Spat's Revenge is a controversial banned episode of Hamtaro, it is unknown when it was made, it features Spat as the main focus, it was banned due to inappropiate content, it was given to Shogukakan, but when they found out of it's content, it was already sent to TV Tokyo for airing, tons of japanese parents already complained about the content, it was never aired again and the DVD with the episode was given back to Shogukakan, where it's existence has been hidden for so many years, well, until now, how do i know of this you ask?, well, some Hamtaro fan gave me a link to the episode on Discord, i will not give you the link, now on with the episode.

The episode starts with Spat with a smirk, Spat represents Satan himself in this episode, he says ''I'M G-G-G-YEAH!, YEAH!'', in japanese obviously, Harmony starts to question Spat's Desires, Harmony represents God in this episode, she says, ''What are you planning to do Spat?'', Spat says, ''I'M GOING TO KILL THEM!!!, MUHAHAHAHA!'', Harmony says ''WHO ARE YOU GOING TO KILL YOU FUCKING PSYCHOPATH!'', Spat says, ''Well, you already know who'' with a smirk on his face, it then cut to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, Hamtaro was just playing with Oxnard, when suddendly, they heared Penelope, screaming in pain, saying ''Ookwee!'', since that's the only word she can say, Oxnard says, ''WE GOTTA HELP PENELOPE HAMTARO!'', Hamtaro and Oxnard check up on Penelope, Hamtaro was confused, Boss then came out of his room with Snoozer, he said, ''Hamtaro, Oxnard, Come here, you'll be safe where i am, Spat said ''You can't run from me, you can't hide from me, i will find you, and i will kill until everyone of you Ham-Hams are dead, i already killed Penelope and Harmony, and now, i will kill you guys'', Bijou then entered and she said, ''Bonjour, Ham-Ham-AHHHH!'', before Spat stabbed her in the neck, it became more of a bloodfest after this, after the Ham-Hams were all dead, Spat started disappearing, he said ''GODDAMMIT I FORGOT THAT I CAN'T EXIST WITHOUT HARMONY!'', and then, he was gone, when all of a sudden, Cappy and Stucky were still alive, struggling to breathe, Cappy was trying to scream, then, their hearts, stopped, the episode ended with every Hamster in the series's dead bodys, and then the credits played.

I contacted Shogukakan about this, this is what they said

Dear [name censored]

We don't know who made the episode, but we know it was somebody at TMS (the company that produced the anime)

We wonder how that Discord user you talked about got the copy

We still don't know who made that episode, the FBI has been searching on it for so long

Sincerely, Ritsuko Kawai and everybody behind Hamtaro.

Credited to Bill the Smart Guy 2005 
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