You feel chills, you feel the sensation of fear rising up in your body. You look at those eyes, oh those eyes, they are empty and reflect with great fervor that deep blackness. Suddenly, you go to sleep, but you can't, there is something, an entity next to you, it's real, fear fills you, you panic, you yell for help but... there is no one. Your parents do not respond or your brothers either, a telephone rings, but you can not move. You feel that your legs do not respond to your senses. You see the body move, it is alive! Yes, it is real, there is no light in your house, you shout, but it makes no sound, not even your loud screams, dead silence fills the room.

You turn around, with your eyes wide open, you realize that there is nothing, you turn on the lights and the lights suddenly come on to illuminate your parents, everything looks good, doesn't it? There is something wrong, right? Why would you have such a realistic dream? You explain everything to your father, but it makes you look crazy. You feel bad... He just tells you in words, slow, cold and empty, "GO TO SLEEP..." You are back in darkness, the lights are out, you try to comfort yourself and wake up from this dream, but something isn't quite right... "What is that?" you ask yourself.

You slowly hear something. Is it the clock in my room? You wonder trying to comfort yourself but something is wrong... You do not have a clock. You feel a cold hand wrap around your body. You turn around and can't see the wall or closet, there's something else. You feel it move your hands, you turn around suddenly to locate it. Shit, nothing there. You hear a voice. It is a cold, cruel voice, "Do you notice, you are no longer in your house." You quickly turn around to take a look at the room, it's not yours. You see corpses of children and other loved ones lying around.

You sweat and feel the drops pour down your face. You can't wipe them off your face, you can not move your arms, something is holding them, SOMEONE has restrained them. You turn around and the comforting mattress that was under you that you slept in for hours is now instead a cold, clear table probably made of glass. Yes, it is glass! You violently turn your head to see your executioner, he is a murderer. Fear, terror has frozen you. Your eyes can not see good in the dark, but it is easy to see that face, because... that face is so devilishly terrifying. Your skin turns pale when you see him: his eyes are white with black specks, his face is fat and white, as if in make-​​up, but the mouth... Fuck! That damn mouth is... You can not describe it, it's scary, You remember that you must escape, do you feel the fear. You remember that face from somewhere. Of course, it was the one that scared you a few hours ago that you saw on the internet. With that note he exclaims with subtle, but strong words: "You've caused this, you killed yourself." He scares you, but you try asking him, her, that thing... He interrupts you, "You saw the picture right? DRESS YOURSELF, now it's time for me to take you with me."

You see how the walls begin to drip a viscous liquid, it is not blood, or water. You are filled with terror, it is negro. You feel wet. The drops slowly begin to fall on you and you see another being walking towards you. It has a cup, it moves its hand with great speed and with the cup, one drop of liquid falls into the cup in her hand, and in her other hand... what's that? You are about to ask, but realize in an intense panic what it was. It was a metal instrument that starts to slowly take shape: a dagger. You want to scream, but can't. The being raises his hand and stabs through your body with it, in the pit of your stomach. It stabs with so much force that it breaks the table. He tears you open and reaches into you and squeezes. You realize quickly that you can't breathe. There is water all around you but it is not normal water, it is thicker than normal. The being begins to whisper incomprehensible words in your ear.

You wake up, but you are not in your room... It is a room with a television, it's on "The Twilight Zone." It is in black and white, it's an old TV show- Suddenly the piece of shit cuts to static and the face appears horrifying you. You run out of the house and you see a newspaper flying through the fog. You see just enough to perceive your name and the grisly photos of a murder. You turn around there's someone waiting in the kitchen... It says to you, "No problem, you need some rest, go to sleep."

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