The Plot

This is the story of a user in a minimally populated chat room, who encounters and befriends a stranger who tells him of interesting hacks and programs for PCs, and ends up mysteriously leading him into a horrific chain of events. All of these events, mysteriously recorded by the boy, and later the mysterious killer himself.

The Events

I was a geek at heart. From when I first got my first Windows computer at the age of 12, I totally enjoyed being on my computer and doing things on it to entertain myself, such as writing, posting on forums, playing games. I also enjoyed going on chat websites and debating, talking, and joking around with other users. Someone had made a website, most people on it referred to it as Chat-Nite.

Well I was on there at one point in the night after I had finished some assignments I had due at school. By the way in case you were wondering my user name is PoeDoeBoy, it was a user name I made at the age of 12 on a gaming website.

August 24th (11:31pm) PoedoeBoy entered Chatroom 696

PoeDoeBoy said: Hey who's in this room?

ExeMat said: Hello

PoeDoeBoy said: Hi

ExeMat said: Tell me about yourself.

I thought this was sudden, but I thought nothing of it. Most conversations I encountered, someone came in, either started a debate about some stupid thing, or came in to troll everyone and happily fucked off. So I was kinda happy that someone started to ask me about myself. I gladly told him about my love for computers and gaming. He replied back,

August 25th (12:23am)

ExeMat said: have you used any Batch Files to hack before?

PoeDoeBoy said: No, have you?

ExeMat said: I have, part of the more fortunate.

PoeDoeBoy said: I don't understand.

PoeDoeBoy said: You there?

ExeMat has left Chatroom 696

I just guessed he had encountered a connection interruption, so I didn't think too much of it.

I went ahead and looked up Batch Files on Google since he had brought them up, and I found a ton of viruses and cool glitches you could do with them. When I went on one website I found a file that was submitted by ExeMat, but it wasn't a batch file, it was a normal .exe file. It was labeled doormat.exe

I decided to save the file, and when it came into my chrome download bar, it said it would take 34 minutes, then 54, then an hour, then 6 hours, after a while it stopped at 23 hours, and then it downloaded completely.

Oddly I found that the .exe file wasn't even 1KB, it was 0 KB. I went ahead and closed my Chrome window, and went into my downloads folder, and right clicked the file and clicked run.

I saw google chrome re-open, and it opened a separate tab that came up with a 404 error. I decided that this was a broken link in the .exe so I moved the cursor, about to close my chrome, and as I did a photo flashed on the screen. In the quick flash I saw a doormat, with some form of limb in the corner of the picture, I was gonna click the close button thinking this was a troll, but it seemed that it did on its own, right before I clicked the left mouse key.

I thought nothing of this, and being slightly tired I went to bed.

The next day, I did my usual business. I went to school, came home, finished some homework, and then I sat down and got on my computer to see if ExeMat was in the Chatroom. I put him on my favorites list so I could find him easier and see if he was online. So when I went online, I saw him sitting the chatroom, but he was just sitting in there idle. He was using the chat to type out some code he was working on, so when I joined there was ton of code on-screen, so it took him a while to notice I had joined.

August 25th (7:45pm)

PoeDoeBoy said: Hey you there ExeMat?

ExeMat said: I have, part of the more fortunate.

PoeDoeBoy said: Is that a yes?

ExeMat said: Sorry I accidently pasted that :}

PoeDoeBoy said: I saw an .exe file you made on that blog for cool programs you had found.

ExeMat said: Do you want me to send you another one?

I was slightly unsure of this, I had a weird feeling I shouldn't touch this, and deny the request, but out of pure curiousity, I had to see what the program was.

PoeDoeBoy said: Yeah sure.

ExeMat Has Submitted a File. (doorway.exe)

PoeDoeBoy said: Is there a reason all of these files have to do with doors?

ExeMat said: Hope you enjoy the file! I have to go though sadly so I will talk to you later.

Before I had a chance to say goodbye, he waltzed out of the chatroom, leaving me alone, downloading the file.

After the file downloaded I opened the containing folder. I again remembered the last time I opened one of this guy's files, I knew something was gonna happen.

After a moment of hesitation I went ahead and clicked run, to see what this program did. A text window popped up, text rolling down like the matrix, I was barely able to see what it all said.

A notepad showed up.

It said the following.

My grandmother was relaxing whenever she could, always getting time to just lay out, and enjoy the oxygen in the air. It was the year of 2003 when she moved up in her retired life by getting a brand new Windows PC. She enjoyed it so much, and learned how to use it so fast, she sat online all the time looking up information. She started looking up strange things though, she wasn't a very religious woman, so she was open to suggestions and all kind of information.

