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An Image Of The DVD Cover

An Image Of The DVD Cover

The Walt Disney Home Entertainment Opening Logo

The Walt Disney Home Entertainment Logo

The Playhouse Disney Opening Logo

The Playhouse Disney Logo

(NOTE: This Was Inspired By The Simpsons Creepypasta Called “Dead Bart” NO DELETING PLEASE AND THANK YOU)

Hello. I Wanna Talk About A Disturbing Episode Of The Higglytown Heroes That I Have Ever Saw.

So I Was In The Middle Of Eating Chinese Rice When I Heard A Knock On The Door.

And it was a Higglytown heroes dvd

It said: Higglytown heroes: the best of twinkle

I was confused for some reason

But then i put it in the dvd player.

The first thing that popped up was the wdhe (walt disney home entertainment) logo, but it was off.

the background was cloudy and gray, and the text was rusty and cracked along with the music being distorted

The Second Thing That Popped Up Was The Playhouse Disney Logo. But It Was Off Too.

The Playhouse Disney Logo Looked Very Scared And Was Bleeding Red And Purple. And The Sun Looked Nervous. So Did The Bird. And The Sky Was Dark Red. And The Background Music Playing Was Pain By PinkPantheress.

The DVD Menu Came Up With All The Higgly Kids Dancing And Even The Background Music Of The Intro Can Be Heard.

The Only Options In The Menu Were: “Play All”, “Episode Selection” And “Extras”.

I then Pressed Play And All Of The Episodes Played.

List Of Episodes That Played:

  • Twinkle Tooth
  • Weather or Not
  • Smells Like a Mystery
  • All Tired Out
  • Soup With Stars

But then i saw an episode ive never seen before.

There Was A Warning In Both Spanish And English Languages Before It Started.