March 17th, 2019, one day after my birthday. I had just turned 15 and was in my freshmen year of highschool.

I don’t know what i just experienced. But it felt heartbreaking for chi to just die off like that. If you don’t know what i’m talking about, Back in March of 2019,It was a few days before my birthday, which was on march 16th. I had found a dvd of girls last tour at my doorstep. Girls’ last tour is an anime where two girls have to survive in an apocalypse. I didn’t exactly know what to do with it so I decided to just put it into an empty dvd case. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an empty dvd case but I did have a empty ps3 case. So I put into there. When I looked at the dvd, It read Girl’s last tour episode 13, written neatly in purple sharpie. In red sharpie read this at the bottom of the disc, Warning: Season 1 was originally supposed to have 13 episodes but ended up having 12. The reason is that this dvd contains violent natures, suicide, and heartbreaking, I’m begging you!!, Destroy the disc. It was pretty small writing. I left it sitting there in my downstairs bedroom for a week. Until this day. On Friday, March 15th, 2019, I had just gotten home for school for the weekend. It was around 3:30 in the afternoon. My parents were out on a date for the weekend so I had to babysit my annoying 6 year old stepsister. Luckily, she wasn’t gonna come home till around 4 or 4:30. I went downstairs to my bedroom and found the disc sitting on top of my dresser. I picked it up and grabbed the disc out of the case and put it into my ps3. I sat on my bed and grabbed my controller. A menu then popped up. There was two options. Play and options. I clicked on options and I chose the english stereo. Then, I went back to the main menu and got a closer look at it. It actually didn’t look too bad. It showed the show name girls’ last tour in bold letters. The cover was some artwork from the show. I went to the option that said play and pressed the green triangle on my controller. It started with the normal intro. When it ended, it started out with chi and yu driving in their vehicle. Chi looked, well, really depressed. The duration of the episode was 10 minutes instead of the usual 22. “Hey chi, what’s wrong?”, yu asked chi. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”, said chi. “Oh okay.” Yu sat back down. But then she decided to look where chi was and she found something pretty disturbing. There was some bottles of beer and a bloody katana. There was anime blood on the blade. After yu saw this, she fainted in the back of the vehicle. A timecard from spongebob then says 4 hours later. Chi stopped the vehicle and grabbed yu, who was still asleep from seeing the beer and katana. Chi then tied up yu’s arms behind her back and threw her onto a wall. Yu then woke up and Found chi holding beer in one hand and the bloody katana in the other with it close to her face. “C-chi, what are you doing?!. This isn’t like you!!”, yu screamed. Chi said nothing. She threw the empty beer bottle at chi’s leg, which was now bleeding from the glass stuck in it. “P-p-p-p-please.”, yu said in a weak voice, “don’t k-k-kill me pleas-s-se.” Chi still said nothing and stuck the katana into Yu’s head. At this time, chi went back to normal. But it was too late for yu. She was almost dead and chi didn’t have a medic kit. She fell to her knees, tears pouring down her face and mine as well. “OH MY GOD, YU!!”. She ran over to you, who was barely alive. “I-I. I’ll always r-remember you as a really good friend.” Yu took one final breath and closed her eyes. She was dead. Chi looked at Yu’s lifeless body, not sure what to do. A timecard in Japanese said 4 months later. Chi was walking alone. She didn’t have anything except a journal and a pistol. She sat down at a wall and started writing. It’s been Four months since I accidentally killed Yu. She was like a sister to me and now she was gone. Never to be seen again ever. If your reading this, I’m long gone now. She then closed the journal and threw it into a nearby portal that cane out of nowhere. “I’m coming Yu.” She then grabbed the pistol and shot herself in the head, Brain matter flew all over the wall and so did anime blood. The screen then faded to white. It then showed chi in heaven. She was wearing white and had angel wings and a halo above her head. She walked about for a few minutes and then she found Yu. “Y-yu, is that you?” “Y-yeah?” “OH MY GOD YOUR ALIVE!!!”. Chi then hugged Yu. Then they held hands. “I’ll never forget you Yu.” “Me neither chi.” The episode then ends there and the disc ejects from my ps3. It just stood there for a while. Then, i just broken down and started sobbing. I got up, teardrops still in my eyes, and walked downstairs and sat on the couch, trying to comprehend what i just saw. I had so many questions. Who made that? Why was It at my doorstep? My biggest question was Why? Why or Who decided to make a sick and demented version of the show? I looked at the time. It was 3:50pm. My sister was gonna be home at around 4:00. I just tried to relax and forget about that god forsaken dvd. But I couldn’t. I honestly don’t know if I can watch girls’ last tour the same way ever again.

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