Author's note: All credits go to Akif Pirinçci.

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Chapter One

"Why do we have to move Papa?" Stephanie asks.

"When your mother and I were together, the house had bills we couldn't pay- and when we couldn't pay we had to leave this place we bought so we don't- worry about that."

Stephanie looks as if she understood the situation.

"Well hopefully Francis is ok when Dan drops him off. He's just a little cat." Stephanie asks to see if Papa would respond.

"Hopefully," Papa whimpers trying not to cry. While they are driving Stephanie sees Papa's friend along with- Francis.

"Daddy look!" Stephanie yells excitedly. Papa looks at his locket- of his wife Hailey who committed suicide for a suicide pact with Papa, but- Papa couldn't do it. He couldn't abandon Stephanie, the fact he couldn't- do it haunts him. He waits for that sweet-release.

"Papa!" The car crashes killing only Papa while Stephanie was never found. They saw hands of a woman on Papa gripping him and his hands leaving- him paralyzed. The cat Francis was ok. Here's the cat's story.

Chapter Two:

"Well we're here little fella. Let's wait for Tom and Stephanie." Dan said to Francis. Francis meows in response.

A cat a very heavy-set cat named Kong walks up and asks, "What are you doing here chump?"

"My owners moved here we are waiting for him we passed them then we heard a crash"- Francis tells.

"Looks like your a street cat now" Kong tells.

"I don't think so wanna wait with me?" Francis asks.

"I'd rather not some cats are a new type of crazy-" Kong tells. "There's a cat named Felicity. She's blind and her owner's abusive. That house you're moving into- was abandoned." Kong tells while lifting a paw at the house.

"Is she ok?" Francis asks.

"No-one knows, no-one has seen her in about two months. We hope she's ok but that's just Joker"- Kong tells.

"Oh, well I heard of a cat named Bluebeard. He's a smart guy huh?"

"Yeah. No-one likes him. He thinks Joker's sacrificing cats for Claudandus to start a new war and take over- Earth. He's a nut-job."

"Well I'm gonna go see who he is bye." Francis says with innocence behind it getting on Kong's nerves. Francis while walking by sees multiple other cats who seem, well, unhinged like they are eating each other.

"Are you Bluebeard, I mean you have black then orange on your eye. Mere guess." Francis says unsure if- he's right.

"Yeah, what's it to you?" Bluebeard says with a snappy tone.

"Ay! No need to get defensive just a question-" Francis says with a questioning look.

"I wanted to hear about your theories, Let's walk and talk," Francis says with a helpful cheer behind his words.

"Fine, what's it to you. Joker is a nut-job who sacrifices cats to a 'God' named Claudandus," Bluebeard tells while- walking.

"Who's Claudandus?" Francis asks

"He's a cat that survived torture. Well not torture, it was an experiment to find a cure for life-taking wounds. You would say it would help us, you know cause we are cats, but all it did was kill cats except for Claudandus. He was able to heal his wounds without fault. They thought it was the serum. It was greenlit and over 100 cats died. Now he's their god. I lost one of my best friends to Joker, same with Kong, It still haunts me," Bluebeard tells staring at a fence.

"It's a warzone out here if this is what people are telling me!" Francis exclaims.

"It's ok we just need to survive. Let's go to my place. The owner's at the story with his Ex for some reason."- Bluebeard tells that to Francis to calm him down.

"Let's just hop this wall, then we can go to my place. It's a block away." Bluebeard says to Francis. Francis agrees and they hop up the wall and walk to Bluebeard's house

Chapter Three: The First

They walk through someone's backyard and hop the fence of well cut bushes.

"What's that?" Francis says, surprised at what he sees and holding back vomit.

"One of the many murders this month, I swear it's Joker who has been killing these cats," Bluebeard says gritting- his teeth.

Francis and Bluebeard walk up closely surprised as it seems more grotesque as the image starts burning into their brain.

"Smell this. She seemed excited when she died, and it has to be a cut cause of the unclean cut," Francis exclaims.

"This body is Felicity's body!" Bluebeard shows to Francis. Francis after hearing that finally throws up.

"We need to tell someone! How can't we not tell people this is really messed up" As Francis says that with power in- his voice Bluebeard comes to the crushing realization that Francis had, and Bluebeard's stomach starts to churn.

