I wasn't expecting what I saw. Not in a million years. I think I'll be scarred forever, or at least 5 years or so.

It all started a couple months ago: I was at a video store somewhere on the West Side. I was looking for something decent to watch for the night. That's when I came across a Winnie the Pooh tape entitled: "Eeyore's Special Day." The case looked like one of the older tapes, but it had a more recent picture of Eeyore on it. I found it quite odd but got it anyway.

As I got home, I made myself some dinner before enjoying my tape. Shortly afterwards, I inserted the tape into the player, and that's when my life changed for the worse.

There were no ads for other Disney titles or anything. There was just black for a long while. Then...static. Nothing but for a good five minutes or so. I walked up to the player to fast-forward it to see if that was it, when the picture finally cleared up. Chills went down my spine when I saw what was contained on the reel.

Eeyore was on the tape, but no one else. The setting was also not normal. The background was a room, and Eeyore was sitting in the corner, looking at the viewer. The walls were a darkish gray, and Eeyore's gray was slightly tinted lower. he was almost whitish. His eyes were what disturbed me the most. They were almost Tim Burton-like, but they were smaller. Little black lines surrounded the outer rims.

He just stared. Stared. It was like a photo, but the picture was shaking, like a classic film reel. Nothing else was happening. Depression-esque music played in the background. Something black, that looked relatively to blood, started to trickle down the walls.

The picture started to flicker, like a signal breaking up. Very faintly, I saw what looked like words. I pushed the pause button repeatedly so that it went frame by frame. The things I saw were definitely words. They read: HELP ME in trickling blood.

Without me even touching the play button, the static returned. I believed it was the end of the tape afterwards, so I reached for the stop button. Right as I was about to push it, Eeyore's face was completely close up with the screen. His mouth was wide open and distorted, almost in anguish. His eyes changed. They were now deep, black holes. A shrill scream echoed through the house, loud might I add.

It scared me to death and made me scream. Not knowing what to do next, I ran out of the house like a mad man and never returned. I never took the tape back, and I didn't even get a bill for it...I think. I never went back home, if I haven't stated that already. I don't know what happened to the video store or the tape, but I don't care either. Just leave me to rot. Scarred, disturbed, and, most of all, terrified.

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