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You can't escape his unholy power.

I was scared shitless after a close encounter with a Dusknoir. The trainer who owned him, He was a demon.

I Meet Trainer Zeke

Me and Zeke first met at a national Pokemon tournament, where the grand prize was a shiny Porygon-Z or 2 billion Pokedollars. "Announcing the Matchups for the new tournament! Isaac VS Matt, Jared VS Zeke, Ivan VS Destiny, Tyson VS Joseph, Chad VS Michael, and Scorch VS Dynamo! Let the matches commence!" First up Matt had to last against his long-time rival, Isaac. Those 2 met when they were both 12, and they have been rivals since. Matt is one hell of a Dark user. Let me list the Pokemon on his team (As much as he told me). Absol, Bisharp, and Honchkrow. Matt has a disadvantage, due to Isaac knowing almost Matt's every weakness. Isaac had a brute team of bugs, such as Accelgor or Beedrill, but moving on. The guy next to me, Zeke was a quiet character. The only Pokemon I ever saw him use was Dusknoir. He told me that he was dying to win, along with his newly acquired Golurk and Banette. I used 3 Pokemon, like the rest of us. Crobat, Sharpedo, and Escavalier. Zeke told me that he would crush the competiton, no matter what it took. He clenched his fists, and walked around for a while, searching for Jared's sorry ass. Jared would have a lot of trouble with a Dusknoir. Taking down Golurk? Yeah. Taking down Banette? With a little luck, yeah. Taking down Dusknoir, really doubtful, since I saw that thing kill an army of possessed Geodude and Graveler with one Earthquake, REGARDLESS of natural ability. Dynamo didn't say much to me, other than "Scorch better watch his ass against my Electric types." Scorch was going to lose to Dynamo, due to his poor team building, and really bad skill with taking down electric types.

I Seal My Fate

"The First round shall begin at long last! Isaac and Matt, show your opponent your Pokemon, using the machines in front of you!"

Issac and Matt placed down their Pokeballs into the slots, and the Pokemon were shown on screen. I was amazed that the person running the tourney had such technology to his disposal, I mean a machine which could potentially spoil whole teams is pretty cool, but not compared to the Mind-Link that Jared created. Accelgor, Vivillion, and Beedrill was one team, and Absol, Bisharp, and Honchkrow was the other. The match began, until an unknown presence was felt by all. I felt this presence back at Camp Suratrat, but I couldn't figure out what it was. Aquario, the Aqua Devil had returned with a vengeance. He hacked and slashed at Isaac and Matt, killing both. Then, he turned towards me and growled. Zeke sent out his Golurk to cover me and the rest of the audience. Golurk was too slow, and could only protect me, and the rest of the competitors. Aquario destroyed the Tourney dome, and roared in anger after seeing a dome around me and the remaining Competitors.

"How dare you?! I will see that you are sent into hell! Oh I know what to do! Just hang tight!"

Aquario snapped his fingers, and Zeke walked over to Blue-ie, revealing his true form as the 4th devil of the camp that was mentioned: Nightshade, the all mighty lord of the spirit world. Dusknoir was sent out, and he attempted to kill us all using his own loyal partner. Dusknoir caused a massive earthquake, killing off any survivors, besides the competitors. Nightshade charged at me with a scythe, and I unsheathed my crimson katana to deflect the attack from the wicked scythe. The scythe's handle was destroyed, along with the blade turning to dust. Dusknoir attempted to shock me with 1000 volts, coming from a supercharged fist, cloaked in electricity. I stabbed Dusknoir in the hand with the blade, and he yelled out, causing another earthquake. Dusknoir was bleeding a black liquid, and he recklessly attacked me again, using a Flaming fist. I had no time to react, and I was caught by surprise. Dynamo sent out his Zebstrika to help me out, by trying to take down that corrupt Dusknoir. Zebstrika Flame Charged and Wild Charged his way through dusknoir, inflicting serious damage.

Aquario and Dusknoir suddenly stopped attacking, when Aquario said: "Orders from the boss. Begin Operation 'Assault on the Avenger.' Target is Camp Suratrat."

Both beings vanished, along with Nightshade.

We learn about the Assault

We saw a bunch of Duskull and Dusclops, and occasionally a Non-shiny dusknoir floating around, trying to clean up everything that had been damaged. A Sableye told us what was going to happen, and even I was scared shitless when that thing appeared.

"Oh god. The camp is gonna be attacked again."

Everyone looked at me and Jared, confused. I told them what hapened last sumer, when I went to a place called Camp Suratrat. Dynamo was twitchy, and Scorch was getting suspicious of Dynamo, since he appeared to be the most puzzled character here. Dynamo Frowned, and didn't want to talk anymore, and Scorch was just silenced by Destiny.

"Look...We know when it is gonna happen, so what don't we just set up defenses at the camp?"

We all had the same idea. Camp Suratrat would be hit with a massive assault, and we had to defend the entire camp with our friends. With zeke leading the Shadow Army, It'll be harder to defend, since Dusknoir could end it all with 10 earthquakes. We'd need a serious amount of defense power...

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