Hey guys. Sorry for not updating you in awhile, I was just really busy hiding from... him.

As you know, I went to explore River Country for you guys to give you an in-depth look on things. I suppose I went a little TOO in-depth, and saw something I wasn't supposed to see. Now I fear I'm going to spend the rest of my days hiding from this... this THING, or he'll get me... I'm sure of it. Let me just tell you what happened, I think I'm safe here. I've got auto post on so in case anything happens, this will still post to the blog.

I got to River Country, like you guys asked me to in our weekly poll. The only way in was to swim, or to break through through the gate. I chose to break through the gate. Once in, I saw a few things that I had seen in pictures on the Internet, but then I saw something... out of the ordinary. There seemed to be a makeshift house made with rocks and parts from water slides. I took a photo of this to put on the blog, then decided to investigate. This was my first mistake. I wedged my hand through an opening in the structure, and felt something somewhat cold, and bony.

I ripped the house to pieces to see even more and I saw a skeleton. At first I thought it was an animal's, but upon closer inspection, I saw it was a HUMANS'. This really creeped me out, and I started to shake. I thought I was having a panic attack, but then the feeling swept by me. I turned around to walk away as if I saw nothing, but then I heard a voice come from behind. "Was I as interesting as you hoped?" the voice said, in a really deep, raspy voice. I slowly turned around, and the shaking intensified. The skeleton had stood up. "I'm Friendly John," it said, "I'd like to be friends with you. We can have lots of fun at River Country." The way he said "River Country" really set off the fear in me. I ran. I don't think I've ever run so fast in my life.

I was literally crying for my life. I looked back. He was coming really close, and I could see a creepy smile on his skull-face. I saw a broken down water slide and decided that this was my best option to get out. I would rather plunge into an alligator swamp than spend one second in the hands of "Friendly John". I leaped on to the slide and started sliding down. Halfway down, I hit a tree. While trying to work myself out as quickly as possible, I heard his voice again. "It's never fun to be stuck. Let me help you out." He slid down after me and shoved me hard, breaking the tree. I continued down the slide, with him sliding down after me. Then I plunged into the water. I swam out to the main grounds as fast as possible, getting in my car and speeding away. When I finally got to my house, I ran in and locked all the doors. I heard his voice again. "Don't leave, you have an all day pass!" he said. I darted for the closet, and I'm still in there. I hear footsteps outside. In case anything happens, I'm going to give you my address: 4021 East OH GOD, PLEASE SEND HELP! Qdtu adbfad

I'm Friendly John, you should come visit river country. I'm sure you will have a great time!

[Post created with permission from Slimebeast.]

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