I walked in on her at times. She would be looking up strange cults, one in particular, had the god or whatever you would call him, living in a happy time home, with a white picket fence around the perfect, green lawn. A white sidewalk up to the beautiful white door, to where you think grandma lived. You entered though, and you would be judged by "him." And it always seemed as if no ever came out of that perfect little house.

I became curious myself, so I went to go see what happened, as she had soon died a year later, and I came back with nothing, but a floppy disk, with a .exe file, and all of my top teeth gone. When I walked through the doorside everything went awry.


After I read this I was a little curious about what it meant. After I finished reading I closed the window and another window popped up saying:

"Dreams are always what they seem."

I clicked Ok when I finished reading, and it closed. My screen went blue, and it flicked a picture of the exact house described in the short story that had come up. It then shut off, without even showing the Windows shutdown animation. As if someone forced a shutdown.

I tried to turn on my computer again, but it failed, no matter how much I tried. Due to my lazy nature, I basically said fuck it, and went to bed.

I had a dream, I rarely ever dream, but that very reoccurring picture... I dreamt I was in front of THAT house. I walked up to door slowly. A breeze drifted through the front yard, and sent a chill up my spine and gave me goosebumps. When I went towards the door, something grabbed my neck it stabbed me in the back. I shot up in my bed immediately and started looking everywhere to see if I was okay. Everything was fine, even my computer, sitting there looking at me like a curious cat.

I went ahead and tried to turn on my computer, again it failed.

I was becoming scared, but more pissed at this jackass that sent me this program.

So I showered and went school once again. When I had my free period, I went to the library and used their computer to go back to the chatroom with this guy. I went to my favorite's list, found his name, and clicked join.

August 26th (6:45am) PoeDoeBoy entered chatroom 666

PoeDoeBoy said: Dude what the fuck did you send me?!

ExeMat said: What was wrong with it?

PoeDoeBoy said: Dude it kept my computer from turning on again you fucking bitch!

ExeMat said: Here I have to go again but I will send you another file, and it should fix your computer, just wait till it will turn on and you should be fine, just run it through.

Exemat has left Chatroom 666

Okay so this jackass broke my computer, and I had to trust myself that using another one of his programs would be a good idea. Well I went home, and went to bed. I was too tired to even deal with this, my computer could wait.

When I went to bed, the same dream happened again, my anger was still boiling, even in my dreams so I decided that I was just gonna gladly fuck my way through this. I went ahead and walked through the damn door, not scared of what would happen. when I went through the door this time, no one was there to great me, instead I was able to happily stomp my way through the long hallway down to a doorway, that lead oddly into my room.

My computer was on, and had windows explorer open, with one file showing the label: "doorside.exe" I said fuck it, and clicked run on the file.

After I clicked run, the computer shut off. The CD drive shot sparks out, something went short in there. I turned on the PC, and open the drive to find it had blood puddled in it.

I thought this was cheesy and just went ahead an watch the computer turn on again. It did a matrix effect again, with the words, "Praise your life at the doorside." Repeating for lines and lines.

I got up and looked around, something stabbed my in the back. I fell to the ground, waiting for myself to awaken. But I sat there with blood oozing out of my back, in absolute pain. Something dragged my head to a nearby stool, laid my top row of teeth on it while my jaw dangled, wondering what was going on. Whatever was it that did this to me, next went on to stop my head down, shoving my teeth into my gums, making my mouth fill with blood, the taste so sickening, and it wouldn't end. The culprit picked me up by my neck. He had a pale face, his mouth looking as if he didn't have any existent teeth to be seen.

He looked me in the eye and said, "I was a fool, and didn't walk away from something that got me curious, and caused me pain, and nor did you, you deserve the same fate."

Another knife was shoved in my chest, and I fell to the ground, bleeding a lot of blood. I woke up later, in front of my monitor, all of the recent events typed onto a notepad file, before I could finish reading the ending, something forced my head into my monitor, and as I died, I had nothing to hear but my keyboard keys typing underneath my chest.

On August 29th a report was shown on a news channel about a 17 year old boy, who was found in his home, laying dead with his head inside of his computer's CRT monitor, glass and other technical guts jammed into his skull. The computer was later connected to another monitor and turned on to find it booted straight to chrome, with a webpage open to a Wikipedia page of a certain cult, and on another page, a Wikipedia user by the nickname of ExeMat, presenting a file he called doormat.exe and link to a website called Chat-Nite. All of the keyboard keys, were seemingly pulled out of the keyboard.

No further investigation has been done.