This may seem like a cliché pasta, but it's not. The original version of this story I wrote when I was 11 was, sure, but not this one. It takes the common Lost Episode formula and twists it into something more unique by telling it through the eyes of a sixteen year old girl and her nine year old sister, and it's more of a horror mystery story if anything. It's also going to turn into an adventure story later on, and a coming of age story, as Daisy and Samara get less scared throughout their journey to find out the source of a seemingly Satanic Sesame Street broadcast hijacking. Explosions, a glorified shootout, and Ray Fisher await as the story progresses.

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

DaisyRox595: Hey... I know this may sound a bit childish or whatnot, but does anyone still watch Sesame Street? Let me explain why I'm asking this. I saw something on that show you would not believe happened. Some of you might call Creepypasta bullshit on this, but I witnessed it with my own two eyes JUST THIS MORNING, with my own sister to vouch for me to boot. Let's just cut to the chase.

My younger sister Samara and I were up early this morning. We watched some TV to pass the time while we waited for our parents to get up. Nothing good was on yet. Nickelodeon was airing a SpongeBob episode from its rot age, Cartoon Network was airing Teen Titans Go! (which, as you all know from previous posts I've made on this site, ruined Cyborg) and NBC was airing Today, which I didn't feel like watching for some reason. (I wish I did now.) So eventually we decided to put on PBS and watch some good old Sesame Street. We were playing along: counting to ten along with the characters, etc. It made me feel like a kid at heart. And Samara was definitely entertained.

Now, you know how Sesame Street has that "Elmo's World" thing for the final 15 minutes? Well, that part's our focus for today. Murray, a red monster who had been announcing what segments were coming up throughout the show, was asking a child around the age of ten what the next segment was. Of course, knowing the show had only fifteen minutes to spare, I knew the answer was obviously Elmo's World. Suddenly, the screen started to glitch out and spurt with static. Since PBS is the glitchiest channel ever, I thought they were having problems with the broadcast again, and I ignored the static. Finally, the show resumed.
"Elmo's World!" the kid shouted, obviously fake emoted.
"Yeah!" Murray said.
"Boo-yah!" the kid added in right before the show went to Elmo's World. If you know me, you KNOW that exclamation makes me think of Cyborg. But I digress.

As soon as the derpy kazoo notes of the Elmo's World theme were audible, my sister's face lit up and she cheered "Elmo! Elmo!" Despite being 9 years old, Elmo is her absolute favorite Sesame Street character. Me, well, personally, I prefer Kermit. Anyway, my sister curbed her enthusiasm for an amalgam of horror and confusion as soon as Elmo started singing.
He was singing the usual theme song, "la la la la" and what not, but with a demonic pitch bend a la "Halfsies (50/50)." There was nothing wrong with the visuals. Elmo hopped and skipped across his poorly-drawn room just like Samara watched him do every morning. But the audio was out of sync, Elmo's voice sounding like it was in G major (if anyone remembers that fad.) As expected, I passed this off as another glitch. The crayons drew the Elmo's World logo as usual, but all the letters were red, which led me to assume they had changed the show's logo to reflect Elmo being a furry red monster.

After the theme song was over with, the mini episode began.
"Hi, welcome to Elmo's world! Elmo's so happy to see you..." The audio had gone back to normal.
My sister, who was still recovering from that distorted rendition of the theme tune, turned to me and asked, "What happened?"
Trying to be my normal, witty self, I told her, "Swayzak hacked PBS."
Immediately, Samara laughed. My tactic had worked, and she returned to watching the little red menace do what he does best - educate children on how flowers grow.

Elmo announced the subject of the day, which was weather.
"YAAA TA TA DAAAA! Weather!" he shrieked in his high-pitched, Toad-like voice. The screen transitioned to show a montage of weather in various areas, set to dirge-y trumpet music. It honestly made me laugh. However, as soon as the montage reached a clip of a storm, the screen went static for a whole minute. The irony of this situation was unbearable. The screen turned into a snowstorm right when they were showing a clip of a thunderstorm.
Suddenly, I heard a noise. It sounded like a voice.

"Samara? Did you say something?" I asked.
"No," she said, trying to maintain her cool, as she had probably heard the mysterious noise, too. Then we heard it again. This time, we could confirm it was a voice, AND we could make out what it was saying.
Of course, being the pop culture geek I am, my mind immediately went to Him from Powerpuff Girls in order to keep myself together. Y'know, the character intended as a stand-in for Satan himself. Very rarely you'd see that on a kids' show! But enough talk. Let's get back to the subject at hand.

