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My name is Yvonne Logel and I used to work as a writer for Estrella weekly which was a no name piece of shit tabloid based in Hollywood, California,  I had just graduated from Freie Journalistenschule in Berlin when my parents decided to take me and my siblings to move in with my mom’s brother in America since she was getting spooked by all the attacks and shit that was going on at the time.  Being a woman with absolutely no relevant connections in America and only one degree to my name I had a hard time finding any decent jobs. So I was stuck at that godforsaken dump writing stories about vapid drama bullshit like Jay Garcia getting cucked by a high school quarterback, Some crazy bitch claiming that her neighbor sacrificed her son to some bird thing. and Baseball star Julian Cox getting caught jacking off in a public bathroom.  It was around seven months after I started working at that shit heap of a company that something on the news caught my eye. I was taking a break from writing about my interview with some attention starved dipshit who found some Mcdonalds bags while digging through the garbage can of hotshot chef Taylor Reyes, when I saw a news article about a prison in Mexico where dozens of prisoners mysteriously disappearing before parole without any signs of a breakout. I looked around a bit and saw that similar incidents were happening in multiple prisons all over Mexico.

I ended up reading several articles on the disappearances, Reading up on some of the prisoners and trying to compile all of the info together to make sense of it all. While working on that  I ended up losing track of time and had missed the deadline for my assignment. Naturally I got fired for that and the boss gave me an earful. Although truth be told I never thought I would be so happy to get fired but it meant being free from writing articles on gossip for insipid twats who have nothing better to do then read about who is fucking who and which dumbass sluts were getting pregnant before hitting their twenties.  Also it meant I could research and write about the disappearances on my own time. I ended up working part time for a bar which was slightly better even if my new boss can be a bit of a massive bitch sometimes.

Now back to the disappearances. The first one happened early last year in a prison located in Veracruz with 70 prisoners disappearing and to this day all of the prisoners who disappeared have never been seen or heard from after the fact.  Even when their own family members and friends have been interrogated none of them reported seeing or hearing from them after they disappeared from prison. The most common theory for how this happened is that the cartels made a deal with the more seedy side of the police since corruption is a well known problem in the Mexican police force and taking bribes is nothing new for policemen in Mexico.  However something has surfaced that might have to do with the mass disappearances.

Yesterday an article was sent via email to various news sites such as TIME, Buzzfeed and CNN from multiple IP addresses all using the same email address “”.  The IP addresses lead back to computers in libraries and schools in Texas,Georgia,oregon,wisconsin and Maine, so it is difficult to locate anyone who sent the article and interview them.

The article has been dismissed as viral marketing to drum up hype for a unannounced movie or something like that. However if the article is telling the truth it might just offer up an explanation for the disappearances.

Facility Delta 4 Infiltration Report

Agent codename Shikra reporting in after infiltration of Facility codename Delta 4 located in Sierra de Huayacocotla.  At 10 in the morning a local contact dropped me off on the side of the road 30 miles away from the border of the facility via truck by a local contact. I came prepared with the standard gear HQ gives out for sneaking missions including a Suppressed OTs-38 stechkin suppressed revolver with some spare 7.62×42 mm SP-4 rounds, a PP-2000 SMG with 4 spare 44 round magazines in case I get caught, A hunting knife,3 fragmentation grenades and miscellaneous tools.

I hiked the rest of the way to the perimeter of the facility through the dense forest. It was lightly raining and there was a thick fog rolling in all throughout the day.  I carefully kept watch and looked for any guards while making my way through the muddy mess of wet trees and bushes. I noticed that despite being a forest there were no signs of any mammals or reptiles living in the forest. However there were plenty of birds flying around but it was mostly just seedeaters and crows. Some of them were stoically sitting on branches in spite of the rain and kept moving their heads around frantically. It was around 8PM when I eventually reached the exterior of the facility. From what I was able to observe the facility consisted of a square windowless metal building that was approximately half an acre with spots of rust on the walls, one 6000 by 6000 meter wooden shed in the back. There were also five small sheds with one of them on the side of the wide side of the largest building with the other four sheds on the other side of the largest building. All of the buildings look like they were constructed a year or two ago.  the perimeter was surrounded by a 18 feet high chain link fence that had a large gate in the front. Keeping my distance I walked around the perimeter looking for a lightly guarded spot. There were only a dozen or so guards on patrol with most of them focusing on guarding the gate with only 3 guards around the shed in the back, So I circled around the facility and approached from behind the lone shed in the back. I slowly walked up to the fence and used a tool to cut a hole through the wire fence large enough for me to crawl through and started sneaking carefully towards the lone shed on the side of the main facility with my gun drawn, I saw no one in front of the door So I slowly turned the knob and listened for anyone inside before I threw the door open and closed it behind me.

There was one man in the room sitting in front of a group of computer monitors and a keyboard with a Glock G19 pistol. He got up and reached for his gun as I raised my arm while frantically sprinting towards him. Squeezing the trigger I managed to shoot him in the right side of his chest got right in front of him as he clutched the wound with one hand and aimed right at me. Thankfully before he got a shot off I shoved my gun in his face and squeezed a round off. I let his body fall to the ground and shot him yet again in the forehead to make sure he was dead. I took a quick look outside to be sure no one heard the fight. Only opening the door a little bit I saw no one and no alarms were going off so I must be good for the moment.

