Windows excel 95

Microsoft Excel 95 Loading screen

This is a well-known easter egg of Windows 95. This is the easter egg that started the rumor that maybe Microsoft Corporation hide some... some "antichrist" stuff. Hall of Tortured Souls is a little horrible way of showing credits to the creator of Windows 95 especially the creators Microsoft Excel 95.

As I said earlier, this works on Excel and Microsoft 95. The game is a simple Visual-Basic game. To enter the game, go to Microsoft Excel 95 (if you still have a copy). Open a new blank excel worksheet. Go down to the  95th row and select the whole row. Tab over to the column B. Go to Help/About. Tap and hold CTRL + alt + shift then click the tech support button. Then the game will appear.

A window with a name "Hall of Tortured Souls" will appear. Perhaps, the players called the game that name.


On the second level, you will see this stuff.

You can interact with the use of the keyboard. There are 8 directions in the game: north, north east, east, south east, south, southwest, west, and northwest. Use the arrow keys to move. Use C to look down and D to look up. In the game, you can walk through walls. If you go through a wall with a window, you go all the way through. If you go through a wall without a window, you go into the wall and are surrounded. You can enter the columns.

Up ahead was a staircase. The walls are surrounded by text of the creators (probably creators of excel). On the next level was a really small room with red walls. Again, the names of the creators have been flashed on the screen. Go down and enter to the room you were before. Type the magic word "EXCELKFA". Another hall will open. This hall has a torrid black zigzag way. If you fall, you will return to the room you were before. You need to travel carefully.

HOTS inside

The steep black zigzag bridge-like way

The other end was another wall with pictures of the creators. Go back to the main point. Try doing a full turn and you will see yourself outside that building. You will see the room you were earlier. Now, if you bumped one of the walls, you will automatically do a full turn and will teleport to the inside.

HOTS wall

This is the room where you can see the creators of Excel OR MS 95

This is an easter egg that can hold terrible secrets about the creator. Please message me if you found something unusual with the game.


Hall of Tortured Souls uses a very similar engine to the commercial video game Doom, released in 1993. The magic word "EXCELKFA" is a reference to the cheat code "IDKFA" in Doom.

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