As soon as we heard the voice, our blood froze. I concluded this was no longer a glitch on PBS's part and rather some sort of occult force, which wasn't Swayzak. (Sorry! Forgive me!) A few more seconds of snow on the screen and utter silence, and Elmo came back, talking about how to play outside in the rain or some other shit. The rest of the episode seemed fine, with Elmo watching a bitch called "The Weather Lady" on his television set among other things, so I reassured myself the whispering voice was only a hallucination. Until... I just can't. Give me some time.

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

Dreams: Holy cabbage! That's a very psycho Elmo's World showing! I can't wait to hear the rest of it. I think I've seen that weather episode before with the kid I babysit. It's the one that's got some talking tornado with eyes, right? I'm betting a thousand dollars that tornado's got something to do with the next part. I dunno. It just seems very... likely.

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

DaisyRox595: I've regained my composure; I think I'm ready to tell you what went down next.

Elmo heard a knock on his door near the end of the episode, like in pretty much every Elmo's World episode ever. He opened up the door to reveal... bingo, Dreams! The weirdo tornado, as Samara called it. Only it looked angrier, as in, pissed-off, and the sound it made was INCREDIBLY distorted, as if its original sound wasn't distorted enough (for those of you who haven't seen this show or episode before, think of the sound Cyborg's Boom Tube makes, but raised a few decibels or so.)
Elmo was reacting the way he did in the original episode; pretending to be scared and just laughing his furry red ass off, until it came to the part where he said "Auntie Em!" like Dorothy does in The Wizard of Oz.
Instead of just quickly exclaiming "Auntie Em, Auntie Em!" in his trademark falsetto barking in between giggles, Elmo shouted "AUNTIE EM!" at the top of his lungs, and from the sound of his voice, it was apparent he was in agonizing pain.

Originally, the twister said such malarkey as "You can't play outside when I'm around" (Do you think we wouldn't know that? Look what it did to Dorothy Gale!), but when it came time for it to speak, it simply told Elmo in a voice differing much from its usual one: "If you go outside, I'm going to kill you."
I actually gasped at this. This was NOT an actual Sesame Street episode. This was some sicko parody unauthorized by PBS. A thousand other children were watching this, scared out of their minds. I know some children were frightened by the twister in the original episode already, thanks to its "angry eyes" (as Mrs. Potato Head in Toy Story 2 rightfully called that sort of eyes.) I can't imagine what they thought of this. (Hey, maybe they'd ran out of the room already, anticipating the twister.)

Samara was scared stiff at this, as she knew this wasn't the Elmo's World she was accustomed to. I threw her a Rouge the Bat stuffy she owned that I found on the floor.
"Here. This'll keep you safe," I said.
Samara didn't say anything, but grabbed the stuffy and held it tightly.
Meanwhile, the twister was saying something in reverse. I couldn't make it out. To me, it sounded like the voice at the beginning of the Indian Thriller (which I could have really used then to make me feel less scared, though I doubt it'd work), but less cheesy and more legitimately threatening. Another sputter of static suddenly jumped out and made itself present on the screen.
A female voice whispered, "DON'T LOOK AROUND."
This was followed by a male voice, even creepier than the female one, who whispered "HE WILL BE THERE."
If you know me, I read a lot of Something Awful, so I decided to lighten the mood in my mind a bit by thinking "Hey! What do you know? Maybe it's Slenderman!" Slenderman is so fake and non-scary now, that just thinking about him makes me laugh. The static stopped, and we returned to Elmo's Hell, as I was beginning to call it.

Then, the unthinkable happened. The twister started moving, slowly but surely, towards the lens of the camera. I've seen the original episode enough times to know there was no such scene filmed for it (that I know of.) Besides, they wouldn't do a scene like that, as they knew it'd scare children. It was the mid 00s when they made this episode, not the 70s, where they were allowed to show a train coming right at the camera, or a yak charging straight at us while its eyes resembled that of Rocko after touching "the green button" in his boss's office.
Suddenly, the camera cut rather jarringly to Elmo's fish Dorothy, who proceeded to implode in her tank. Blood spurted out of her lifeless corpse. Actual fish blood. The camera zoomed in on Dorothy's widened eyes, with nothing but the sound of water and bubbles in the background, and I realized - this is what fish look like when they die. Unsure of why Sesame Street was showing such gory images one after another, and why PBS wasn't doing anything to stop it, my sister clung onto me, with a terrified look in her eyes. And then we changed scenes to 123 Sesame Street.