I moved the guard’s corpse to the side and sat down in front the keyboard. I replaced the spent rounds in my gun with new bullets and putting the old ones away before setting the gun down beside the keyboard.  I looked to the computer’s desktop and found nothing except for the recycle bin, a map of the facility and the program running the security cameras.

I downloaded the map of the facility before looking at the other monitors and each of them were marked “fuera”, “celdas”,”Partos salas” and “comedor” each monitor had multiple feeds on a list to the side of the screen  with one feed taking the rest of the screen. I Turned my attention to the monitor labelled “Celdas” and cycled around the various camera feeds, I saw back to back rows of cages with one naked man in each cage who were handcuffed to the top by their wrists and with shackles around their wrists and ankles Some of them were screaming and crying to be released, others seemed to be shouting with seething rage and some of them just stared hopelessly into the distance.  There were around 30 men armed with AK-47 rifles patrolling the inside of the facility. Two of the guards went to one of the cage doors opened a door to one of the cages, One guard uncuffed a brown haired prisoner from the top of his cage while the other guard aimed his rifle right at the prisoner. The guard took the prisoner with him and shouted at him to follow and as they walked the second guard followed them from a slight distance keeping his aim focused on the prisoner’s back with a emotionless expression on his face.

Briefly looking at the monitor marked “Fuera” I quickly cycled through the feeds and saw that the fog was obscuring them so I wasn’t able to gain anything of substance from them.

Turning to the monitor marked “Portos Salas I saw some more rows of cages but this time each of them had a naked woman strapped tightly on top of a gurney and I noticed some of them were in different stages of pregnancy.  Some of them almost looked like they were dead with them just laying still with the only sign of them being alive is the soft raise and fall of their chest, Others screamed and struggled against their restraints while a small few of them cried in hopeless anguish.

The two guards and the prisoner from before brought the brown haired prisoner to one of the cages and opened the door motioning for the prisoner to get inside the cage with a red haired woman inside of it while the other guard shouted loudly at him and pressed the barrel of his rifle to the back of the prisoner. The brown haired prisoner seemed to be horrified at what he asked him to do, The brown haired prisoner gasped and tried to run away from the guard with the gun but the other guard slammed a nightstick into his gut and the guard with the gun slammed the stock of his rifle against the brown haired prisoner’s head, The guard with the nightstick struck the prisoner in the face breaking his nose making his face contort in pain before he was kicked to the ground. Then both guards started yelling loudly and harshly at the prisoner while cruelly stomping on his chest and stomach leaving him yelling and crying in pain, he seems to be begging them to stop as their stomping leaves large bruises on him. They stop their stomping and the guard with the nightstick carries the brown haired prisoner to the woman in the cage while he cries in horror.

I shift to another camera feed and see one guard carrying two large jugs and a funnel with a tube attached to one of the cages in the corner. He opens the cage and a heavily pregnant woman is seen struggling against her restraints. The guard sets the jugs on the ground next to the gurney and he tightly grabs the woman’s head.  The woman screams furiously at him as he keeps her head in a vice grip. With no change to his stoic expression he forces the funnel into the woman’s mouth making sure the tube goes down her throat. Grabbing one of the jugs the guard pours the contents into the funnel which looked like a gooey mess of various vegetables and meat all blended together into a fine sludge. The woman chokes and gags as the disgusting slops was forced down her throat. The guard then picked up the other jug which seemed to be full of a weird cloudy liquid. After he finishes pouring the liquid down the funnel he waits a minute to be sure it all went down, He then removed the funnel and took the jugs and funnel with him as he went to the next cage over.

Turning my attention to the monitor labelled “Comedor”. There was only one feed and the camera was above the entrance. Dozens of men were kneeling in a circle with lamps spread around the room with a circle of candles in the middle surrounding the object of worship.

A large bird like creature with covered in dark feathers was standing in the circle of candles seeming almost as if it was basking in the praise of it’s thralls. The creature had a long rounded torso with strong wide legs and arms that ended in long dull claws and talons. It’s head was thin and tapered from his neck into a long beak. One man came into the room carrying something in his arms walking slowly towards the creature with his head bowed down in what looked like prayer.  When the sole worshipper gets right in front of the circle he kneels down and presents what seems to be a human infant to the creature. The Creature lowers its beak to the infant and opens his beak. I uneasily clicked off the “Comedor” feed and went to try and copy all of the archive footage from the security cameras to the portable drive I have with me. Unfortunately a window popped up saying “Copia no autorizada detectada:Eliminación de emergencia y alarma activada” and all of the camera footage was deleted so I was only able to salvage the map. A horrible screeching sounded as the alarm went off. I ran out the room with the drive and ran as fast as I could from the facility, Some guards came after me and I had to fire a few rounds at them while I escaped into the forest.

I managed to escape to the local town of Huayacocotla and drove over to Carpinteros and then to Tlahuelompa before writing this report to be sure they didn’t follow me. I didn’t see any signs of anyone tailing me so I should be in the clear. I will stay on standby for any further orders.

So in conclusion, this looks like another standard seeding facility.

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