The picture snapped by the camera phone


Jenna and Julia were sitting on the bus to school, and they heard from their class teacher that two new kids had transferred to the school; siblings. Two new friends, they thought, girls in particular. Well, they had met their "friends" earlier and didn't even know it. Just as the bus came to the last bus stop, three boys were on the ground, bleeding, and moaning in pain. One was super skinny and the other one was huge. The normal one wore an Aeropostale shirt and blue jeans. To the left, they saw two kids running away, almost as if it was a hit and run. The bus driver stopped and got off the bus to help the three boys on the ground. One of the eighth graders had her cell phone and called 911.


School started, and soon enough, the two girls they were hoping to meet, weren't exactly girls. Well, they were boys, to put it simple. From behind, they just looked like two gangsters. The taller one, had a white hoodie, and black pants that looked like he forgot to pull them up this morning.


"Class, we have two brand new additions to our classroom!" said the teacher as she walked her way over to the kids. They were fairly quiet and looked straight at the ground, until the teacher asked for their names.

"I'm... I'm Jeff," said the kid in the hoodie as he took it off. He had brown long hair and looked around 14.

"You honey, what's your name?" said the teacher looking at the other kid.

"I'm Liu."

"Well, Jeff and Liu, you will be sure to enjoy your time in your new school!" The class went on, and then first period came.


Jenna was more of the confident, and if you will, 'party' type of girl. Julia, on the other hand, was more quiet and focused mostly on school. Jenna walked over to Jeff and stuck her hand out.

"Hi, I'm Jenna!" she said. Jeff turned around, and thought about it.

"I hope she doesn't realize I got in a fight..." thought Jeff.

He stuck his hand out and shook it, but he forgot something. When he had stabbed Keith in the arm, the blood had smeared all over his hand and arm. When Jenna noticed the blood, she gasped and Jeff immediately removed his hand.

"Listen, I really got to go," said Jeff as he backed away. She looked at him run away in the opposite direction and then just... vanish into the crowded hallway of students. She was in love with Jeff almost instantly from when she saw those amazing eyes.

14:35 (2:35 PM)

With no sign of Jeff or Liu in any other of her classes, Jenna became more... skeptical. Jeff didn't seem normal. The way he just greeted her and vanished was just odd.

14:40 (2:40 PM)

Jenna rode the bus home and saw Jeff and Liu walking into a house; probably theirs. She noticed that the house was new, and just two blocks down from where Jenna lived. She decided to go visit him to see if everything was alright.

14:55 (2:55 PM)

Jenna got home and noticed both parents weren't home. No cars in the driveway, no one in the house, she locked the front door, took the keys and walked down to Jeff And Liu's house. She ringed the doorbell and patiently waited. Margaret opened the door (Margaret was the name of Jeff's mother) and said hi to Jenna.

"Is there something I can help you with?" said Margaret.

"Oh, I was just wondering if Jeff and Liu were alright."

"Yes," said Margaret. "Why wouldn't they be?"

"Oh, never mind." Jenna says goodbye and walks back up to her house.

Two Days Later (Jenna's POV)

Two days have passed. I have not seen from Jeff or Liu, I think I should go down to see what's up. Upon leaving my house, I saw Jeff and his parents crossing the street. I decided to peek over the fence and I saw Jeff talking to a little kid. He offered Jeff a toy gun and a hat. Jeff resisted at first, but put it on anyway. I proceeded to the window and overheard Jeff's mother talking to all the other kid's mothers about Liu, and about him being sent to the Juvenile Detention Center. I heard the sound of rolling wheels and immediately looked back to see three kids on skateboards. They didn't see me though, and they jumped the fence. I looked back over the fence and then the fight began.

I walked into the house, and no one noticed me since they were all primarily focused on Jeff. Kids were screaming, parents were leaving as Troy and Keith pulled guns out of their pockets. Randy had pulled the knife out and had stabbed Jeff in the arm. He fell to the ground, and that's when Jeff noticed that I was the only one who didn't run out.

I ran to the kitchen and looked for a weapon. I found a knife and quickly went behind Troy who was outside. I stabbed him in the back, but it was no use. He turned around and punched me straight in the face. He picked me up and threw me against the wall. He pulled the gun out, he was right about to finish me off, when Randy had called for Troy. No way in hell I was going back in. I left the house and ran back up to my house. My parents saw the blood on my face. I passed out, and I don't remember what happened.

12:55 AM

"I just woke up. I'm in my bed this very second. I am using the text-to-speech option on my iPhone... I don't know why I passed out. About two minutes ago, I received a call from Julia and she sounded scared. She started talking and stopped at the 30 second mark. Ever since I started talking, I've heard strange creaks and groans coming from my house.

Figuring it's just the old house, I'm just ignoring it. Hold on, someone just tapped on my window. Oh M-" She dropped the phone and the phone snapped a picture right when the curtain opened. The following audio was sounds of a knife stabbing repetitively and screaming. The recording went silent for a moment.

"YOU'RE NEXT" was clearly heard followed by a loud bang. And then, the recording stopped.

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