Never has an Elmo's World episode shown any scene outside of the badly crayoned room except for the imaginary sequences. (Don't ask me how I know this. Now's not the time.) Big Bird was walking by Elmo's apartment, humming the Sesame Street theme song, when an ear-splitting screech from Elmo stopped him from his tracks. Blood splattered out of the window onto the pavement, as the corresponding sounds implied the tornado was doing something terrible to Elmo. Then came the red monster himself, flying out of the window and landing with a thump on the ground. Big Bird ran to help Elmo up.

"Are you alright?" said Big Bird. Elmo shook his head.
"Nuh-uh," he said, scared of what was happening. Big Bird took Elmo's hand and got him standing on two feet, which is when we saw Elmo's stomach had been ripped open, showing his entrails.
Unlike most times body parts have been portrayed on the show in segments about health or whatever, where they're just silly and cartoonish looking, Elmo's liver and stomach were realistically detailed. This may seem like a common Creepypasta cliché, but trust me when I say this was a part of the ordeal, which had gone on for more than the remaining five minutes the show normally had.
Big Bird was horrified at this, and so were me and Samara.

"J-just because..." Big Bird stammered, which brought to mind the episode that paid tribute to the passing of Will Lee. (This is the part where I'd usually say "He thought he was too good for this world," but I'm not in the mood to do it, and I'm still shaken from this traumafest.)
"Because what?" Elmo asked.
"J-just because..." said the petrified canary again, possibly suffering PTSD from finding out his longtime friend was in a better place.
"What?" Elmo asked again.
"J-just because..." repeated Big Bird a third time, like he was a broken record player. The scene shifted to Elmo, and as his mouth opened to say "What?" again (insert your joke here because I can't), the camera cut to black for a few seconds, only to jump back to Elmo's room, where the twister was staring at us. Its eyes radiated menace. Finally, after what seemed like eternity, it spoke.
"That's what happens if you play outside when I'm around," it said in its regular voice, but pitched down about 5 octaves or so. And with that, the distorted noise the twister made as it entered Elmo's room played again, at blaring volume, as it lengthily disappeared from view, the screen filling with static as he did so. As the static grew and grew, the noise got louder and louder. Samara and I covered our ears with our hands, Samara pulling a blanket from behind the couch over her head.

When the static reached to the point where it took up the entire screen, and the horrific noise was louder than a jet taking off, everything stopped without warning. Elmo, in his pastel-colored world, popped back on screen like a rabbit out of a hat.
"Let's sing the weather song!" he said, like he did in the original episode.
"Is it over?" Samara said, peeking out from under her blanket. She unplugged her ears to see the end song playing.
We were so relieved the nightmare had ended that we sang along to Elmo's weather song, something normally only Samara would do, and I would do sarcastically. But we had to celebrate PBS taking back control of their pirated broadcast in some way, shape, or form, and this is how we chose to do it.
"That's Elmo's World!"

Elmo bid us goodbye, at which the segment ended. Thank God it did. I didn't want to watch another minute of that skit, even if nothing pants-shittingly terrifying was going on anymore.
We watched as Murray "rethought the day" (without any mention of the murderous twister) and announced the sponsors, telling us to "See you next time on the Street! Peace!"
"I don't think I want to," Samara told Murray kind of sarcastically.
The credits rolled. Normally we'd switch to something else, but we were too dumbfounded and frozen in fear that we couldn't stand up or pick up the remote. And good thing we stayed there, because the nightmare wasn't over yet.

Normally after the credits and after the underwriters are announced, they play a promo for a stupid CGI show called Sid the Science Kid that Samara and I both hate. She refers to it as "Sid the Sissy Kid," I refer to it as "Sid the Screwed-Up Kid." There's something unnatural about the titular kid's smile, but what we saw instead of him was even more so. Instead of playing a Sid the Science Kid promo, the camera cut back to Sesame Street. This wasn't even a post-credits scene. Sesame Street is usually OVER at this time. If I'd pressed info on my remote at this time, the TV guide would show Sid the Science Kid was on.

Anyway, we heard people mourning. As I listened closely, I realized it was the entire cast of the show mourning. Elmo, Chris, Rosita, Abby, Alan, Zoe, Big Bird, Maria, Betty Lou, Ernie, Bert, and Prairie Dawn were running, tears streaming down their eyes, to a tombstone. For some reason, Miss Piggy was there with them, even though she's never appeared on Sesame Street (or what I've seen of it.) We panned to the right to see a close-up of the tombstone, which had the name "Grover" inscribed on it.
The camera then cut to Elmo, whose eyes were glassy and mouth was agape, and focused on him.
The only word his traumatized furry self could utter was "Grover."

