridor. He/she will say to only look at his/her back. Do so or they will find you.

When you go down the hall, should a howling start yell: "I am not the one to fill your hunger!" Should it stop, continue. If it persists stay there because you will realize that you have been going through a maze the entire time.

If you had a piece of chalk, you could draw along the wall to remember your path so you could escape the howling. If not, pray for a swift end.

If you make it past the howling then you will come to an area inside the maze. The center. This area will be filled to the brim with trees, and in the center will be a cage lined with razor wire.

Approach it and inside will be a small dog, almost tiny. It will look malnourished, but it will only answer the question "Why did they go hungry?"

When it hears this it will tell in excruciating detail every child going hungry, every citizen losing food for a futile war, or their livelihood being taken as "War Spoils".

If you keep your sanity then you will find you're back outside the shelter, and at your feet is a chocolate pudding cup.

Should you lose your sanity, you will BECOME the dog and stay there for eternity.

The pudding cup is item 537 of 538.

Will you survive the famine?

Credited to Agent Chaos34

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