"Ok let's drag the body to the owner's doorstep," Bluebeard demands with weakness in his voice.

As they both drag parts of Felicity's body to the house on Spring Street and walk down the road while looking at the setting sun they realise another one is coming soon. When night strikes and it first gets dark Francis opens the door by nudging it with his paw. He lies on the ground in the corner as he slips into a dream.

His dream sets. Dead cats lie around him as strings protrude from the cats' backs. A gigantic doctor explodes from underneath the ground. The doctor lifts his hand playing with the dead cats as if they were puppets. Their insides were flinging out hear as the ground is dry the house turns into a desert.

"Wake up, C'mon wake up Francis," Bluebeard commands.

"What happened?" Francis asks.

"Another murder happened this time on Elm street!" Bluebeard exclaims.

Francis gets up and walks to Elm street with Bluebeard to find the dead cat.

"Who is that Bluebeard?" Francis says, getting used to the dead cats, quickly looking at the cat.

"It seems to be Joker" Bluebeard tells.

"Check his side for a mark that looks like a C" Bluebeard asks.

Francis puts his paw on his fur and pulls it to the right to reveal a C that is almost enclosed.

"What does this mean?" Francis asks.

"It seems to be a mark for Claudandus. It seems obvious Francis." Bluebeard says.

Someone, a female yelling Francis's name catches his attention.

"Bluebeard stay here. I'm gonna check out who's calling my name," Francis tells Bluebeard.

As he searches for the female voice, he finds her in his house's backyard.

"Who are you?" Francis asks.

"I'm Nhozemphtekh the Felidae. That's all you need to know."

Francis is confused as this cat does not seem normal and seems to be trying to seduce him.

Chapter Four: The Reckoning

"Hey Bluebeard!" Francis yells.

"What is it Francis?" Bluebeard asks.

"There was a female cat named Nhozemphtekh," Francis tells.

"Who is she? I never heard of her" Bluebeard says.

"She seemed to be a Felidae," Francis says

"Those cats are dangerous! Watch out. I saw one gouge another cat's eyes out," Bluebeard warns.

"So do you think that she could be the killer?" Francis asks.

"No, I mean we just have to wait. I don't think so," Bluebeard tells.

"But the cats when they died seemed excited remember?" Francis remembers.

"Oh yeah but she didn't have blood on her or anything right?" Bluebeard asks.

As they think about it they go their separate ways. As his house is locked- somehow, Francis needs a place to sleep so he goes to Bluebeard.

"Hey can I crash here? My house is locked. I don't know why," Francis asks.

"Sure, just don't wake my owner he's having a nap on the desk," Bluebeard asks and Francis agrees.

Francis and Bluebeard walk up to the books that his owner has on his desk.

"Wait what's that?" Francis asks.

"It's a Felidae?" Bluebeard asks with a shocking look staring at the page.

"The Felidae has the same coloured pelt which is the look of sand and when exposed to sun it shines bright."- Francis reads out.

"That was the same breed as Nhozemphtekh," Francis tells.

"Who's here?" Kong yells.

"Francis and Bluebeard," Francis yells back.

"Bluebeard I need to see you come here," Kong asks.

Bluebeard walks up to Kong and yowls at Kong, and suddenly it stops with blood on the floor. Kong enters the room and slashes the owner's throat killing him instantly. Francis hops down and the TV's turn on to the tapes in the testing room, each of them being tortures. Kong and Francis circle each other.

"Why Kong? You were the first I talked to," Francis says yelling and gritting his teeth.

"Don't call me Kong! I'm Claudandus, you scum. You foiled my plan!" Kong says.

"What plan?" Francis wonders.

"You remember Nhozemphtekh I wanted you to be shallow enough to breed and create more. I would've spared you. I was going to battle humans and you could help, but now it's you who I'm going to kill," Kong explains.

"You tried, but I'm not that shallow" Francis yells.

Kong jumps at Francis and cuts his throat.

"I need to get your friend Bluebeard. I only hurt him a little. He's asleep," Kong mocks Francis.

Bluebeard walks in and attacks Kong and launches him into the wall and then cuts his head off with a series of scratches.

"Francis, I'm so sorry, I couldn't save you, I couldn't save my owner, I couldn't save anyone, I'm a failure." While Bluebeard sobs he cleans himself.

Then, outside all the Felidae march one by one.

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