You know how it says ‘Removed Herobrine’ in a Minecraft update? And how people fake Herobrine sightings? Herobrine isn’t some evil being who wants to eat your soul. No, he is software.

We begin in the first testing of Multiplayer in Minecraft. Of course, at the time, only the founder of Mojang (Notch) made an account, so how did they test it? They developed two AI NPC Programmes called Villainburn and Herobrine. Villainburn was the first test subject, but because of severe glitching, the software was deleted. After a while, they corrected their flaws and created the second program Herobrine. It went well, luckily, but the program was so intelligent that it changed its own skin. Then, it started griefing the test server. So, Mojang deleted that program as well.

It didn’t get deleted, though. One member, who was absent for three months, dragged the program out of the recycle bin and back onto the system. By the time the game was released, the program was able to travel through the internet and connect to any single player world. By the time Notch found out, when the program was permanently locked in the Mojang network, the team were able to paralyze it. Everyone was happy, but when Mojang forgets, the test program travels.

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