After, like, five seconds, we heard the twister laugh. It didn't laugh at all in the original Elmo's World episode! And this laugh wasn't even a happy laugh, like Elmo's. It was more of an evil laugh. And not like the ones Swayzak has. It was just pure, cubist malevolence. A distorted version of this laugh played as the camera zoomed up into Elmo's stone cold eyes. Then the screen cut to black, and Sid the Science Kid came on, at which I switched the channel to a DVR recording of Teen Titans to calm me and Samara down. It was the episode "Crash" (our favorite), so that helped. Or so we thought.
Not even Cyborg staring down Beast Boy while dryly saying "It's my room. What're YOU doin' here?" could take our minds off the true, reality-shifting terror we had just witnessed.

H-Holy shit. I just looked around for a second before going to hit send on this long ass message, and I swear I saw the twister. It was staring at me with its angry eyes; "angry" is an understatement, more like "ready to kill mode" eyes. Please tell me that was my imagination. Lord, give me a sign. Where are you going with this shit? I'm Christian; I believe in God and Jesus and Mary and all, and for all my life I've dismissed the occult and such as garbage. But now I'm questioning everything I've thought I know well. Are demons real? Why are they coming in the form of a Sesame Street episode?

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

Dreams: Oh my goodness. So let me get this straight, you say you and your sister watched a possessed Sesame Street episode? I'd normally think this is some dumb "Candle Cove" type hoax, but because you've got a good reputation for telling the truth, I feel sorry for you...

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

DaisyRox595: Samara just came up to me and told me she has quit watching Sesame Street for good. I don't blame her; anyone would if they saw those disturbing fifteen or more minutes! She's thrown out all of her Elmo toys and keeps her Teen Titans and Superman merchandise in the spot where they once were. During this proclamation, she also revealed to me she has a crush on Brainiac, but that's not relevant right now. Anyway, she wants to sleep with me tonight because she said she'll have nightmares about this "episode" (more like a full fledged horror show, and this is coming from someone who's a fan of The Walking Dead, hell, even Samara is a fan of it too and doesn't find it scary at all) if she sleeps in her own bed. Samara... I'm sorry we had to see all this...

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

Harrian201: OMG, you too, Daisy?! I saw that terrifying broadcast!! Don't ask me how, but I ending up having to see it!! Thank god I wasn't the only one! I knew I wasn't on psychedelics! The clearest things I remember are the tornado throwing Elmo out the window and the reveal of Grover's death after the show was over. Did you hear the voice whispering "ELMO" at the end of the short that was on before Murray introduced Elmo's World? I was thinking, "Huh? What was that voice? Did it just say 'Elmo'?"

Is this the Max Headroom incident for a new generation?

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

DaisyRox595: YES! I heard that too! I was wondering what that noise was - I THOUGHT IT WAS THE WIND OUTSIDE MY WINDOW! If I can recall, the short that was playing was the cartoon about a beatnik bat reciting a poem where all the words ended in "-at." That was my favorite Sesame Street bit growing up, and it still is. I heard the voice right at the very end, after the narrator said "At" for the last time. Why did all the demon shit have to start during Bill the Bat...?

As for the Max Headroom thing, yup, pretty sure it is. PBS station broadcast gets hijacked, shows disturbing shit for what seems like forever, returns to normal, only for it to happen AGAIN before returning to normal once more. The main difference is with the Max Headroom incident, the broadcast was hijacked for only a few seconds at first and all the creepy crap happened later on. With this, you got bombarded with Satanism in one go, with a few extra seconds later on.

I've gotta go take a shower. This whole thing's making me feel unclean.

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

GottaRun: Oh boy, the weather episode of Elmo's World. That twister freaked my younger brother out when he first saw that episode a few years ago, but he's over it now. However if he'd seen this... monstrosity instead of the actual episode, he'd probably never sleep again and he'd still be wetting the bed. Such an unacceptable thing to do on a notable, Emmy award winning kid's show. I hope this was an unofficial broadcast hijacking from a group of assholes and not from the messed-up mind of a disgruntled Sesame Workshop employee who hates children or something.

BTW, Daisy - you say you don't believe in demons, yet you and your sister worship a Satanic-looking computer virus?

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

DaisyRox595: GottaRun, we don't worship Swayzak. We just think he's COMPLETELY and TOTALLY awesome.

Anyway, yeah, I really do hope it was just some jackasses who heard about Squidward's Suicide and Candle Cove and Suicide Mouse and Happy Appy and wanted to do something like this for real. You'd be better off doing this to, say, Paw Patrol than freaking Sesame Street; but then again, think of how hard it'd be to animate brand new CGI footage just for a bad prank. For this, they replicated the Elmo's World set, the Elmo puppet, even the twister perfectly. And I swear on a stack of Bibles that Dorothy imploding wasn't staged; they actually killed a fish live on camera. It's because of this I'm convinced demons made this.

