Date: 04/27/2047

Name: Jason West

Age: 37

Charged for the death Micheal Keane,Dimitri Vanki and Maria Lamper, the prisoner is being held in Cell 69 and will be transferred to a house in District 47 tomorrow.

Day 1 - Arrival

Everything is fine, the prisoner didn't try to escape or anything, however, he is being watched 24/7...

Day 2

Some prisoners tried to escape the District,but we managed to capture them.

Day 3

(The page is burned)

Day 4 - Discovery

Jason West is infected with some kind of virus! It caused several deformations in his body and he will be taken to the Lab so we can study him!

Day 5 -The Arm

Amazing! Apparently, Jason is a weapon himself! His arm can shoot some kind of acid for 3 meters! We need to extract the virus so we can use it on our soldiers.

Day 6

(The page is burned)

Day 7 - Transformation

Oh my God! Jason has transformed into some kind of monster, he is some kind of mix between a giant rat and a- (The page is covered in blood, making the rest unable to read)

(All the pages were burned,the only page left is page 47)

Day 47

Jason has killed everybody, he escaped the lab, and is infecting the others by biting them and also using that acid liquid! They are closing the District, I'm going to make a run for the gate, the problem is that are some infected in the way...I might die, but maybe not...Only one way to discover.

(Some soldiers saw a man run towards the gate but the infected grabbed and killed him, a few days later they dropped bombs on the District. This journal was found while a soldier was scanning the area, looking for any survivors...)

Created by: Rockamorow

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