Tomorrow I'm calling PBS and asking what the hell (no pun intended) this was all about. Hopefully I get a response.

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

DaisyRox595: OK, I called WNET, my local PBS station. Here's our conversation, transcribed by Samara. I hope the employee I spoke with doesn't see this and request for it to be taken down. This is crucial info.

Me: Uh, hello!

Cam Washington: Hi, you've reached WNET. This is associate producer Cam Washington. How may I help you?

Me: Yesterday morning, me and my sister were watching a Sesame Street re-run. Around the final fifteen minutes, it seemed like someone had hacked the broadcast... the theme song of Elmo's World was distorted, and the segment itself depicted a twister throwing Elmo out his room's window and exposing his entrails, Dorothy the goldfish imploding with gallons of fish blood pooling out from her body, random blurts of static with creepy voices whispering ominous things... This may sound like some stupid story you hear on the Internet, but it really happe-

Cam Washington: Ohhhhhh. That. That. Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about. We thought it was a broadcast hijacking, too, like what happened over in Chicago in the 80s... but there was nothing to indicate it was put on by actual people. It was like a supernatural force doing it. We had no control, we tried to shut off the TV, eject the Sesame Street tape, we just couldn't get it out. It was like the broadcast had become possessed by the Devil itself.

(Samara: Swayzak didn't do it.)

(Me: Shut up!)

Me: That's what I'm fearing, I think demons did this, there was NO way any bootlegger could make an exact replica of all the set, CGI, effects, and puppetry unless they stole it. If they did, it'd be all over the news by now. I don't believe in spirits; I'm a Christian, y'know? This is my first time encountering demonic possession in my life. ...What would Jesus do?

Cam Washington: I dunno what he'd do. He'd probably do something, I just dunno what exactly. I'm shook up over this, too. In fact, we've pulled Sesame Street off our line up for now until we can resolve this situation.

(Me: Did you hear that, Samara? They're not gonna air Sesame Street anymore!)

(Samara: Thank God!)

Me: I think the worst part was the demonic screeching when the twister was talking in reverse, it was like a crowd of cheering fans or something but heavily pitch distorted... online, we call that "G major" for some reason... Let's say a crowd of cheering fans combined with the screams of tortured sufferers, heavily distorted. And there was a high pitched shrill scream that pierced my ears in that whole cacophony of noise, too. Did you hear that?

Cam Washington: Yes, I did. (Pause) I don't want to talk about this anymore. I really don't. If I continue, something bad might happen. Very bad.

Me: O-okay...

That's the end of my call. Feel free to share your theories on where this fucked-up, definitely not for kids show episode came from. I-I'm going to throw up. Even thinking about this makes me feel sick.

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

Harrian201: Wow... even PBS thinks it's possessed?! Oh my god. This is crazy. I... I have no say on this. I wish you luck.

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

Dreams: Yeah, the only logical conclusion is that Pazuzu possessed the tape! The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

DaisyRox595: LOL, I'm telling that to myself almost every day now. Speaking of, I might wanna contact my local church (it's a black church) and see if their priest can do anything.

Samara wants me to play Injustice 2 with her. Keep the next chapter going!

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

Dreams: Please do so. Don't want any Captain Howdy on my Sesame Street anymore XD

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

GottaRun: You do realize this is a serious matter, right? Stop joking. Daisy and her sister are in big trouble. So are the rest of their family now, in fact.

Subject: A FREAKY thing happened on the way to the forum

DaisyRox595: OK, I'm back from gaming. Dreams' posts are helping me laugh about this entire thing, actually, GottaRun. I mean, a cursed Sesame Street episode? That's something you'd only find in Creepypastas. I really wish this was just one long nightmare that I've yet to wake up from. Alas...

Subject: ZOMG

DaisyRox595: It's like 1am I have just woken up I heard some ominous voice at full blast downstairs help me jesus HELP HELP HELP

Subject: False alarm

DaisyRox595: Nvm Samara is downstairs watching Teen Titans what I heard was Cyborg saying "Sleep is no longer required" the episode is "Overdrive" I completely forgot about that scene jesus christ his voice is so creepy in that scene but hey any noise from the tv could startle me oh god gotta go to sleep Samara is down here cus she havin nightmares about THE FUCKING ELMO INCIDENT WHEN I WAKE UP TOMORROW I AM FUCKING CALLING A PRIEST

Subject: False alarm

Dreams: Wow... are you okay?

Not finished yet!

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